Some thoughts on mission

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Peacethroughprotest, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. Some thoughts on mission

    A mission statement is a powerful thing, which is why so many companies and non-profit organizations have one. It's like the thesis statement to an essay. Just having one helps in strategy, focus, tactics and goals.

    >Mission statement
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    >A 'mission statement' is a brief statement of the purpose of a company or religious group or other organization. Companies sometimes use their mission >statement as an advertising slogan, but the intention of a genuine mission statement is to keep members and users aware of the organization's purpose. >In the case of public commercial companies, the primary purpose must always be to uphold the interests of shareholders, whatever the mission statement.

    I would like to see Anonymous carry a clear mission statement, and here's why. First, it's easily relatable to outsiders. Second, less idiots showing up with hateful or exploitably scandalous media. Third, it's easier to defend against controversy. For instance, if some jackass pulls a prank or something, we can point to our mission statement and say "he's acting as an individual, as you can see, our goals and methods are different".

    My proposed mission statement:

    Anonymous is an organization dedicated to the free movement of information relating to the organization known as the Church of Scientology, using peaceful, legal, non-violent means, while providing a platform to legally keep the public and critics safe from stalking, frivolous litigation, threats, and harrassment from the Church of Scientology.
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    Re: Some thoughts on mission

    Personal thoughts:

    Agree. The only qualm I have with your proposed statement is that the use of the word "organization" implies that Anonymous is an organization.
  3. anonymous3347 Member

    Re: Some thoughts on mission

    There, fixed that.
  4. Re: Some thoughts on mission

    Good point.

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