SP Declare on Dorothy West

Discussion in 'Martin Ottmann' started by Martin Ottmann, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. A Scientologist decides to leave the organization. Poor Dorothy West tries to stop him - to no avail: She gets her SP Declare!

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  2. Anonymous Member

    So this lady didn't do Scientology right and now she's an enemy of mankind and a public disgrace.

    But there's this ad in Times Square that says,

    which sort of implies Scientology is not filled with Nazis. Hmm.
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  3. RightOn Member

  4. Its this Dr Dorothy West, still working in the South West of uk I understand. From Jon Atack
    In 1991, the Russian Academy of Medical Science sponsored the use of the Purification Rundown on Chernobyl Vicims. Three high-ranking Scientologists were sent east to administer the Rundown. In a hangover from the old days, David and Sheila Gaiman, from Sussex, England, and West Country doctor Dorothy West received medals for their work. They were invited to return to conduct a more extensive clinical study.

    The Gaimans are former senior executives of Scientology’s Guardian’s Office, which was retitled the Office of Special Affairs after 11 members, including Hubbard’s wife, were jailed in the U.S. In a recent Canadian trial, the Church of Scientology was convicted for Guardian’s Office infiltration of government and police agencies. The Gaimans’ own company, G&G Vitamins, has benefited greatly from Scientology’s use of megavitamin treatment in the Purification Rundown. Dr West has been the subject of newspaper allegations regarding recruitment of patients into Scientology.
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