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  1. DeathHamster Member

    Hopefully the tapes/transcripts of Miscavige's drunken rants will eventually be released. I'd love to hear what he said about Anonymous and various incidents like this.

    Charlie Sheen, look out! WINNING!
  2. RightOn Member

    Charlie Sheen was "slamming rocks", while DM was rock slamming lol
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Oh come on. Belotte couldn't inspire an erection in a Viagra factory staffed with adolescant catholic boys.

    She's an ugly moose.

    Can't wait to read the full transcript!!!
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Please do not insult moosekind.

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  5. another123 Member


    And congrats on your judicial #winning!
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  6. Sparrow the whole of WWP has erections after this awesome news. Congrats again mate and can't wait to read the transcript.

    No surprise that it took the culties a while to answer very simple questions. Hard to keep lies straight and the punishment for messing up is severe.
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  7. Anon1942 Member

    I find meese sexyer. Maybe if Belotte had caek it might be a contest.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Not being familiar with the inner workings of the Cos, I'm not sure what about the chain of command is relevant or why KB'S and DM's contradictory statements are consequential.

    Please to enlighten.
  9. vaLLarrr Member

    Maybe when Belotte said she was followed by SParrow and an erection, maybe she meant she was followed by SParrow and a huge penis, which in this case would be Tony Muhammed.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Two high-ranking member of the Scientology enterprise have directly contradicted each other in sworn testimony.
    One of them must therefore be lying. This is known as perjury and is a criminal offense.
    Should a DA somewhere choose to, she could perhaps start an investigation to find out which of them was committing perjury and have them prosecuted.
    IANAL but it would be even more moist and delicious if the Scientology corporation itself could be prosecuted.
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  11. nightfire Member

    SParrow I LURVS YOU!!! congrats I can't wait to read the transcripts
  12. Anonymous Member

    Or maybe Sparrow has a huge penis, poor thing.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Belotte's never seen a real penis. Sex in $cientology is bad. Unless it involves raping children.

    Sick cult is sick.
  14. Anonymous Member

    I'm not a lawyer either, but I don't think every time two witnesses contradict each other warrants a perjury investigation, unless the false testimony is directly relevant and consequential to the defendant's case. Anyway, I don't want to derail Sparrow's congrat thread. I'm sure my question will be answered in the transcript thread.

    Carry on.
  15. Anonymous Member

    But she does work for a total prick and is represented by a filthy cock! But what do you expect from a slimy cunt?
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  16. Bipolart Member

  17. Anonymous Member

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  18. As much as I love the result of that... Everyone knows that DM will simply throw the founding church under the bus and claim they have all been squirrelling management, which may mean he will have to handle this situation.

    Still, even for Joe public you have to ask why the executive of their cult doesn't know what OSA is doing.... Right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing anyone? Do you want to take a course to learn how to be dysfunctional?
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Difficult to ignore-his genitals are legendary(example @ :15sec)
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  20. Anonymous Member

    I CAME!!!!!
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Holly Bat Shit, the Prosecutor dragged out the SP Declare!!!! Did he not know how insane that makes the cult look?
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  22. LOL!!!!!1!!!eleven!!

    Wow... what were they thinking with that?!? Scilons..... were you trying to lose the case by bringing that in. If anything I would have thought they would try to avoid that. It isn't sanctioned by any real agency, and SP declares are full of your batshit paranoia. Why would you think bringing that up would be helpful?
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  23. subgenius Member

    It was the clanking of those enormous steel balls that caught her attention.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    If he was found guilty they no doubt would have paraded the part of the transcript around in their propaganda mags showing how the courts respected the SP Declare as truth and it would have been used as a warning to other members that SP Declares could be used against them in court. I doubt they told the prosecutor the history behind it. One would still think that he would have been like WYF is up with the Sci babble and felony accusations? Maybe Moxon convinced him to use it anyway? I can only imagine what he thought when the Clyde videos were pulled out. I bet Moxon never mentioned that either.
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  25. Nancy Beazley Member

    Oh, my freakin' Lord! More to the point, how fucking crazy does it make the prosecutor look?!? Seriously? Seriously?!? The DA offering SP declares in a court of law as evidence of fucking what?!?

    (finally speechless)

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  26. Random guy Member

    Oh dear, someone haven'tdone their homework! That was a really, really stupid move!
  27. tikk Member

    Yikes. I guess the prosecutor must've been thinking that he had this official-looking document that--because it affirmatively states Sparrow "stalked several women"--must carry some probative weight that same was true. And he probably figured that he was being clever by sneaking around the hearsay prohibition against such statements being offered for their truth by Sparrow having read the declare on video. And so here's the defendant stating that he stalks without refuting it! Except he didn't do his homework or get the real context, and understand that the declare is rather more probative of something he would've preferred to avoid, that being Scientology's concerted harassment of Sparrow. The prosecutor inadvertently enlarged the context for the judge to see what was really going on. Unless the defense first offered the declare as evidence, then nevermind what I just said. I should probably wait for the transcripts.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    "Ms. Belotte said (testified) that on two occasions I followed her to her car with an erection. "

    LOL!!! So, was this little gem of idiocy DM's idea?
    Both her and her sister are real pieces of work.
    Imagine being that braiwashed or scared of the cult, that they fabricated such grandiose lies.
    A young guy committed suicide on the Freewinds by hanging himself with a bed sheet because Belotte's sister claimed that he was in love with her, and then Kim claims that Sparrow followed her to her car with an erection.
    Their mother must be bursting with joy. What a disgrace, so much fail in one family. PATHETIC
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  29. 's good to know also that the DSA's don't usually report their doings to Management. So if OSA is taking your pics... the rest of the church will never see it. So that prolly means no one will see the entheta signs if you get them in the pic. Also maybe you could actually sneak in, because they aren't on the same page who is Anonymous etc. Unfortunately that won't work in Dallas, because our DSA IS The ORG president....
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  30. Bipolart Member

    Could have been introduced to show that $cientology has an actual plan full of threats meant to intimidate. While that's not illegal, it can show a pattern of behaviour.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Loving the footbullet Crazy OT8 said to Paul that was caught on video! "We'll get you too!" Priceless! Man the cult really screwed them selves over with this one.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    would you PLEASE follow me to my car with an erection? I'd help you take care of it!
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  33. RightOn Member

    love it
  34. Intelligence Member

    Moxon: You lost this one Big time; get used to it! The tides are turning and your cults harassment and threats don't scare. The public is beginning to see how sinister and despicable you are personally. DM, your staff beating boss, is a lying little prick and not happy with the stats drop. Your Criminal Cult is going down for the count; it's just a matter of time. D.E.L.
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  35. To Sparrow: a word in your shell-like
    (RightOn, cover your ears - you know it makes sense)

  36. pooks Member

    I think Moxon convinced him to use it. In the Scn brain, they think the SP Declare is sum very srs shit.

    I'm sure it was brought up to "impinge" on Sparrow. By impinge I mean they think that Brian, who was once a Scio, deep down inside, KNOWS that Scn is the only hope for mankind and is doing this because he's either:

    a. A PDH case. A PDH case is someone who has been implanted with commands to harm Scn. The PDH- Pain - Drugs - Hypnosis - is administered by an evil psych years before. The implant is to basically join Scn, get really involved, and then sometime in the future the psych will "restimulate" you into turning and becoming an enemy. I'm not making this up.


    b. He's got massive hidden overts that Scn NEARLY found out about. This is called the Missed Withhold Phenomena. Per the Hubturd:

    MISSED WITHHOLD, 3. the missed withhold is something people nearly found out. It’s another person’s action. It’s nothing the pc did or is doing. It is another person’s action and the pc’s wonder about it. (SH Spec 206, 6211C01) Abbr. M/W/H .
    — L. Ron Hubbard

    In Scn Missed Withholds are much worse than Withholds and are a big reason why people blow from Scn and then attack it. And that's just more of the mindfuck, because when a Scio blows everyone can wonder
    what withhold was missed? What bad act (overt) did the person commit and someone almost found out about and missed. This kind of crazy convoluted thinking is laid out through the entire subject. It makes my head hurt to even explain it.


    C. He's just an out right 2 and a half percenter meaning an outright evil SP.

    The Scios believe firmly that the SP Declare being brought up and used in
    a court of law gives it great validity and that the "POWER" of the Declare
    would "impinge" or cause fear in the heart of Sparrow.

    LOL! Stupid Cult Morons
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Brian can put on any defense he wants too. If part of of his defense is that the cult was behind the allegations and he has exculpatory evidence to show it then he can TRY to introduce it. Video 1. shows that a cult member "related to Kim" was making a indirect threat and or had the capacity to act on it. Video 2. indicates that they had acted on it. Is that absolute proof by its self, no but it is something that a judge or jury could view that might lend credibility to the argument that Kim did not act alone in these allegations and there was not only a motive for her to make them but others under her command might have played a part in them or had knowledge that she had handled Sparrow vs making a real stalking complaint.
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  38. RightOn Member

    soo, speaking of Moxon's fail and upcoming cases...
    someone said that Moxon is in Tenn for 44's case?
    What the hell kind of defense can COS possibly have for that lawsuit?
    Throwing the security company under the bus? And make them pay the damages?
    This will be an intereseting one to say the least

    sorry wasn't trying to derail BTW
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  39. BigBeard Member

    My heads still not completely functional yet, but does the DM/Kim conflict in testimony mean that it's now on record that OSA op's against SPs are controlled directly from on high, and not by the local DSA (according to Kim)???

  40. moarxenu Member

    Hey, pooks good to hear from you.

    For the lulz Sparrow's SP declare has been posted at Scientology: Documents and Translations.
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