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Discussion in 'Anon Sparrow' started by tikk, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. adhocrat Member

    Thanks for doing my work for me Tikk. I was busy protesting so I never got started. I will do 3 May tomorrow unless someone does it for me...
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  2. Ann O'Nymous Member

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  3. Sponge Member

    Careful now. You'll get an erection and accidentaly a stalking claim.
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  4. JohnnyRUClear Member

  5. tikk Member

    That's a good idea but when I just went to do this discovered that I can't edit my own post, probably b/c a mod edited it after. Anyway, perhaps a mod can unlock my post or update it themselves. Here's the list of cleaned up post-OCR Word docs:

    April 28 (Day 1):
    April 29 (Day 2):
    May 2 (Day 3):
    May 3 (Day 4):
    May 4 (Day 5):
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  6. moarxenu Member

    These are beautiful!

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  7. Ann O'Nymous Member

  8. anonsparrow Member

    Kim actually said anti-seminism. I looked at Tom Lester to see if I heard her correctly. He looked at me with the same look.

    The cult has accused me of many things but never being anti-sperm. It's a new low for them.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Especially because if there's an appeal, we might want to look at the briefs, which may refer to certain sections of testimony in a manner like (3T56:13 to 3T57:12) meaning third transcript, page 56, line 13 to third transcript, page 57, line 12. It'd be nice if our version conformed so that those kind of citations make sense. The state has nothing to appeal anyway and double jeopardy prevents anything further coming out of this embarrassment, but it's just good policy to stick to the original.
  10. lostatsea Member

    Erections + anti-seminism = anticlimactic.
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  11. tikk Member

    I could be wrong but I doubt the US will appeal here. But what could happen is that the transcripts could be useful with regard to the civil trial in which case you'd want to at least have page numbers, which would enable you to easily refer to the pdf to grab the exact line number. Keeping the line numbers intact in the text version would be masochistic.
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  12. Ann O'Nymous Member

  13. Diablo Member

    of course they won't...their witnesses contradicted one another, caught main witness in lies and lost before it was even over!

    CULT * Moxon + Kim Belotte Bullshit / DC mORGue = FAIL
  14. Anonymous Member

    I know I'm missing something but I thought the Government was barred from appealing an acquittal (double jeopardy).
    Why would they be able to in this case?
  15. subgenius Member

    Every sperm is sacred.
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  16. tikk Member

    You're correct. Bench trials differ in some respects and there are very narrow exceptions regarding the finality of bench trial acquittals but they're inapplicable here.
  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Xenu Is Lord Member

    The Government will not try to appeal this case. First off it is a rare thing for them to do and even more rare for another court to except it. Other points of why this wont happen.

    1. It is a minor case and charge. The Government wont want to spend resources on it.
    2. Defense did so well and the Prosecution witnesses lied so bad it would end even worse for them the next time.
    3. It could also be seen as a malicious prosecution. It is a rare thing but does happen. With as badly as they lost it would look that way.
    4. There is nothing in the judges ruling as to what I can see that another court would consider in allowing it. The judge covered all his bases here.
    5. Most importantly Brian did not commit the crime! That has become obvious from the case.

    ALSO WHY ARE WE EVEN WASTING TIME ON THIS? There has been absolutely no indication that this is or would take place.
  19. Anonymous Member

    The question was more academic: Can the US appeal (as opposed to will they)? Tikk confirmed that the US cannot appeal so your points, which address the question of would they appeal, are moot.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Maybe they will try to prune this case instead.
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  21. Zhent Member

    Is anyone working on Day4?
  22. adhocrat Member

    Sorry, I was supposed to do that. I've been busy editing protest footage from yesterday (great raid, great time). if someone is willing to do Day 4, much thanks, otherwise it's in the queue.
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  23. adhocrat Member

    I just spent a very unproductive hour trying and failing.
    Now I'm going to go bang my head against the wall.
    Anyone willing to do this?
  24. subgenius Member

    Bang my head against the wall, sure.
    Ouch! WTF.
    Damn pronouns.
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  25. Zhent Member


    Edit: Not to worry, I have been informed someone from ESMB has done it :)
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  26. adhocrat Member

  27. Mitsu Too Member

    What bang your head against the wall? Well if you insist. :)
  28. subgenius Member

    It feels so good when I stop.
  29. adhocrat Member

    You can stop now

  30. Anonymous Member

    same happens with auditing
  31. Zhent Member

    Here is Day 4:

    I further cleaned it up.

    Perhaps tikk can work his regular-expressions magic to insert tab breaks for the Q/A responses and other things to pretty it up?

    Aside from that, we now have all 5 days transcribed to reasonable level, all that we need to do now is pretty them up for maximum readability, ensure a standard of formatting across all days, and do something about the pagination.

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  32. [IMG]
    Even the diluted clams notice your bulge Sparrow
    you must be a hit wit the ladies!
  33. adhocrat Member

    maybe each Q & A borrows their line number from the original file, with page numbers being inserted in the appropriate place?
    Only some of the line numbers will be there, but we can interpolate to the place we want easily enough.
  34. Ann O'Nymous Member

    On the day I took care of, there was no page or line numbers whatsoever. A document with titles relating to dates and witnesses seems OK for me.
  35. JohnnyRUClear Member

    In the April 29 transcript, page 89, the following section appears to be misrendered:

    I think the bold part is a Q and the italic part is an A.

    And on the next page the reporter is suddenly possessed by Yoda:
    Page 100 has an error too:
    This sloppiness really brings out the grammar nazi in me. D-:<

    I'll try to sit on my fingers now.

    ...but OK here's an OCR error on page 104, unless "corn" is a verb:
    ...and another on page 107:
  36. Zhent Member

    Looks suspect, but I will stick with what the original transcripts have (there was an OCR error there though).

    That is an OCR formatting error, should be That is the driveway. Brian is definitely walking toward me in that video.

    All these problems have been noted and fixed, and will be uploaded in due time.
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  37. Mark Cabian Member

    Need transcription?
  38. Zhent Member

    Transcriptions are done, we just need to fix up formating and agree on pagination and styling.

    At the moment I am thinking of just doing something similar to what tikk did in retaining the old page numbers, but I would remove them out of mid-sentence, put them in a blank line break and right align so its out of the way.
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  39. Mark Cabian Member

    Do you want to make a template, or how do you suggest proceeding?
  40. Zhent Member

    Not sure how to proceed at the moment, interest for OCR'd transcripts seems to have dropped off. Right now I am playing with regular expressions trying to get a nice style for the formatting, ie the Q/A sections.

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