SomeOldGuy's tl;dr/newfag link list for Feb 10th!!!

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    SomeOldGuy's tl;dr/newfag link list for Feb 10th!!!

    AT MINIMUM, look at the first link. Each one thereafter is a little less critical for the 2/10 (or 10/2, w/e) raids.

    (modified from list in Dox)

    First and foremost:

    The Lisa McPherson Memorial Page. If you don't read any other one, read the front page of this!! The tenth of February was chosen because it is Lisa McPherson's birthday; the front page of this site sets out quite clearly what happened. KNOW THIS STUFF. Print it out and take it with you, if you have to - messing up on this in front of the media would suck.

    Selected pieces for quick information:

    From Mark Bunker's videos - an example of the tactics Scns use on protesters, and probably only if they catch you alone at the picket. Keep an eye on your fellow Anons and supporters:

    From Tory Christman's site:
    What you can expect at a raid/picket/protest/whatever of the Co$:

    WTF?? How did Anon get involved, anyway? Did this all start out of nowhere (no)?

    The Bad News: how rough Scientology is willing to play if it catches you alone (or, why we are Anonymous, or why strength in numbers is Good, or why if people start knocking on Anons, get their backs):

    Why the Co$ is a cult:

    Wikipedia, which has this expressed in way that will be accessible to the media and uninvolved observers:

    Scientology and the Internet (IMHO, it should be named Scientology VERSUS the Internet):
    Scientology Controversies:

    Lastly, RTFM, newfag! The FAQs will save you (and us) a lot of time. (alt.religion.scientology is a Usenet newsgroup where critics/ex-scientologists have been meeting for years)

    A.R.S.. Short FAQ for Newcomers version 0.12 (#12 needs to be updated!!!! :D)

    An Alt.Religion.Scientology FAQ (1.7.6)

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