Solidarity tactics to counter police repression and blockades

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  1. Solidarity tactics to break basiji blockades of embassies taking in wounded - black bloc how-to: Black Bloc Tactics Communique

    Keep wounded people on the inside of the bloc with enough people on the outsides to protect them. Link arms on the outside to present a more formidable barrier to basiji penetration.

    To smash through a blockade the bloc shape may be modified to a "V" or "flying wedge". This tactic should only be used for important aims, such as getting people in need of medical or other assistance to a place where they can receive help (i.e. the embassies that are taking in wounded) or "unarresting" people who are being detained or taken into custody on the streets. This is a tactical move, not strategic, and use of the technique should be considered within longer-term strategic objectives.
  2. How aware all peoples

    I can't stand the bullshit our TV is spreading ! The only reason that our government still alive is that they are defrauding uneducated people who don't have access Internet or Satellite, although they aren't much but if we could aware them about what's going on in the Society that would be great !
    The fans of Ahmadinejad and khameneie are in two types ! The first type that they are benefiting this regime and the second type that don't get any thing but still believe the regime is honest to them . Right now they are doing their best to defraud people and pretend that those who are in the street aren't much and they are leading from stranger that don't like we have peace ! last night TV was showing a few young people confessing that they have been run strangers orders and they just obey , But their dialog and their speech was terribly fake .
    I would like ask the othee people who aren't in Tehran If you can't show up in the street ( because of any reason) So do something else ! For instance for awaking people who trust TV bullshit I have written some CD's of what they have done in Tehran's street ! By this way they found that every thing our TV Shows is not true Where all are bullshit .
  3. Create different leaflets with graphic photos of what is happening in Tehran, add a description to the pictures.
    Spread these leaflets everywhere you can. Hang them in bus stops, subway, on buses (especially those that leave Tehran), inside buses by putting them on the seat or anywhere you can, drive to certain places and give it to people there while handing flowers and/or tea, give it to cars/trucks leaving Tehran and tell them to give it to their relatives, get a pilot of a bi-plane/ultralight to drop leaflets from the air, mail them to addresses outside of Tehran (guess or check names of streets in other places).

    Create shirts of these leaflets, usually poor people will wear whatever shirt you give them.
  4. get control of a tv station, even if it is only for a little bit, try and hijack something that would normally be used against you, show everyone footage and testimony of the events, obviously while protecting your identity. its a long shot, but it would mean so much.

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