Sparrow Transcripts (!)

Discussion in 'Anon Sparrow' started by tikk, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    The shit stain on the exhibit marked where the spot (MAP) where Kim was standing when she first thought about making up shit on Sparrow.
  2. Orson Member

    I'm laughing that even the judge is referring to RP as "Radio Paul" instead of his real name, or "Mr. So and So".
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  3. xenubarb Member

    They're gonna file a "liable" case against Sparrow next? It ain't "liable" if it's true!
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  4. subgenius Member

    Ofc. Roger Lowery, Jr. is a lying perjuring piece of shit.
  5. Anonymous Member

    As a participant in that effort, it is satisfying to see it was a fruitful exercise. Our best results come from that type of collaborative work.

    Congrats again Sparrow.

    Thanks to Tikk and others for the OCR version being done. (oh, look, more collaboration).

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  6. Orson Member

    Does not give me an erection. Pic related.
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  7. tikk Member

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  8. Who's libel for these liablous allegations?

    We should sue for liable.
  9. tamsonsbairn Member

    He's a scientology knob jockey
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  10. That would be the allegator himself, I think you'll find.
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  11. adhocrat Member

    George Gerschwin may have said it best
  12. Sponge Member

    Lucky he didn't have a nickname like "Fuckeye" then. That would've been awesome.
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  13. Zhent Member

    Eek. adhocrat said he was doing 4-29 yesterday! ( I hope you two sort that out ASAP so theres not too much overlap. Perhaps one can work backwards towards the middle.

    As far as I am aware 05-03 and 05-04 are the only ones not being worked on, though I might have a crack at 05-04 since it doesn't look too messed up. (EDIT: I am doing 05-04)
  14. Anonymous Member

  15. tikk Member

    Uh oh. I looked but missed him saying he was going to do that. Hopefully he didn't do it b/c I finished it here:
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  16. RightOn Member

    I think the back of that "birthday game sik" jacket should be DM's Hermes shirt design
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  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Anonymous Member

  19. anonodrama Member

    Nope, this started with Hubs. Their org won the "Birthday Game". This is the 'LRH ED' that explains the whole idiotic mess.

    It's interesting for many reasons (including mention of target 2 and weird future stuff), but if you get stuck partway through reading it (all the 'targets' and such) there is mention of the jockey stuff on page 4, and again on page 6 point #6, page 7, point #7. It also closes with the point. There might be more, but I couldn't stomach a full read-through again. I don't know what is up with all the different fonts, but it's genuine. While on staff this would REGULARLY be given to all staff as a 'target' that we had to get a 'star-rate check-out' on (quizzed by another staff member to ensure we fully understood it, could apply it, and had no 'misunderstood words'). So, the executive director of the org that won each year got racing silks and a stupid trophy.

    Also note the date...when Hubs was supposedly "off the lines" of running things.
  20. Zhent Member

    For anyone working on cleaning up the transcripts, I found some useful regular expressions that will speed up the process.

    The automatic OCR'd docs leaves loads of tab breaks and double spaces in the text body, to remove these open the Find & Replace dialog box.

    To remove double/tripple spaces search for [:space:]+ and replace with ' ' (no quotations), this will replace double spaces with a single space.
    To remove tab breaks mid sentance search for \t and replace with ' ' (no quotations), this will replace tabs with a space.
    Often there is a combination of spaces and tabs breaking up lines, so use \t[:space:]+ and [:space:]+\t where appropriate.

    There other expressions for line breaks etc but I haven't tried applying those.

    Note: I am using OpenOffice, but Word should be quite similar.

    ALSO: The judge admits he fell asleep during V for Vendetta.
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  21. tikk Member

    In Word you can literally just grep two spaces for one to remove double spaces; or just copy and paste a tab to replace it with a single space. A carriage return in Word = ^p. There are instances where I found it advantageous to grep " A. " with "^p^pA. " (and same with " Q. ") Also " MR. KEY: " with "^p^pMR. KEY: " What this does is take
    and changes it to
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  22. Zhent Member

    Oh excellent, great to see you are on the ball with this.

    EDIT: I did note your document was weiredly split into two columns, I assume this is a cross platform problem? (Word -> OpenOffice). Also your pages flow into one another, ie table of contents starts on page one, was this intentional? I think at the end of this we should pretty-up each document, ensure uniformity among the different days and create a PDF of it for maximum compatibility.

    And here is 05-04-2011 first draft:

    If someone could read though it at their leisure to check for problems...
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  23. tikk Member

  24. Zhent Member

    Thats probably why the pages spill over as well. Do you want me to fix all that up? Also remove the old page numbers? (See previous post edit regarding prettying up)
  25. tikk Member

    I fixed in the copy which I linked to so if you just re-download it you'll see it's fine. I left the page numbers b/c the page numbers are useful. Ideally the line numbers would've been retained but that's not realistic. I know you took them out, which is fine but ideally the page numbers should stay b/c you always cite to a page number when you cite a transcript. If you want to adapt what I did with yours and want to make it all similar go ahead and remove the page numbers, you're in charge.
  26. Zhent Member

    Would it perhaps be better to create new a pagination system, including changing the original index? We could be much more flexible this way, though it may be prudent to retain the original system?
  27. tikk Member

    Introducing a second pagination system where an official one already exists sounds likely to guarantee confusion.
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  28. Zhent Member

    Fair enough, though we are firmly stuck with two systems due to the nature of reformatting. I will have a think on how to best preserve the old system. Perhaps we can have interactive hyperlinks or something.
  29. Anonymous Member

    By the way- what's up with Sparrow's civil case? [Sorry I'm asking a repeat question].
    When is that?
    Is Moxon representing Belotte in the civil case?
  30. subgenius Member

    Are the transcripts of the depositions available?
  31. Anonymous Member

    Sparrow's lawyer must have them. I'm not sure what are the rules in the US about releasing them.
  32. subgenius Member

    no issue
    can we haz pleeze?
  33. Anonymous Member

    When is the civil case? I bet after the civil case is over, Sparrow will release them.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Must wait until after the civil trial.....that is what a little birdie told me, anyway...
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  35. Yes she does!

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  36. COREarg Member

    How this thread makes me feel:



    SO MUCH TRANSCRIPTS,NEED TO SEE IT ALL...! *excited gasps*
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  37. subgenius Member

    ah, texas hold-em
    love it
  38. JohnnyRUClear Member

    That one's on the OCR, no doubt.

    "oh no"

    I don't like to be rude (or do I?), but the best of her ability is... lacking.

    Still, it is at least an effective transcript, despite the errata. For that, I do have happy pants.
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  39. Orson Member

    ITT: Tikk and Zhent talk like nerds.

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  40. lostatsea Member

    True. But nerd is the new sexay. ;)
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