Discussion in 'Anon Sparrow' started by anonsparrow, May 4, 2011.

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    clamoring for alacrity?
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Herro was right. Sparrow was doing as many protests as like 5 cells put together, and they've managed to stop him for 9 months and counting, so that's a big (though nefarious) victory for them. They've also forced him to go through all the hoopla of getting and paying for lawyers, going to court hearings, and all the other headaches.

    That is why they do these things and it's why they'll continue doing them. You can scream lolfootbullet all you want, but as it stands, the whole thing has worked out great for them. The only way this thing will end up backfiring for the CoS is if something like the following happens:

    1.) There is some sort of massive legal fallout for the CoS. As Herro said, I'll believe the "DAVEY GOIN 2 JAIL" propaganda when I see it.

    2.) There's some sort of massive media coverage which ends up accomplishing more than Sparrow's protests over the time span would have. Hasn't happened, not likely to happen. Nothing from this story is going massively national; media coverage has been minimal at best.

    3.) D.C. CoS members experience massive cognitive dissonance when they see the "criminal" Sparrow reappear outside their org which leads to several leaving. Eh. Scientologists are taught to shut out these sorts of oddities from their minds. In any case, again, the cognitive dissonance of "why's that dude back here again?" probably wouldn't have had as much effect as the cognitive dissonance that would be stirred up from Sparrow's questions to them had he been protesting anyway. So whatevs.

    4.) Shutting down Sparrow fired up the base of critics to do way more than they already were. Not to bash the efforts of the critics, but this didn't really happen. Yeah, there were a few "yay Sparrow" raids, but generally it was way fewer (and way less effective) than what Sparrow was pulling off himself. Most critics are already doing as much as they can without the whole Scientology thing taking over their lives, so there isn't much more they could do.

    There wasn't some huge influx of new critics because of this whole episode either. Most anybody who has any idea of who he is was already active, so the news of what happened is mostly only reaching people that were already on board. As well, if anything, I think shutting down Sparrow deprived people of a significant amount of lulz, because a lot of people found his videos entertaining.

    This is not to take anything away from Sparrow, who has apparently done everything right in defending himself from bullshit charges. It's just a realistic look on the situation. Obviously the last word has yet to be said, and we don't know what (if any) aftereffects there will be, but I'm not holding my breath on this becoming some groundbreaking moment in the fight against Scientology.

    Dude got charged with bullshit and finally got (partially) cleared. Didn't change anything in the CoS in the case of e.g. Cameranonymous, and not likely to change anything here. The truth hurts.
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  5. LarryBren Member

    True that WE have known it for some time but most people still do not.

    A tiny bit from one of the dwarf's declarations discussed in that book was used in the case and I am sure it was news there. I cannot yet mention where else it has been used but it was news in those places too.

    So I consider it a great win that it is part of the record in Sparrow's case and hopefully that transcript will get read by far more people than have read my book on Miscavige's perjuries.

    It is win every time it comes out publically.

    Many of us here know a lot of factual informnation that 99% of the population do not. I say keep getting the truth out over and over as there are chances it can be put to some good every time it gets out.

    I am so prouid of Sparrow for not backing down making this happen!!!
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  6. subgenius Member

    can't add anything to that
  7. LarryBren Member

    I tend to agree and recommended that, if Sparrow's attorney agrees, that the dwarf be noticed for depo in the civil suit. I think what the dwarf said in his old declaration is highly relevant to ongoing actions but that is just my opinion.

    I wonder if Miscavige has yet fully "cogged" how Moxon's out ethics and incompetence has now dragged him into some real potential legal liability. (Go get 'em David)

    I also wonder if the dwarf is going to get so mad at Moxon that he will tell Moxon why we ruled him out from working at all on the corporate reorganization in the early 1980s as he was considered completely incompetent and completely out of his league. Remember that Davey? Are you regretting still using him?

    Whatever happens this can't be fun for either Moxie or the dwarf.
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  9. subgenius Member

    he will never show and spend x$ in the attempt
    the only questions are
    how long will it drag
    what are the consequences for his willful failure
    he will not show for any sworn testimony
    even if ordered
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  10. Anonymous Member

    I don't agree.

    Lots more people are now reading about Anonymous, especially recently the journos and bloggers from the gaming community.
    This is the essence of what people out there who are not active in trying to expose $cientology understand - it's that Tom Cruise cult, don't know much else apart from maybe the Xenu thing, and there are weird folks called Anonymous wearing masks that protest $cientology and hack into Playstation Network and steal credit cards. And we haven't banned women from wearing a hijab yet!
    Anonymous are like terrorists. But nobody likes the cult, so it's the enemy's enemy. Sooner have mudkips than e-meters.
    Anonymous is exciting, it's funny, it's a soap opera, it certainly inspires nerdy kids, and they will read up on these superbly documented battles for years to come.
    So will the lawmakers. Blessed are the cheesemakers.

    It's not an ideological war with the LRH bullshit, it's a war of information, precisely what is going on in the real world, what with Wikileaks, and Obama not showing us dead Osama helicopter shark gifs.
    And I am pleased to report that it is a war that we, as the entity known as Anonymous, are winning. Because Anonymous has nothing to hide and everything to gain.

    As for folk leaving the cult - these poor clams have been crush regged and slapped and forced to falsify documents for decades. It's a house of cards.
    Put Miscavige in front of a judge and watch it all collapse. No need to be nervous like it's Waco, Texas. That little prick will do what he is told after the Hemet PD tazers wake him up.

    Just hope it means families can be reconnected, and that the victims of this ugly LRH cult scam get some of their lives back.

    Oh and I hate mudkips. And Pokemon was always a shitty cheap cartoon anyhow.

    tl;dr - This case with Sparrow has changed the game forever.
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  11. Krautfag Member

    Actually that is a pretty nice idea, they pull the same shit all the time.
    Since the dwarf resides in CA, the depo will probably happen there...mebbe have Smurf ask the depo questions? That should be fun :D
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  12. Anonymous Member

    If Sparrow gets DM in the dock it would be like ten Xmas & new years parties lolled into one!!!11!1!!
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  13. subgenius Member

    this is all they got
    like the believers in arma-gideon (sic)
    its showtime
    they want the showdown
    they think they
    will win
    saw the clash do this one in detroit masonic temple
    house lights out pitch black with about 2500 people
    joe strummer comes out with 2 handfuls of flashlights
    in the darkness they were like
    you were afraid one of the beams would land on you
    pretty good effect that cost probably $10
    don't yell at me
    its armagideon time

    this is still a as woo hoo thread, right?
    3:20 for all you that didn't think i could make this relevent
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Someone is lying - either DM or Kim. I can wait to watch them get to the bottom of wtf is going on with this cult.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Yes it can be a out of state DEPO.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    I bet the cult would throw Kim, Vicky and Sylvia all under the short buss to save DM. It is more easy to use this stuff to expose Kim and it would be more easy to have her charged with purgery than DM because she has lied all over the place on this matter and this is just one more thing!
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  17. Anon_1HG Member

    Awesome news!!!!
  18. Orson Member

    Yes, he did say that, and yes, it is huge and bodes well for Sparrow's civil defense efforts. Perhaps his criminal defense attorney will second chair Lester for the civil trial, which would be even more important. The obvious close coordination of the legal team's defense is very encouraging.
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  19. Smurf Member

    How do you know Kim does oral?
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  20. Miranda Member

    Please say more for the stupid among us who crave good news! It's huge because it indicates that they're well prepared and making a concerted effort?
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  21. Diablo Member

    I heard she sparrow's...I mean swallow's...shit, it is some bird!
  22. LocalSP Member

    The difference here is that Sparrow was one of them and he certainly has proved that he is not on the edge and that, as a horrible SP, he is a winner.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    All the cut's efforts become our wins.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Posting moar congratulatory drivel on an epic thread.

    Way to go Sparrow, & lulz at Moxon Fail.
  25. Anonymous Member

    This is indeed a very sad but true point, but I wouldn't put so much stake in Scientology's gains on this. Is this gain tangible for us? In principle, maybe, but in general, they gained very little. What is important is what Sparrow gained. Yes, Scientology denotes the act of the lawsuit and criminal trial alone as a win, but so fucking what? In the short-run, Scientology harassed someone...and that is all. In the long run, Sparrow just validated his innocence, Scientology puts it own dogma on public record (reference radiopaul's vid), and validated the fact that a protest does not count as stalking, no matter how many times Scifags cry wolf. And who knows how many gains can be reaped from this?
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  26. Natter Bored Member

    Don't know if this is still in the current Ethics HCOBs or if it has since been "disappeared" by CofS, but Hubbard had Ethics policies about submitting documents requiring wogs (non-scilons) to attend Committees of Evidence to defend themselves against Scientology Ethics charges, such as Suppressive Acts.

    Sorry, I don't remember where these HCOBs and HCOPLs are, but other old timer exes will know what I'm talking about.

    For example, say that non-scientologist reporter Johnny Goodboy writes negative articles about Scientology in the newspaper, and publicly protests against "Standard Scientology". This is, in Scientology's eyes, a Suppressive Act by a Suppressive Person.

    In olden days, one way to handle this was to publish an Ethics Order against this silly wog Johnny Goodboy and give him a copy of the Ethics Order and also post a copy in the org, detailing his Suppressive Crimes against Scientology. Then issue a date for a Committee of Evidence to be convened, where "facts" will be found out, and he can "defend" himself against the charges. If he fails to show up to the Committee of Evidence (kangaroo court), then go ahead and apply Scientology Ethics, and declare him a Suppressive Person. And publicly post hard copies of SP declare against Johnny Goodboy, so Scientologists and non-Scientologists can see.

    Closest I can come to an analogy for this is for a Muslim court to try a non-Muslim under Sharia laws, even though the non-Muslim does not believe in or is bound by Muslim laws.

    Scientology stopped doing this long ago. I'm just curious if the old HCOBs and HCOPLs still exist, or if they were "cancelled" by the current regime.

    P.S. Ron was a Suppressive Person, who taught lil Davey everything he knows.
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  27. LarryBren Member

    Your quote from Hubbard above is very much part of their "scripture" and there are certainly many examples of them doing that. There is a 1982 Watchdog Committee Executive Directive that says all such policy is scientology "scripture". I know because with attorneys I wrote it. In fact I testified about it and other such things last month.

    But IMO much more than the above, the dwarf badly wants Anonymous heads on pikes to use as examples at events, in Freedom issues, you name it. Equal Hubbard policies say that all who oppose scientology or speak out are criminals and that is also "scripture" to the dwarf and the idiots who follow him.

    They BADLY want Sparrow found quilty of a crime if only for their own publics.

    I have posted years ago about Miscavige wanting heads on pikes and trying very hard to get innocent people found guilty of crimes and prosecuted as far back as 1982. He used the Int Finance Police and other goons to try to get people to admit to crimes so that they could be prosecuted and found guilty of crimes even if they were innocent to "prove" policy was correct and to put fear into others who opposed him.

    About the only thing I am still proud of going back to my days as Special Unit IC and WDC X, other than the fact that I refused to abuse anyone, is that some of us blocked every one of Hubbard's and Miscavige's attempts to get staff and public prosecuted for such trumped up crap.

    I mention this as I know Miscavige and how insane he is as well as how insane he and Hubbard both were in the early 80s with respect to the above. FWIW this is a big loss to them. No it is not some huge legal loss like some labor or human trafficking or IRS cases might be in the future but it is a big blow to their egos, their sense of policy and attempts to stop Anonymous and in general the critic "community".

    And, most importantly to me, another innocent person has walked free and not become another victim of their evil as were many before him, some of whom even died, IMO victims of their harassment (Shawn L. in Clearwater, etc.).

    I am thrilled for Sparrow and thrilled that a wonderfully diverse, ragtag bunch of anons and others got together and through auctions, some back door support, postings and general anon love did something that at least in some way helped stop the mega-million dollar cult from using it's influence to make another victim.

    This was a good day. An innocent man walked free. That's a big deal.

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  28. Anonymous Member

    That was an excellent post, Larry. But unfortunately, you just called some very nice people "ragtag". This is unacceptable. Ha ha, gotcha.
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  29. COREarg Member

    Oh Sparrow,that's totally nice!

    Have an owl for being so smart and winning this fight.

    When you get to three,you DO NOT get a free pass to Hogwarts.
    Just sayin'.
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  30. Anontacular Member

    That's a great attitude. Don't get unnecessarily excited, yet be sensible and brace for epic wins. The repetitious reference to epic is not unfounded or speculative, so good news that.

    See you at the party!
  31. Xenu Is Lord Member

    HE IS SO CUTE! I want one!
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  32. HOC Member

    WOOOOOOOOP. Awesome news is indeed awesome.
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  33. Nick_Nolte Member

    Not surprising what the outcome is, cause it was definitely the right call.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Let's forget the hyperbole, which you're always going to see when something like this is announced, and look at the facts. The Church of Scientology followed it's usual course in trying to get rid of a problem like Anon Sparrow and they failed since he has not been convicted of any criminal behaviour in relation to his protests. A once-powerful organisation which organised the biggest infiltration of the US Government in history now can't even get an ordinary working-joe banged up.

    That's the win Herro; it's a clear case of how the mighty has fallen. It didn't happen overnight or because of one single incident, but through a steady drip of protest and activism by both the OG and Anonymous and is in itself another drip in the growing puddle which will one day drown the whole rotten institution.

    It's important for another reason too. It shows that a single person can stand against a body like the CoS and make a difference.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Well said.
  36. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Vimeo vids won't play for me these days. They used to work, months ago, with a slight stutter now and then in the playback. Now no dice. My XP comp does play the video part, but with no audio. :(
  37. Anon500 Member

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  38. subgenius Member

    sparrow got acquitted
    wooo hooo
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  39. vaLLarrr Member

    Its a win.

    DC gets enturbed by Sparrow again.


    Culties see that the OT powers and tech failed.


    Culties see the head of DC Org lying in court.


    Culties get to read court transcripts in newspapers & internets.


    Anonymous gets to laugh at cult again.

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  40. DeathHamster Member

    It's a shame that Scientology got to PA public resources in their attempt.
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