Specification on Sex Offence Laws

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  1. Arceusaur Member

    I think the Specification on Laws that are subjected to Sex Offence are too Light. It says nothing about minor age offenders. The reason they should add minor age specifications is so all teens understand rape is not okay for them either. I have been thinking and would like to get some opinions on this. Although it does specify ages of minor victims, it does not mention the minor offenders..
  2. EveStropping Member

    School kids should be given more education on sexual assault from an earlier age, greater awareness is needed. Perhaps by making them think more about the damage they can do or what can be done to them might go some distance towards prevention. Offendors who are classed as minors should be given heavy penalties, it might act as a deterrent in the future. Do you think that the punishment for a minor of maybe 11 should be the same as that for 15 year old who commits the same crime? What if the 15 year old assaults a child of 5, and the 11 year old assaults another 11 year old,both assaults are of the same nature but take into consideration that the lad of 15 is probably more aware and active should they both be given the same punishment?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Public schools can do a good job at sexual violence and rape education by addressing the topic in school classes. Write you local school board. I called the high school and was referred to the administrator in charge of sex ed. Several emails later the topic was discussed by the school board.
    That is helpful.
    Determining the age of perp vrs age of victim is a hell hole.
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  4. aria chris Member

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