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  1. Enturbulette Member

    Here's a tasty look at the smug balding faces of those who support SOPA in Congress, as well as SOPA opponents. Yes, there are a few, including bizarro brain herself Michelle Bachmann. She must have gotten lost and wandered into a rational thought.
  2. adhocrat Member

    Nice.Love the way it resorts.
    I find it interesting that all the Bay Area Representatives are voting NO while the two Senators are voting Yes.
  3. adhocrat Member

    Not everyone is happy about it.
    Sounds like they are washing their hands of anti SOPA.
  4. DeathHamster Member

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  7. xMx Member

    sigh why do important law people think the internet needs laws......*sigh*
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  10. Dragononymous Member

    Why is wikipedia getting all the credits...
    what about mozilla,minecraft,reddit,(atinybitof)google and all the others?
  11. Pique Member

    Good point. I'll report for a forum mod to add to title.
  12. Dragononymous Member

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  14. decker Member

    To this thread ?

    I can add if you like. However wiki shutdown the en section google didn't shutdown the search function (that we be so awesome if they did btw)
  15. Pique Member

    Well, it's your thread. But Dragon's point about this being larger than only wikipedia is valid. Maybe something like "18 Jan 12 Raising Awareness v SOPA" or some such.
  16. decker Member

    True makes more sense :)
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  17. decker Member

    Updated the original post to have a few more sites on there

    Also let me know if there is any missing
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  19. Anonymous Member

  20. decker Member

    yeah you can use the mobile version:

    or add "?banner=none" without "" to the end of the url

    BTW don't think DeathHamster was asking how too, just showing some links
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  22. Anonymous Member

    lol and I would be the idiot who didn't look closely enough
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    I wish the current WWP theme highlighted links better.
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    Update: Thanks mods for changing link color to red.
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    We are totally winning. From Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit:

    NO, I’M NOT GOING DARK TODAY: But you can tell your Congressmember about how you feel about SOPA. And you should. (Bumped).
    UPDATE: A reader emails: “Glenn, no name please. I work for Congressman Tim Johnson. Just to let you know, we’re getting about a hundred emails an hour opposing SOPA. We were already opposed, but this certainly makes us feel that much better about our opposition.”

    And this:

    GOOD: SOPA Blackout Leads Co-Sponsors To Defect.

    Sen. Marco Rubio and other co-sponsors in the House and Senate are bailing. But not that faggot tool of the greedy entertainment industry, Rep Lamar Smith, who introduced the bill. Glenn says this:

    "Say this for Lamar Smith. When's he bought he stays bought."

    Pile on and contact your congresscritters, anons.
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  26. xMx Member

    If google would just get rid of their search function it would annoy enough people that it would get more attention.
  27. xMx Member

    Right when I read about this new "law" in production I was like; "Pssssst, anonymous we kinda need some help."
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  37. adhocrat Member

    He says the 3 types are Criminals, Anonymous and nation states, then proceeds to scare the shit out of any reasonable person with what he has to say. Damn good stuff.
    He introduces Anonymous at 4:00.
    At the end he says
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Internet 1: MPAA -9000
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  40. Anon PTS Member

    Stay vigilant. The xxAA's won't give up easily.
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