SP Declared by the Founder himself

Discussion in 'Martin Ottmann' started by Martin Ottmann, Jul 5, 2014.

  1. Here is a rare Suppresive Person declare, issued by L. Ron Hubbard himself, for creating possible bad publicity:

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  2. Ersatz Global Moderator

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  3. Ogsonofgroo Member

    LMFAO! Did they get caught reviving goldfish or knocking hats off ? :p Guess we'll never know :(
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  4. Mod Sock Member

    SQUIRll tech in open air
  5. Using Hub's formula, they became the founders of the Process Church which has itself a weird history. According to some sources, it arguably had more contact with Charlie Manson than sci did. It has remained around as a pop-culture entity although the original members now run a no-kill animal shelter in Utah, go figure.

    There is a funny paparazzi pic of Mary Tyler Moore accepting one of the process's magazines from a street vendor in the 60's. I always wondered if she read the damn thing and what she made of them...

    edit to add: the De Grimstons were known for walking around town in big black capes with a bunch of German Shepards at heel. I'm sure Ron did not appreciate that kind of publicity. Oh, and black magic...seems they were open about it..
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  6. amaX Member

    Okay. That pic is hilarious.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    The Process Cover.gif

    Timothy Wyllie
    Edited by Adam Parfrey
    7 x 10 | 304 Pages | Many Color Images | ISBN: 978-1932595376

    I've not read this one, but I've been curious enough to read some of the articles published over the years.

    Makes me wonder if there's a list somewhere of all the scientology spin-offs.
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  8. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Haven't run into one Owly, I'd be kind of surprised if such exists. Possibly one of the OG ex's (ie. Arnie Lerma or Chuck B.) may have something along that line. I've seen mentions over the years of various clam-like endeavours, but nothing of note, or anything I remember.
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  9. I saw Parfrey speak at a local bookstore. He's an interesting one. I generally like Feral House, but sometimes they can really go out to places even I feel a bit oogy, but perhaps that is their intent.

    One of the big go-tos is Maury Terry's book, and while I hate his sensationalism, bizzarre assertations and 'christians are saved people who can do no wrong' stance, there is a lot of relatively intersting research about the process's potential ties to Son of Sam and Manson cults that would bear scrutiny by a less biased journalist in the future.

    That book looks interesting, someday when I have money again I must read it. Thanks.
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  10. A list of sci spin-offs would be voluminous. Everyone knows EST, but there are far more. Eckankar, Berkeley Psychic Institute (church of divine man), Process, the one that eludes me now but uses 'bars' instead of tone scale...Hubbard poisoned the New Age waters so irrevocably that perhaps now there is no weeding it out.

    In the case of the truly non-money pagan/new age (there are a few), I'd hate to see a spiritual answer to the doctrine of' original sin' die for the adopting of stupid beliefs of early twentieth century health quacks, etc, but maybe the baby is too fragile to live.
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  11. Quentinanon Member

    L. Ron declared the DeGrimstons S.P.s because they flaunted the occult aspects of scientology, while he wanted to hide that connection. It was completely about his public relations paranoia.
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  12. DeathHamster Member

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  13. I think you would appreiciate I first saw that pic while sitting on the can in Fresno while homelessly entertained by other people's stuff. This was around 1999.

    I have waited 14 years to post it somewhere, and your appreciation is fondly noted.:)
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  14. But wait! It gets weirder! I stumbled on this gem and had to share in this context.

    One of the stories in that SEX issue of their mag - Jimmy Saville:

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    This almost serves as a list of spin-offs.

    The list of Suppressive Groups may be out of date but it is huge and I strongly suspect most of them are Scientology spin-offs. Some of course never had anything to do with Scientology such as The Self-Realization Fellowship. Who knows what deal is with that!

    I am sure there are newer ones as well big and small.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Almost is right. De Grimston isn't anywhere on that list. The linked page looks mostly like a list of squirrelings.

    I meant cults like Landmark, EST, etc., not individuals.

    There is a large number of them, but I haven't tracked any of them save for the ones that get some attention on WWP.

  17. De Grimston isn't on the list but the Process Church is on the list, along with EST, and Werner Erhart and Asscociates.

    Landmark isn't on the list because it is too new. I think this list is from around 20 years old. It wouldn't surprise me if a lot of these groups are out of business.

    It seems that these days it is more about ''life coaching'' businesses as opposed to alternative churches or ESTlike groups. By now, there are probably even spin-offs of the spin-offs, which makes their connection to Scientology even weaker.

    Here is a group that could be a spin-off. It's hard to tell in a way since they all say pretty much the same things.
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  18. CarterUSP Member

    I shouted at an ashtray the other day. I hope I don't get declared too.
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  19. Speaking of that, it seems that Context, and Landmark sprouted from Mind Dynamics which in itself was influenced by Silva Mind Control. So it looks like not everything comes from Scientology.

    Now I don't know anything about Context but if they have some super secret advanced course for people who have done almost all the courses -- well, I think you have got something akin to a cult on your hands.

    Even Werner Erhard, who was a Scientologist, was influenced by Mind Dynamics.

    But it appears that one does not have to know anything about Scientology and one can still start a group that resembles Scientology in some ways. They all promise the same thing; self-improvement, salvation, promise of increased personal power, and finally the promise of paranormal powers.
  20. DeathHamster Member

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