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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jul 21, 2013.

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  4. TT is relevant to my interests
    This is a pic of a gas cloud that has been caught by the pull of the black hole at the centre of our galaxy.
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    Noctilucent clouds over Moscow.
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    The irony is: I watched a Nova last night on Netflix about the sun and solar activity...
  10. Hopefully, Comet Ison (c/2012 S1) doesn't end up the, sort of, dud that Comet Panstarss (c/2011 L4) turned out to be earlier this year. I'm looking forward to this fall, but I kind of doubt that this thing will hit some of the predictions(mag -8).

    Space Weather is one of the first sites that I visit when I open a browser; great info, there.
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    from today
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    Southern Delta Aquarids
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    Image courtesy of NASA/Trace Mission

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    I was up in the Van Allen belt -- this is factual, and I don't know why they're scared of the Van Allen belt, because it's simply hot.

    You'd be surprised how warm space is. Get down amongst the clouds and so forth, it can get pretty cold and damp. But you get well up and sunlight shining around and that sort of thing, it's quite hot.

    And the Van Allen belt was radioactively hot. A lot of photons get trapped in that area and so forth. And I was up there watching the sunrise. Well, that was very interesting. And my perception was very good, and I was taking a look at Norway and Essex and the places around, you know, and getting myself sort of oriented.

    And then something happened to me that I didn't know quite what had happened to me. I thought some facsimiles must have appeared in front of me, but they didn't look like facsimiles. And some other things happened and I had a feeling like I might possibly go into the sun.

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    2 tabs melting on your tongue?
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    Big news!
    A coronal mass ejection occurred on the 20th. and the effects hit Earth on the 23rd. Watch for Northern Lights.
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    The CME started on the far side of the sun and thought is that the CME was a separate event. Bet it's not. We don't know enough about sun diving comets, some discussion was that CMEs happen each time a sun diving comet occurs.
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    cross post
    Bright New Nova In Delphinus — You can See it Tonight With Binoculars
    Model of a nova in the making. A white dwarf star pulls matter from its bloated red giant companion into a whirling disk. Material funnels to the surface where it later explodes. Credit: NASA/CXC/M. Weiss

    Read more:
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    The radio coverage is always shitty on long drives, and Voyager is too old to have an MP3 player.
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