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  1. Terril Member

    This is sophistry.

    KSW is about the councelling therapy, Auditing.

    It should be obvious, especially to you with your knowledge, that CO$ regards FZers/Independents as enemies.

    They just picketed an Independent who associated with Caberta!

    Those you refer to were " Churchies" not FZers.

  2. Smurf Member

    Funny thing about your use of the world 'sophistry'. The social problems & worldwide public controversy didn't start with David Miscavige... it started with LRH whom the FZs & Independents still hold in high regard. Operation Snow White and many other black ops were coordinated & perpetrated by LRH & Mary Sue. The Guardian's Office and the manner in which it handled perceived enemies was not under David Miscavige's watch. The brainchild was the megalomaniac you hold dear to your hearts.

    Marty's visit to Germany is all focused on the abuses of DM & his minions. Ursula, at least on a public front, seems to be OK with that. That's wierd because I know for a fact that she has possession of, and has read, numerous HCOBs and policies written by LRH, which are the antithesis to the argument that the only thing that the German government should be worried about is the current church of Scientology under DM. I'm constant reading blogs belonging to FZs & Independents that applaud & encourage others to follow LRH's missives in handling their environment. This can be dangerous & destructive.

    When someone is diagnosed with cancer, the focus is on eradicating the root of the problem, not slapping a bandage on the symptoms. LRH was, and in large part, remains the symbol of a cancer, as does his teachings, and no one will be safe until the dangerous elements of what LRH espoused are rooted out & destroyed.

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  3. Terril Member

    In general independent/FZ scientologists are good parents. Also they don't usually hold insane
    ideas re children.

    However I see no problem in asking prospective teachers about whatever you consider insane edicts.

    Note that Hubbard made many comments on the value of children and the family.

    Its also well known that whatever Hubbard said, one can find often find an opposing statement,
    or some variation.

    In general Hubbard was very strongly supportive of good family life.

    The current SO reverses that to an extreme.
  4. Xinjifar Member

    And, that's so much bullshit. Not only that, it's Verbal Tech and Tech Degrade, both of which are Scientology High Crimes.

    That an 'independent' was picketed has nothing to do with anything, except that it's the necessary protective coloration, and it certainly doesn't have anything to do with KSW as created and enforced by L. Ron Hubbard *and* any number of 'Independents', including Marty.

    Ron wrote KSW and He said exactly what He meant. He did *not* limit the application of KSW to 'auditing'.

    That's *your* deliberately opportunistic interpretation.

    (and, of course, an 'acceptable truth' spouted to wogs per Keeping Scientology Working)
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Which is why he enjoyed a healthy family life, with well-balanced children... oh wait.

    No - he apparently used to stick wire coathangers into his wife to force abortions.

    Any parent raising their kids in the cult or any permutation of Hubbard's shit is guilty of child abuse.

    Forced abortions didn't start with Miscavige. It started with Hubbard, who couldn't even have sex without a truckload of drugs.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Did he have three wives in the end?? Didn't he marry one girl whilst already being married to someone else?
    Didn't he have young girls follow him around his shitty tax avoidance ships with ashtrays?

    Fuck Hubbard. Fuck all he wrote. He was a cunt.
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  7. Xinjifar Member

    Who was it who personally ordered a pregnant Nancy Many on to the RPF? When? Is that 'current'?
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  8. Terril Member

    You're response is not sophistry.

    I don't personally have a problem pointing out that much of the problems affecting those connected to CO$ stem from very bad policies by LRH. Incidentally I'm OEC/FEBC which means I've studied all but
    somewhat confidential ones such as OSA may operate on.Those I've had to read on the net.

    I personally, completely disregard those policies I find harmful, as do many in the FZ. Of course this is variable from individual to individual. But FZers/Independents are per policy "SPs". Thus by definition
    they all have to some degree walked away from the bad policies.

    Also, and this is rarely commented on, Hubbard said policies that no longer forwarded the purpose of scientology should be junked. They sadly havn't been in general.

    Re Marty and Caberta now, its appropriate they deal with the situation of the COS as it is now. Its
    clear they is much they agree on.

    I really liked Karen de la Carrierre's comment that Ursula was ahead of her time.
  9. vaLLarrr Member

    Face it Terril. You wasted all your fucking money. COS is and always was bullshit. Get over it.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    He never had a second wife. Somehow he had wife #1 and went straight on to Wife #3.
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  11. vaLLarrr Member

    Then he died from an ass-full of Vistaril in a puddle of piss at the end of a trailer, screaming about thetans crawling all over him.

    If they had buried him I'd have pissed on his grave.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Terril, you know you are not at ESMB right now? Seriously.
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  13. Miranda Member

    Terril does have a right to post here. Just saying. Free speech and all. :)
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  14. Anonymous Member

    The Pacific ocean would do, or the Colorado river watershed in a pinch.
  15. Anonymous Member

    I know L. Ron wasn't very gifted in mathematics, but did he really believe his group was going to clear the planet?

    or did he understand that "epic missions" and "enemies" were necessary to KSW.

    hopefully someday it will just be called sci-auditing, and a few folks will get together here and there and do it just like a couple of folks might get together and smoke a joint or drink a beer. And they will know what it is they are doing, and they won't give it any more respect or credit than it deserves.
    because guess what? you weren't alive a thousand years ago, and you don't leave your body and roam around. its hypnosis, dumbass, and your e-meter isn't much more than a bong.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    I've pissed into the Pacific.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    See now I wanna steal the e-meter from my local org so I can make a sweet bong out of it.

    Pix if I do it. And I will do it too.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Please start a new thread so we can follow this!
  19. Terril Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    I will be giving a step by step guide in how to create a sweet waterbong from an e-meter just as soon as I get me one. It will deliver lulz.
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  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    I was thinking I'll swipe one from a stress test table and ride away on my bike. I will pedal fast while I laugh and the clams chase me down the street all angry and shit.
  23. Terril Member

    KSW 1 has no mention directly of Admin or ethics tech. Though one might infer it.

    All 10 points refer to councelling.

    It is clearly and primarily about ensuring the counselling technology is kept working.

    I have no love of this policy and have on many occasions and forums posted the wonderful
    deconstruction of this PL by " Unindoctrinate." Will post here later.

    Your position is that because Hubbard wrote it, its OK to override the civil rights of scientologists
    whop are enemies of CO$!!!
  24. Anonymous Member

    Hubbard wrote a lot of things. He copied the good shit and invented the rest like his crappy sci-fi books.

    Get a life.
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  25. Terril Member

    Thank you Miranda. Really cool mod decision to set up a separate thread. :)
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  26. Anonymous Member

    A Weed Stone Bridge?
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  27. subgenius Member

    No wonder.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Terril, you were saying on the Marty blog that it was important to differentiate between the Free Zone and Independent Scientology.

    Really? Why? To outsiders, the only differences are probably obscure points of Scientology dogma.

    Is there anything important that we should be differentiating?
  29. Anonymous Member

  30. RightOn Member

    off topic….
    Terril, while you are here
    You've must have heard of the list of ex COS members who have spoken out?
    I am trying to confirm whether these people were in COS
    Can you confirm any of these names as them once being a church member? so we can add them to the list?

    Or do you know of anyone that has spoken out against COS (which can be any public article,comment, protest, interview ect..) who would like to be added to the list? They must use their real name to keep the list credible.
    We are at over 1600 names now.

    Pat Breakwell
    Angela Dodeworth
    Robert Eden
    David Falconer
    Cliff Freeman
    Eileen Freeman
    Maureen Jonsen
    Laura Jonsen
    Marina Jordan
    Joe King
    Ralph Krause
    Joanne Lindsey
    Silvana McLean
    Toshen Musgrove
    Mike Oliver
    Mina Salanki
    Martin Tait
    Jonathen Whitake
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  31. Smurf Member

    Big whoop. I've crapped in the Pacific many times.
  32. LocalSP Member

    And now global warming is upon us coincidence? I think not.
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  33. 00anon00 Member

    I thought I heard something, but it was just the wind.
  34. Malory Member

    That's your opinion and since you're a Hubbard fan I'd say you know as much about rearing mentally healthy children as my backside knows about advanced accounting techniques.

    Seriously, anyone who believes that 75 million years ago, Lord Xenu yada, yada, yada isn't even sane enough to run a boarding kennel.

    He physically abused young children and ordered teenage girls to dress provocatively as they attended to his personal needs, away from the eyes of their parents. He was a sick, evil fuck and I really question the motives of anyone who defends him.

    Yeah, that would be any statements from people who aren't three miles over the sanity horizon and accelerating.

    So was Fred West.

    No, at least the current SO has the babies killed off in abortion clinics rather than torturing them through childhood like the good old days.
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  35. Disco Necked Member

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  36. Anonymous Member

    What is true for you is true for you. LRH repeated said that in TWTH etc. The ancient original can be traced back to the father of sophistry. That's real sophistry. Wikipedia has the links.
  37. Anonymous Member

    The thinking of the Sophists is mainly known through their opponents, Plato and Socrates. In a well known paraphrased dialogue with Socrates, Protagoras said: "What is true for you is true for you, and what is true for me is true for me." [13][14][15]

    Keep Anonymous Working. We have no mercy.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Also: L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, wrote the booklet "The way to happiness" in 1980. The relativistic view, that the truth is "what is true for you", is emphasized in the booklet repeatedly.[18]

    We do not forget.
  39. Anonymous Member

    But as long as we don't get sued for fucking Lron, we can get along.
  40. Terril Member

    There is no abuse in the FZ is the simple answer.

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