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Discussion in 'Anon Sparrow' started by tikk, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. tikk Member

    Without further ado, HERE is a Dropbox link to each of the five transcripts from Sparrow's criminal trial (representing all five days) at which he was acquitted of both charges brought by Kim Belotte.

    Mod Edit: All one archive here: Thanks to Zhent -RTF

    That link again is:

    The files are pretty heavy and I'm not sure how much of a bandwidth-pounding my dropbox can take so it might be a good idea for someone else to pull them down and post a megaupload link or whatever as well.

    They're not realistically OCR-able, unfortunately, unless someone knows magic beyond my skills. If so, bring it on, as Grant Cardone might say.

    I'll comment on them over the weekend after I've had a chance to go through them all.

    MOD EDIT: Cleaned up transcripts here:

    April 28 (Day 1):
    April 29 (Day 2):
    May 2 (Day 3):
    May 3 (Day 4):
    May 4 (Day 5):
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  2. lostatsea Member

    You are the bestest! Thank you so much.
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  3. amaX Member

    AWESOME! Thanks, tikk!
  4. Zhent Member

    Awwww yeaaah!

    Just had a peak, the transcripts are of quite good quality and I am confident these could automatically be OCR'd. I don't have the right software installed at the moment but another anon should be able to do this.

    Looking forward to reading these over the weekend!
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  5. Thanks, tikk. mmmm...delicious dox!
  6. 3rdMan Member

    This will require some extended reading time, ritalin-vodka smoothie, and critical analysis.
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  7. anonsparrow Member

    WooHoo! Yeah baby! Aw ye. Not too good!

    Wait. Not that last one.

    Thank you Tikk!
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  8. Miranda Member

    Thank you, Tikk!
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Thanks tikk.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Good thing I finished Janet Reitman's "Inside Scientology". Next on the weekend reading charts...
  11. Disco Necked Member

  12. Kilia Member

    Thank you, Tikk. Much appreciated.
  13. Zhent Member

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  14. xenubarb Member

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  15. anonsparrow Member

    One thing that's pretty sweet about these transcripts is that the bench conferences that were exclusively between the judge and lawyers (and made inaudible during trial) are included.

    At first I thought they were included erroneously but apparently not. During one bench conference on May 2 or 3, the transcriptionist asks who said what so I guess that's how it's done.

    Nice insight into this particular judicial process.
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  16. greebly Member

    Well well nice.
    Something to get my teeth into ready for harpoons.
  17. Zhent Member

    Had a crack at OCR'ing it myself, had some success. Here is a random page:

    Anyone else trying OCR?
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  18. greebly Member

    /r/ reenactment of all 5 days with actors or animation:p

    cheesy music or shoops or videos all good

    [IMG]Mr Key: I do have one request. I don't know wether there is anyway to turn the AC on. I assume there is not.

    Judge: And if I had that power I would have exercised it a year ago.

    I like this Judge already:p
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  19. Anonymous Member

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  20. greebly Member

    Sry fricking gold this stuff!

    Court dox ftw
  21. 3rdMan Member

    Sparrow, though your defense lawyer did a great job in his loooooooooooooooong opening statement. My ADHD hates him bitterly. :p
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  22. Downloaded!!! Great looking leak (Something to take my mind off SciTroll
  23. greebly Member

    Just think of all the quotes you can extract from these pages as it is on court record.
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  24. Anon_1HG Member

    awesome, bout to dig into this. tx!!
  25. subgenius Member

  26. subgenius Member

    but was it good
    bob bless a man who takes his time
  27. Sponge Member

    Thinking I'd have to wade through pages of legalspeek before there were any lulz, page 8 presents us with this, [Mr.Key]....
    People like YOU Brian!!11!!. It's all your fault, Brian! We can't post videos longer than 10 min [actually it's 15min] on jewtube all because of you, Brian! Shame on you, Brian! Go straight to jail, Brian!


    [smug] actually, I can post hour long videos on my channel. [/smug]
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Generally, transcripts are only ordered for an appeal, or if one of the parties or interested public want to put them up on the Internet or otherwise use them. That stuff between the judges and lawyers, which often involves whether or not evidence can go before the jury, is often grist for appeals, therefore, is generally included. Blanking out that kind of stuff when the fact finder is present, whether judge or jury, is to keep it out of the evidentiary record. It's still part of the procedural history.
  29. Herro Member

    He's making fun of Sparrow's Youtube spam. Calm down there skippy.
  30. subgenius Member

    never ever go off the record
  31. subgenius Member

    yr an asshole
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  32. Herro Member

    But I'm ur asshole. <3
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  33. subgenius Member

    you are my asshole
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  34. subgenius Member

    nice transcript so far (10 pages)
    how does it turn out?
    happy ending?
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  35. Orson Member

    Reading now. Post the best bits as you find them.
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  36. greebly Member

    Sponge you missed the bit where he calculates the time Miss B is on those videos
    0.989% of the time
  37. MSAnon505 Member

    Many thanks for making the transcript available for us to read. The mystery of what went on inside that courtroom is finally revealed. I've gotten through the first two days and I'm impressed. Can't wait to see the rest.

    Much thanks to you and many salutes, Tikk.
  38. My FAVORITE Sparrowism," Not too good!"
  39. subgenius Member

    That's like asking to post the best bits from Dostoyevsky, Twain, or Dickens
    To quote Woody Allen, "Yeah, I (speed read) 'War and Peace'.....its about Russia."

    But yeah, word bites will be cool.
    I'm quite sure.
    This will be a nice relaxing weekend.
  40. Orson Member

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