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  1. Anonymous Member

    We know their game!
  2. JohnnyRUClear Member


    ...but seriously, this is excellent news. Stay vigilant indeed, but take a moment to smile. (You'll need it.)
  3. Anonymous Member

    Rupert murdoch Bawwed on his twitter feed.
  4. 00anon00 Member

  5. Ersatz Global Moderator

    PIPA is still in play. Job not finished.
  6. Anonymous Member

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  7. Enturbulette Member

    Perhaps this thread should be merged with the other thread called "SOPA" in Freedom of Information
  8. Anonymous Member

  9. 00anon00 Member

    If there are any mods left to do that
  10. Enturbulette Member

    lol Maybe its time to put a choker on Herro and set him/her up as a mod slave. In go go boots.
  11. Pique Member

    Did anyone report the thread so a mod could potentially merge with another? :)
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  13. Anonymous Member

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  14. Anonymous Member

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  15. Enturbulette Member

    I'll give it a whirl...
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  16. Dragononymous Member

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  17. Anonymous Member
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  18. HOC Member

    Hey, Ive merged the two threads now. Thanks for the heads up. :)
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  19. another123 Member

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  20. Anonymous Member

  21. FamousFame Member

    Help stop the SOPA bill it is shutting down innocent websites and probably the internet
    I have reasons that you should help
    1. if they shut internet connections down this site will no longer exist
    2. I know Anonymous is about nothing but good
    3. if is doing bad to sites and to the internet and anonymous doesn't take a stand wouldn't that make anonymous look foolish? (Meaning what will your viewers/Fans/Supporters think?)
    So Please Help Us stop the SOPA/PIPA Bill
  22. xenubarb Member

  23. Anonymous Member

    When i say Foolish, I mean how would your supporters look at ya?
  24. Anonymous Member

  25. Dragononymous Member

  26. Anonymous Member

    Good, I hope its in response to Megaupload.
  27. Anonymous Member

  28. Anonymous Member

  29. Dragononymous Member

    Don't start about this site and broken links, goes in ten of thousands
  30. Anonymous Member

    Remember kids, its not the uploaders, its the upload sites. Take the upload sites down, and that will end piracy! (excuse me for bleeding my sarcasm all over this thread)
  31. Anonymous Member

  32. Anonymous Member

  33. Dragononymous Member

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  34. Anonymous Member

  35. xenu2012 Member

  36. Dragononymous Member

    Would like to say to arms, but yeah rulez and stuff...
  37. Anonymous Member

    There's no need.
  38. Dragononymous Member

    doubting the amount here that could cover up anyways
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Maybe that's a good thing.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Just saw this posted:

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