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  1. Anonymous Member

    What is this SOPA shit and how can I stop it?
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  2. chymira Member

    SOPA stands for stop online piracy. Its the efective censoring of the internet basicly alowing a source of info to be blocked if it "infringes" on coyright but they can do it without an investigation. Its actualy really bad. Id post the vid that explains it butnim on my stupid phone :( in a nutshell kiss free speach goodbye if it passes.
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  3. moarxenu Member

    If I read SOPA correctly OSA could shut down WWP in about five seconds if SOPA passes.

    A great source of information and activism is the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Here's the beginning of their recent update:

    Wrapping Up a Week Of Action Against SOPA

    Yesterday and today, the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee has hunkered down in the Capitol for markup sessions of SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act. The basic facts looked bleak: this Internet blacklist bill is a disaster that stands at odds with the Constitution, but the deep pockets of its legacy media backers managed to make it enough friends in committee that its quick passage seemed possible. Judiciary Committee Chairman, author of the bill, and “Hollywood’s Favorite Republican” Lamar Smith scheduled just a single hearing, stacked the deck in his bill’s favor, and rushed it through to markup now, at the end of the legislative session.
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    ^^ might be crazy, but entertaining.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    GO Daddy has backed down (Thanks ANON)!
  8. moarxenu Member

    ^^^Definite footbullet. Go Daddy lost 37,000 domains.

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  11. adhocrat Member

    If it doesn't a new version will be along shortly. Power expands its domain or it perishes.
    This is just another reminder that government cares about power, not people
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  12. DeathHamster Member

    It's not just the American economy.

    Anything on a COM, ORG or NET domain can be directly yanked by any schmuck making a false complaint, just like Ollie Schapper on YouTube. If someone (wherever in the world they live) wants to fight it, they'll have to do it in a US court.

    Also, sites in domains controlled by other countries can be blocked from DNS, and search engines.

    Once people figure out how to bypass those blocks, expect that the MAFIAA will cry for additions to SOPA to block at the routers. And that will cause major damage to the Internet around the world.
  13. adhocrat Member

    And that, in essence, is what is wrong with the government in the economy. They try to stop some behavior with scolding and laws, then find that people are ingenious and find ways around those blocks, so the only solution is to get tougher laws, which people then find ways to work around, so then come even tougher laws, and you are spiraling down into ever greater laws, using ever increasing force, to get people not to do what they want to do.
    As soon as a law (force) is used, then the result will be more force since these economic laws are not needed by the people, only by the companies who then use the power of the government to make these bad economic decisions.
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  14. moarxenu Member

    <3<3<3 Anon!
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  15. adhocrat Member

    Eventually the job will become so complex the government will collapse under its own weight, but until then...
    find shelter, I suppose
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  16. xenubarb Member

    The problem is, out of touch old farts are trying to control and legislate that which they don't understand.

    The internet is not a big truck...
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  17. moarxenu Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    Alright, i have a RuneScape private server website with godaddy, but I live in Australia, does this effect me?
  19. DeathHamster Member

    Do you own or use any .com, .net, or .org domains? (Those are the main ones.) Also, GoDaddy is a US corporation, so they could be pressured.
  20. Anonymous Member

    i have a .info with godaddy only because they charge $2 a year for it.. others charge $10 - $20.
  21. DeathHamster Member

    Well, GoDaddy is a US company, as is ICANN at the very top of the Internet. Afilias, who controls .info does business in the US. You might want to have a backup .au domain just in case.

    I haven't read the proposed bill, but they might be forced to comply with a takedown. It's pretty worrisome. Look at the DMCA: Google and Wayback were forced to remove, a site in Norway. If Andreas had wanted to fight that, he would have have to travelled to the USA, hired a few American lawyers, and slugged it out in American court for expensive ages. (Also putting himself in reach of penalties if the court decided that it was a copyright violation and fined him.)

    With SOPA, CoS will be able to do this directly against the domain name (and other critical sites like, etc) as well as any American hosting companies for the sites to shut them down with a copyright claim. Who wants to make a counter claim and fight them in court? (Or they'll get Ollie Schapper clones to fire off junk claims for them. If it's like the DMCA, the site will be down for a while until claim is sorted out.)

    I'm sure that CoS is watching this one carefully, and will move the moment that this bill is law. (They were pioneers in abusing the DMCA to get what they wanted.)
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  22. Anonymous Member

    so where should i transfer my domain to?
  23. DeathHamster Member

    Transferring the domain to an Australian registrar might help, but that still leaves Afilias in charge of .info, and ICANN, who runs this.

    If it goes really sour, the courts might try ordering that a non-American site's DNS (Domain Name System) records are trashed on the root American DNS servers to block it from being accessed within America. (DNS converts the domain name to an IP address, and other things.) This would be bad. This would be very bad. The whole point of the world-wide root DNS servers is that they are tightly connected, in sync and provide redundancy. Either DNS could be badly broken, made much more vulnerable to attack, or servers in other countries would be forced to obey American law.

    (The copyright terrorists this bill is aimed at already know that they don't need to use DNS to make stuff like Torrent work.)
  24. adhocrat Member

    I am reminded of the way the FCC took over the radio spectrum in the 1920s. They asserted a chaos that wasn't happening, used that pretext to take over the spectrum, which meant government licenses

    It doesn't matter what the medium, the government wants to control it, otherwise they feel threatened by too much power in hands they don't control. Hence the scare tactics and false reasons (copyright!) for doing what they are doing.

    This will encourage the coders to develop new protocols that bypass government choke points. How that might work I have no idea, but that's why there are people who understand this stuff.

    Paraphrasing the EFF guy, the net routes around censorship.
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  25. DeathHamster Member

    The original phrase is that "The Internet routes around damage". Censorship is just more damage.

    The problem with this kludge is that it won't be government choke points like in China. In China, they have their own hermit net behind the Great Firewall. If they screw up, a billion people lose access, but not a fuck was given by the Internet. Instead, this bill will force companies who are the Instrumentalities of the Internet to bugger up the system for the sake of Disney, and to hell with what the RFC documents that describe how the Internet actually works say.
  26. DeathHamster Member

    Yeah that's it:

    The people behind the SOPA bill are like the meth-heads who try to steal copper wire from live high-voltage transmission lines.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    well on my site it says you are not allowed to register if you have anything to do with godaddy or sopa. and ive hidden all the bords from guests and only registered members can view my site. that wouldnt make a difference, would it.
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  28. DeathHamster Member

    Dear god!

    US court (or mandated procedure based on a bogus claim) insists that DNS be buggered for a foreign site.
    Foreign court orders that DNS not be buggered.

    +++ REDO FROM START +++
  29. Anonymous Member

    i dont understand any of this -.-
  30. DeathHamster Member

    DNS is what converts the human domain names into actual IP addresses used by the Internet. = (IPv4) (Directly entering will hit the border at CloudFlare because there's more HTTP stuff that needs fluffing. Simple to fake the fluffing with the IP address. You're in.)

    When my computer looked that up, it first checked with my router, which checks with my ISP, which checks with their ISP, etc, which finally checked with one of the system of root world-wide name servers (DNS).

    All of those world-wide root DNS servers are carefully synced to prevent bogus information from being inserted, with fancier protocols everyday, and set so that if one or more root servers go down then another root server can take over without anyone knowing the difference. This is deep stuff, and those people take their security seriously, with bunkers, vaults and armed guards.
    Consider the international complications:

    Ollie Schapperoid v2 launches many bogus SOPA complaints against (Why We Protest Mexican) As part of the safe harbour provisions, the American root DNS server records are filled with bogus entries that point to an IP address where the server says "Crimes doesn't pay. What are your crimes? Would you like to buy a set of LRH books?"

    What on Teegeak are the non-American root DNS servers supposed do?

    Keep in mind that the root DNS servers are supposed to be in exact sync. If one of them fails or is attacked, the next one is supposed to pick up and carry on.

    I hope the non-US root DNS servers all say FUCK YOU SOPA! and still give the correct IP address, but that still leaves the Internet in a very damaged condition.
    Breaking the Internet HOWTO: The Unintended Consequences of Governmental Actions

    One of the nasty consequences could be that control of the Internet is shifted to the United Nations. (gag!)
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  31. DeathHamster Member

    I think I'd better get a quick presentation together, and go see my MP as to why Canada should shove an oar in the water over this stupid bill.

    Explaining the Internet, problems for Canadian sovereignty, and the eventual PR backlash...

    She's a "Conservative", and I'm a Red Tory. I doubt there will be too many problems. :)
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  32. DeathHamster Member

  33. Major Boyle Member

    It's funny how many tyrants justify their tyranny by saying it's to fight piracy, porn, or acne. Then again, Anonymous' recent cyber attacks have given these douche nozzle more excuses to enact more and more oppression.
    Anonymous better clean up its act before it's drive right off the net.

    The MPAA can go eat a dick.
  34. Anonymous Member

    What do you make of namecoin? Too late to become relevant?

    Just like those dumb protesters in Syria who give more excuses to the Syrian government to enact more anti-protest laws.
  35. Major Boyle Member

    The Syrian protesters aren't harming anyone. Those cyber thieves that stole other people's money are harming people. Whatever happened to Lulz and Great Justice? I fail to see either in stealing people's money.
  36. DeathHamster Member

    SOPA/PIPA has been in the works for months now, and has nothing to do with recent attacks.
  37. Major Boyle Member

    But it provides cover for even more nasty stuff. Do you think the government wants an anonymous internet? I don't. SOPA is merely the camel's nose in the tent.
  38. Anonymous Member

    so is godaddy still supporting SOPA? what should i do with my domain, it doesnt have copyrighted content..... yet.....
  39. Anonymous Member

    GoDaddy backed off once Reddit organized a boycott.
  40. Anonymous Member

    I have a pink tutu. Your argument is invalid.


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