Discussion in 'Anon Sparrow' started by anonsparrow, May 4, 2011.

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  1. Anonymous Member

    He's not getting prosecuted.
  2. RightOn Member

    Wasn't it because some cop filed a whatever you call it because he thought there was some validity behind BULLotte's claims? correct me if I am wrong.
    I thought I remember a while back hearing that Sparrow said he didn't want to file anything against anyone?
    again correct me if I am wrong.
  3. BigBeard Member

    He was prosecuted, but found Not Guilty (Hooray!). I find it hard to believe Kim & Co. can't be charge with conspiracy to deprive someone of their rights under color of law, or some such, for making the bogus complaint to begin with.

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  4. Anon-V Member

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  5. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Way to go Sparrow! Epic win is epic!
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  6. MOOG Member

    ROCK ON!!
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  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. greebly Member

    I am now inspired enough to drag my disabled butt back to the streets ableit in pain.

    Some more protests to celebrtate the above is order.

    Hugs for you Sparrow!
    hifive anyone?;p
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  9. tikk Member

    The issue was never entertained because the civil court judge found the request moot due to the stay away order in the criminal case. Earlier thread on that. I don't believe that the outcome of the criminal case will have much, if any, bearing on the TRO request; and if I had to guess, the civil court judge will grant it, not by any legal basis, but given that the trial is only 10 days away and an injunction has been the status quo for months.
  10. Smurf Member

    Doubtful. Kim Bellotte would claim that she sincerely felt she was being stalked whether or not a court decision rendered otherwise. If a DA could prove that she made it all up (i.e., recordings, witness statements, personal emails, etc), she could be charged with something, but it's a long shot. Sparrow would have a better chance suing her in civil court.
  11. exOT8Michael Member

    Fucken awesome sparrow!!!!

    i can imagine new protest signs. Moxon fails again?
    OSA FAILS to handle Sparrow Person (SP).
    Love the win !!!!
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  12. WhiteNight Member

    The Royal Family of the United Kingdom, your genetic, cultural and social superiors, approves of this and bids good day to you Mr. A. Sparrow.
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  13. John Basilone Member

    The one reason I can think of for SParrow to remain silent. The rest is public record, and anyone has access to it once it's been processed and put on file.
  14. Anonymous Member

    From one motherfucker to another, congratulations. Now you are in the position to take the offensive. Let these motherfuckers feel their defeat for a long time to come. Bring forth the raids!
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  15. zudok Member


  16. Shit, I thought I had issues, ty Charlie........

    The jury's still out on Charlie Sheen, but not for Sparrow, there's no question.......

    AnonSparrow is indeed WINNING. Wtg, man, we're all real happy for you........
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  17. BLiP Member

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  18. vaLLarrr Member

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  19. grebe Member

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  20. PTSpal Member

    Time for some major beat down protests on this organization! Makes me proud to live in this country...
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  21. Kilia Member

    Sparrow..I'm so PROUD of ya!!!!!!!!!!
    <3 <3 <3 back atcha!
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  22. Orson Member

    I'm glad you're here but you seem to be the type of person who upon winning a brand new car would complain about the color of the paint. I encourage you to take a moment, a rare moment in this war we have been waging, and take a nice bong rip of win. Breathe it in slowly and let it fill your lungs, hold it as long as you can and then exhale slowly.

    Feel better? The win is fucking killer.
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  23. Herro Member

    Every time you make one of these stupid puns, I'm going to donate money to scientology.
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  24. Anonymous Member

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  25. Cheappassion Member

    Brother Sparrow! I JUST walked in the fucking door.....
    I had my computer on the other thread, since it's locked....I just liked everyone's posts.....Lilke the gey fag I am.
    I've had my finger crossed for ya all week!
    I'm going to have a drink and toast your glorious ass! (And smoke a bowl!
    I haz happiness all up in my shit!
    Fuck you MOXON....You lost.
    Asshole....Yeah, and your hair looks like my pubes.
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  26. Intelligence Member

    PARTY TIME IN MONTREAL CANADA!!!! - Congradulations Sparrow for - Rock on!

    TAKING CARE of BUSINESS - For You, my Friend :):):)

    Suck a BIG one OX!!!

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  27. Orson Member

    Also, a big "thank you for doing it right" goes out to Judge Stuart G Nash who saw through the cult's bullshit and delivered great justice based on the evidence at hand. This sets a precedent for all future DC protesters of all kinds.

    Kudos Judgefag.
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  28. Rockyj Member

    I fit the cigarette smoking old hag profile! PLEASE PICK ME!
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  29. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    If this hasn't been posted yet, I am disappoint:

    Don't Bogart it! Pass it my way!
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  30. Rockyj Member

    LMAO, you're just jealous! ;-)
  31. SPARROW! Soon as you're ready for a celebratory raid, give me a call. >:3 I can't wait to danceydancey.
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  32. Intelligence Member

    What an AWESOME Case Precedent this is! Maybe they'll think next time
    before trying to railroad an Innocent.

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  33. TinyDancer Member

    So nice.
    [/channelling Ann]
    I've asked Brian for a financial report (lol) so, if top up donations are needed, we shall advise. :)
  34. anonsparrow Member

    David Miscavige under oath:

    "Local OSA representatives, called Director of Special Affairs, are staff at their local church subject to the supervision of the church's Executive Council."

    Geez. I wonder if someone testified under oath that this isn't how THEIR church was run for the past 15 years might cause a problem for David Miscavige.

    I'm just kidding. I know it would.
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  35. Mark Cabian Member

    I love you. :D
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  36., no details? I made another AnonOrange cake for you. It's topped with an orange butter icing and everything!
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  37. Anonymous Member

  38. AnonWisher Member

    Sparrow! You rock--the people's hero. Please do whatever you need to do regarding the release of case information. We are OKAY with not hearing anything for awhile! (not kidding--do what you gotta do brother!)
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  39. Anonymous Member

    And ol Bang-Bang Muhammad gets cast as "Collateral Damage." Or freebie Anon lulzcow. Either way, Brother Bang-Bang won't be influencing DC education in Ward 8 any time soon. Maybe he can serve his community as one of those guys who stuffs old mattresses in potholes.
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  40. John Basilone Member

    ...jesus tapdancing christ you got them to admit that Miscavige perjured himself?

    Ladies and gentlemen, this could very well be a huge deal.
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