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Discussion in 'Martin Ottmann' started by Martin Ottmann, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. I uploaded that document in another thread, but it went rather unnoticed. Now I want to do justice to an absolute magnificient SP Declare and provide it the platform that it truly deserves:

    Gaiman-1.jpg Gaiman-2.jpg Gaiman-3.jpg Gaiman-4.jpg Gaiman-5.jpg Gaiman-6.jpg
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  2. Quentinanon Member

    "Never use lies in PR" L. Ron Hypocrite used lies in PR as an operating basis since the beginning of Dianetics.
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  3. As usual when Scientology needs a scapegoat, they find one. Considering the all the contradictions in Hubbard's written "tech"; it is pretty easy to be accused of squirreling . The level of hypocrisy in that SP declare is astounding. Imagine that, Gaiman was guilty of lying.
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  4. another123 Member

    ...change a couple of paragraphs, and you've got a description of Miscavige.
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  5. ZeroC Member

    long declare is long
  6. Woo Hah Member

    nope, typical.

    Scilins don't grok tl;dr concept
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  7. fishypants Moderator

    This is Neil Gaiman's father?

    I thought he was a lifelong Scientologist? Did he stage a comeback later?
  8. Anonymous Member

    Major Scientology butthurt was major.
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  9. anonanchovie Member

    He did his A - E steps, as did other people like John Chadder and Jane Kember - though hers was a protracted 20 year affair - David's children, their spouses, his grand children and his wife were all still very much in. Don't forget of course, all of his business interests were deeply invested in the Scientology world, G and G Vitamins exclusively employed scientologists, whether ex SO or outer org trainees at SH. He would have been utterly ruined had he remained a declared SP.

    David retrained on all tech courses and re did all of his OT levels as part of his program to get the declare lifted. I guess that this action alone made the cult well over £100,000. Easy money.

    David then voluntarily worked on tech lines as a Case Supervisor and was deferred to by most technical people at SH during the late 1990s and early 2000s till Miscavige put a stop to that, Miscavige never liked Gaiman as he was highly socially adept, well educated and had a friendship with Hubbard from way back. Quite the opposite to the high school drop out, and generally ignorant Miscavige.

    After he was sidelined from the tech side of things he put more energy into his Narcanon and purification program. Then he died.
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  10. fishypants Moderator

    thanks for info, aa.

    So was the point of this SP declare to ruin a Scientologist who was getting too successful/powerful/popular, from the point of view of the US head office?

    i.e. to destroy a potential rival for leadership of the organisation (in the UK at least)?
  11. Anonymous Member

    This is just one of the tools used by the cult to ruin people who get too big for their britches.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    He probably did his A to Es real fast.
    He is in good standing now.
    There was a lot of power struggle in the 80s, when Hubbard was in hiding and after he died. Many people got declared and then un-declared and so forth.
  13. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ Didn't know he was dead. but I mean to say - the Gaiman family is in good standing.
  14. anonanchovie Member

    I suspect that his declare, as were the others, was part of a kind of 'Scorched Earth' policy by Miscavige following the dissolution of GO as it was known. Mary Sue and Kember being imprisoned provided him with excuse he needed to make his power play. Removing respected GO people and declaring them removed any danger of a counter play by GO loyalists.

    There were huge tensions between the GO and the SO. Former GO people have described their scorn for the SO and the SO were generally afraid of the GO and deferred to them. Hubbard had very craftily inserted clauses into the various constitutions of each of the two sides that ostensibly gave each a kind of exclusive blessing as the guardians of Scientology and the legacy of Hubbard. This would have afforded him almost fanatical loyalt from what were opposing factions. I have to say, he was not stupid, old Hubbard.

    Neil was indeed Gaiman's son. He became disaffected and his loyalty and allegiance wavered back and fourth over the years. Now he is diplomatically silent on Scientology as his ex wife, kids, sisters and mum are all fanatical cultists.
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  15. anonamus Member

    ^^ This. Better to make it overwhelming and "convincing" is the Hubbard way.

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