Special Leak Request from an EX

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by anonyleaks, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. anonyleaks Member

    Special Leak Request from an EX

    I have a request from an ex-member who believes we need to have the "Welcome to the Sea Org" tapes out on the Internet. In the request, the ex-SO member tells me that the set includes a speech by Hubbard talking about how he was trained as a carnival man and PR person for said carnival (flim flam man basically). So, if anyone has those tapes -- make with the leaking! :fuckyou:
  2. JOE999999999 Member

    Re: Special Leak Request from an EX

    I think the tape is called "Pr Becomes a Subject" or some such and was part of the FEBC lectures....
    Yes, its FEBC 2...already been leaked:

    "Now I’m not ignorant on this subject. I was actually trained by Midwest Rogers one
    time, when I innocently walked in with my wide blue eyes open, pulled in as a writer to the
    California Centennial, 1849©1949. And they had to get a hold of a writer, and they had to
    have somebody who could write up the little history books, and so forth, that they needed.
    And so I said, “OK, yeah, I’ll do that. I’d been up in the Mother Lode country, I know all about
    that and I can look it up and you’ve got a lot of books, and we’ll put them together and
    we’ll give you your little manuals and so forth. So fine, alright boys?” and so on, and they
    said, “No.” And I said, “What’s the matter?” Said, “Well we have a rule in the Midwest Rogers
    that anybody who is working anywhere in, around centennials or things,”; see they’re the
    outfit, wild name, Midwest Rogers. It doesn’t say anything, don’t you see? They want to remain anonymous, I think. But they put on all of these big centennials like the sesquicentennial
    of Texas, and all of that sort of thing. The big boom shows, you see?
    And they say, “You’ve got to study the technology and so forth of how we work, before
    you can work with us,” which is great.
  3. Gnosis Member

    Re: Special Leak Request from an EX

    One quote I recall from the Sea Org Course was "PR is King".

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