Some good things to attack

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by anon87, Feb 29, 2008.

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    Some good things to attack

    Just been reading Jenna's new site (so much win my eyes hurt) and chatting with some clams of facebook....

    I had a thought, the world has moved on since the 50s but Co$ hasn't - The rest of the world made it illegal to fire a pregnant lady, even fathers get paternity leave in my socialist utopia of the future!

    We need to find small areas such as Seaorg breaking the law, document it, publicize it!

    After we're done with the facebooking it would make sense to rattle the media cage again before the monkeys on fleet street find a new bannana. I say we should hit up some well targeted storys about specific crimes and human rights violations - we've got everyone watching co$ now we need to give them some reasons to pounce! If we can get the press to swoop down in a flock and peck at Co$ they'll be so busy swatting the flys that they won't be able to do anything to counter 3/15! If we can get Co$ as confused about what to say as i am what sort of animal the press is then we're on to a winner!

    -Seaorg pregnancy awfullness
    -The awsome exscn from clearwater who had to tell people whenever she masterbated (invasion of privacy, some form of child abuse, WHO THE FUCK HAS THE JOB OF LISTENING TO TEENAGE GIRLS TALK ABOUT MASTERBATION?!?!? (scilon sign ups skyrocket)
    -The lie you can stay with jesus and follow cos, GOD DOES NOT LIKE REINCARNATION!!!
    -David is an uber looser
    -Tom is an uber looser

    are the five main points that spring into my mind, what other key areas have people identified?

    how are we best to engage this attack?

    who does have the job of listening to teenage girls talk about masterbation? -at least 100% of these people are now pedophiles, has anyone ever heard of BAITING? epic lulz could ensue -also major chance of ATF rocket tanks if someone manages to exspose a super secret gang of scientologist pedos!

    all these questions and more, same bat time -same bat channel!

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