Discussion in 'Anon Sparrow' started by anonsparrow, May 4, 2011.

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  1. Cheappassion Member

    NYPA. :)
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  2. Anonymous Member

    LOL it's not wildlife photography. Anons are easy to get pictures of. In fact, we encourage it.
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  3. xenubarb Member

    If he does, I will donate my beloved rockfish to raise money for it.

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  4. xenubarb Member

    Yeah, it's called "Imma sue you motherfucker" and pretty much, anyone can sue anyone over anything. doesn't mean you'll prevail, but you can do it. With the proper approach, The Sparrow could prevail.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Does it come with the sudoku game beneath it?
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  6. Herro Member

    Hate to bum you all out but where is the huge victory? Why are you all excited? The Church got rid of sparrow for 9 months and really didn't have to do much. If sparrow not getting convicted was such a crushing blow, then why are they trying to keep this going with a civil case instead of just cutting their losses? Doesn't make much sense. And yes, I've seen how some of you are soooo excited that this is giong to turn into some massive civil rights case against scientology but once you take a step back and re enter the real world, I think you'll recognize how unlikely that is. Alright, I'll stop raining on the parade now.

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  7. Anonymous Member

    You would be more right if it did not appear that the cult had already made a big deal about this to its members. The celebrations will really occur when Sparrow is back outside the oeg. I am sure that there will be some there that will be shocked that the 'handling' has so obviously failed.
  8. Anonymous Member

    They have another 5 business days to think that one over.
  9. Interrobanger Member

    I am not a lawlologist, but ...

    I believe the prosecutor was more interested in Brian Mandigo's video excerpts and not relying on anyone respecting the s.p. declare as an "official-looking document."

    Radio Paul's video states the focus of his questioning was on two sentences in the s.p. declare (quoted below). If you review AnonSparrow1's video 181.1 (embedded below) at minute mark ~3:21 you will hear Brian Mandigo read his s.p. declare to his YouTube audience.

    Specifically, Mandigo reads the line:
    In an apparent response Mandigo then looks at the camera, shrugs and declares, "I guess." Was Mandigo substantiating the accusation or being dismissive? (Rhetorical.)

    Mandigo continues reading the s.p. declare:
    Mandigo next gestures with his hand and exclaims, "Sorry, private sidewalk." Note that Mandigo presented his view of their legal rights, but neglected to explicitly refute any of the three accusations of (1) followed and stalked women, (2) posted vidoes of them, (3) respected their privacy.

    End of day, lol s.p. declare in public record!?!

  10. Anonymous Member

    Repaired; no fee.
  11. Interrobanger Member

    Relax. There are also plausible explanations that do not involve moonbat Vulcan mind melds. Like, perhaps, the prosecutor thought video evidence of an apparent acknowledgement of harassment would be persuasive to the judge.
  12. Anonymous Member



    Motion for Temporary Restraining Order Filed

    Emergency Motion for Hearing Before Another Judge in Judge Macaluso's Absence, on Plaintiff's Application for Temporary Restraining Order Filed. submitted 05/04/2011 21:01. TDS
    Attorney: MOXON, Mr KENDRICK L L (382087)

  13. subgenius Member

    of course
    he probably only figured it out because of some of the postings here that mentioned his time limits
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  14. subgenius Member

    kim's gonna blow
    i got her to smile when i raided there
    maybe it was at my erection
    but still
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  15. Anontacular Member

    Following the cult rules of utter fail, or as I like to call them, footbullets.
  16. subgenius Member

    watch what you wish for kenny
  17. Anonymous Member

    wait wut? does he not already have an order on him from the civil case? I don't get it.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Beltane confessions.
  19. subgenius Member

    that's so opaque my google exploded
    cinco de mayo amigos
    apropos of absolutely nothing
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  20. LocalSP Member

    No there was no TRO against Sparrow. It was agreed upon by both parties that Sparrow would refrain from protesting there until after the trial.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Yeah I know lurk moar, but could you link me to this leak?
  22. Anonymous Member

    Sorry, Pooks had me Saw trap kinda scared at the notion that scilons believe in the a)b)c) moonbat Vulcan mind meld stuff.
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  23. Natter Bored Member

    Quoting the entire post. Damn fine post.

    Agreed. In Scientology view, SP declares hold huge weight.

    They really do think an SP declare is capable of collapsing an SP into quivering silence. Also, in Scientology perspective, their "Ethics" rules and conditions trump wog laws.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    This has been covered many times. The answer is no, the judge refused to grant it based on the Stay Away Order in the criminal case. I guess Moxon is a Masochist and likes to keep having his balls handed to him. I suspect Sparrow will enjoy ass raping Moxon again.
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  25. subgenius Member

    i c wut u did there
  26. MOOG Member

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  27. Anonymous Member

    NO nobody could possibly enjoy any sort of physical contact with Moxon. Impossible.The biggest meanest nastiest farther raper of them
    all would get nauseous at the prospect of touching that man.

    In other words Moxon is the only person who is safe picking up a bar of soap in a prison shower.
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  28. subgenius Member

    it is good to understand
    my adversary is my benefactor
  29. RightOn Member

    they never learn
  30. Anonymous Member

    Hey Davey.. how's Colombia?

    Hey puto?

    You thing a pero like you will last long with the world's media paying more to find you?

    Si, pero. Time for the little man to run and hide. Colombia is a small country.
  31. xenubarb Member

    You wouldn't want it now. The parrot is done with it.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Where you gonna hide Davey??

    Where are you gonna hide, dog?
  33. Anonymous Member

    OK to sum up what has happened here. (please correct if wrong)

    Sparrow was hit with a TRO and a civil suit.

    Sparrow was hit with criminal charges.

    A hearing in the criminal suit issued a Stay Away Order to Sparrow.

    A hearing in the civil suit denied the TRO because a SAO was issued in the criminal suit

    The civil suit was delayed until the outcome of the criminal suit.

    The criminal suit ended with Acquitted of one charge and Not Guilty of the second charge.

    Since the original TRO was denied Moxon filed for a TRO on May 4 2011, based on the civil suit.

    There is currently no active exclusion of any kind against Sparrow.

    The civil suit is still pending.
  34. subgenius Member

    no you dint

    for the win
    oh my 1:46
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  35. subgenius Member

  36. subgenius Member

    nicely put
  37. subgenius Member

    if only i knew
    but i kept my self ignorant
    to keep my bliss
    or some shit
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Eh? Davido Aborto Involuntario??

    Welcome to Colombia.
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  39. nice job
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