Something for us who can't protest but want to help?

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonymous#89263, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Something for us who can't protest but want to help?

    I'm in Florida and I know that there are at least 3 different protests going around but sadly I cannot attend. Between having to work, too far, and my boyfriend hating Anonymous in the first place I'm not able to do anything to help.

    Or can I? I've seen the thread about making cards and passing them around. I might be able to make some when I go to my gas station job and leave them on the counter for people to pick up.

    But I don't work there until the 10th. Should I still leave the cards there after the protest?

    My other job is working at an arcade so I doubt I'll do anything there since it's full of kids anyways. Plus at this job I could get in trouble.

    So put some ideas for how other Anons can help the cause without having to attend the protests.
  2. boborely Member

    Re: Something for us who can't protest but want to help?

    Your boyfriend doesn't happen to be one Paul Carnes, is he???

    In any case, post flyers. Just get people aware...
  3. Re: Something for us who can't protest but want to help?

    Nah but he doesn't like internet tough guys. Whatever.

    Thanks for the idea.
  4. anon13 Member will still be applicable after the tenth so that'd be a good way to participate. There are also flyers or writing to news papers/stations about what's going on. Another idea I've seen suggested is writing to your rep about their tax exempt status. The latter are a lot of work, obviously, but still very important.

    I've seen sample letters floating around these boards, but I'm lacking a link right now.

    Edit: Here's a link:

    Though there are many threads besides that one.
  5. WMAnon Member

    Call up your Senator and Representative demanding that they investigate the Church of Scientology. I've been meaning to do this myself, but Xtreeme laziness on my part has been delaying me. Maybe we can set up a day/time for people to do this en masse?

    Look up the number for your local Co$ and call them during the protests, ask hardball questions and record their beating about the bush.

    Flyer all around town. Bus stops, telephone poles, whatever. Try not to break any city ordinances in the process. Leave flyers on the bus, in public restrooms (maybe not on the floor...), inside the boxes for free papers, under people's windshield wipers.

    Send an email to CNN and try to convince them to put Mark Bunker (Wise Bearded Man) on air today or tomorrow for added awesome.

    Research Scientologist Celebrities and help set up a list of upcoming movies to boycott.

    I'm not going to be able to make it to the protests either (small children=no protests), but I'm trying to do as much as I can. I think there's a sticky thread with some ongoing initiatives in this section, too...
  6. MarkSherman Member

    Re: Something for us who can't protest but want to help?

    Cardspam is a good way for anyone to help. Get those cards out there!


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