"splongcat" to the white courtesy phone

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Dr. K, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. Dr. K Member

    "splongcat" to the white courtesy phone

    I have no idea how to find people on this forum, so for starting a whole new post, I apologize. If the moderator here wants to delete this thread and let me know how to contact somebody, then please do it. I was thinking about going through all 6,000+ members and then I thought that I didn't want to do that heh

    Anyway, "splongcat" can you please PM me? Thanks!
  2. avatar2008 Member

  3. Dr. K Member

    Re: "splongcat" to the white courtesy phone

    Hey, it's "SP-LONGCAT" not "SPLONGCAT".

    He's the one I was told to find. Thanks for your help in this!
  4. Anonybrom Member

    Re: "splongcat" to the white courtesy phone

    Isn't that the guy that claimed he had OTIX stuff?
  5. Thetanonymous Member

    Re: "splongcat" to the white courtesy phone

    SP-Longcat can be found all over the wall of shame, for posting nothing but "OMG GUISE LOOK AT ME I HAXORRERED TEH SEEKRIT OTIX DOXES!!!! PH33R ME!!!! O BAI TEH WAY HOW I CAN USE TEH PIRAETBAY?", claiming Arnie Lerma is going to post the docs, then finally saying that the secret docs are all a plan for all the scientologists to listen to Judas Priest records backwards and commit suicide. This was probably all going to lead to what he considered an epic rickroll, but for the most part he's been ignored and insta-wall of shamed.

    Considering he's made something like 12 total posts, I find it difficult to believe that anyone was actually looking for him, and have the sneaking suspicion that Dr. K here is a pisspoor Kevorkian reference designed to back up his "OTIX is mass suicide" bullshit, to which I will say Tits, Proof, or GTFO.
  6. Dr. K Member

    Re: "splongcat" to the white courtesy phone

    naw, I'm just a critic. I run some sites, I have a critic blog, I've done a bunch of petitions blah blah blah CoS has tried to shut me down a multiple of times (Ha, they even had a P.I. call my work a while back) but they'll never get me. HaHAha! :)

    I'm new here, but so far I've noticed this Enturbulation board is full of a lot of Anons. That's cool. Much less so at other sites I post on like ARS and OCMB. What I know about Anon's is a lot of them post on or view YTMND. Haha, that's a great site. I made this one YTMND a while back for Shawn Lonsdale when he got assaulted -

    I remember when Scientology tried to get YTMND to pull all their Scieno stuff. I talked to Max the owner a few times. He's a good guy. He stayed strong against their attacks, and he's stayed strong against plenty of other attacks. I made a page on my website documenting everything from these events. I'm glad I did too because it's tough info to find anywhere, well at least all in one spot -

    Anyway, I'm rambling. Thanks to avatar2008 for getting me SP-LONGCAT's info. Arnie told me it was SPLONGCAT, ha, I guess there's a dash in there.

    Take care -
  7. AB Member

    Re: "splongcat" to the white courtesy phone

    yeah, but I would take that guy's dox with a MOON of salt. he didn't want to post sources, and he was acting in a very suspicious manner, and I just don't see how there is a chance in hell he actually got what he claims he's got.
  8. Thetanonymous Member

    Re: "splongcat" to the white courtesy phone

    I have to labor under the assumption that Arnie would have hosted the docs himself if there was any sort of validity to them, and provided they do, in fact, exist. The fact that Arnie hasn't posted anything about them here, and the fact that they are currently not on his site, nor on leads one to think that if, in fact, Arnie contacted anyone regarding these supposed documents, it would be something along the lines of "If you feel like pissing yourself laughing, get in contact with this sp-longcat person and try to get him to hand over his ultra-secret documents to you"
  9. Dr. K Member

    Re: "splongcat" to the white courtesy phone

    Arnie wants nothing to do with hosting any kind of secret documents like that anymore. He's already been there, done that. Read about the raid on his house in 96'.

    I don't think SPLONGCAT has the real OT9 or anything like that. Arnie doesn't know what to think. But if he does have these docs, I'll be glad to host them. I'm fine with it and so is the guy in CA that hosts my website(s).

    If Joe Smo with his GoDaddy web hosting account tried to host something like that, Scientology would get you shut down in minutes. When I started up, I didn't know that. Yahoo dropped me with the first complaint. lasted a little longer with Ava Paquette but eventually dropped me too. You gotta get a hosting provider with balls that will give the cult the finger. It's tough to find.
  10. Anon47 Member

    Re: "splongcat" to the white courtesy phone

    DR K

    I would have you know i came across Scientology, the dangers of it, while browsing through YTMND doing what any one would i decided to dig a little deeper, this was a good three - four years ago. If it wasn't for people like you putting the messages out there i would have never given it a second thought, my thanks to the old guard for staying strong at the beginning of this.

    Perhaps my biggest regret so far is not acting sooner.
  11. avatar2008 Member

    Re: "splongcat" to the white courtesy phone

    It makes some sort of sense to have OT9 end in "SUUUPPPAAAA FUSION HA"...
    Keep in mind, that LRH or DM quite likely had in mind that said purchaser of OT9 having paid so much should off himself/herself and will the entire estate to CoS (tax-exempt religion yay!). Solves the problem of them suing for their money back and brings money to the church. <shudder>
    evil cult is evil.

    my 2cents. This *sounds* genuine, the prose and ideology remains consistent and true to online records to LRH's state of mind nearing the end.
  12. Thetanonymous Member

    Re: "splongcat" to the white courtesy phone

    You're fine with hosting documents that (should they actually exist) were not "leaked", but actually (supposedly) stolen from a server at Co$?? If he fakes them, you're looking at a libel suit at best, and Xenu knows what for worst.

    On the miniscule chance that they're real... let's see what has to say about this... ah, yes, it says welcome to Federal "Fuck me in the ass" Prison.

    Should you be profoundly, and let me restate that, PROFOUNDLY stupid enough to host whatever SP-Failtroll hands you, then you're on your own, buddy.

    tl;dr - don't feed the troll. If you do feed the troll, you made your bed, now lie in it.
  13. Dr. K Member

    Re: "splongcat" to the white courtesy phone

    I know the possible repercussions. I've dealt with their lawyers and P.I.'s enough.

    I wouldn't post anything unless I was sure it was real. How would we know these docs (If they existed) were real? We don't.

    I have plenty of ex-Scientologist friends that could verify the authenticity of it. I've read all the OT levels.

    With help, I think I could do a good job in spotting a forgery.
  14. Dr. K Member

    Re: "splongcat" to the white courtesy phone

    Well, at least you're attempting to do something about it now :)

    YTMND is great about exposing this con. It directs them to outside sites and information like and It also adds humor which is great.
  15. Re: "splongcat" to the white courtesy phone

    Arnie was NOT going to host the imaginary document. I say imaginary because he claims to have hax0r3d his way to it when we know that most of the higher level OT courses can only be taken at Flag or the Freewinds and I doubt they would be hosted on any CoS computer. We have access to 1-8 because they were smuggled out a long time ago/entered as evidence in court cases. You would also have to believe that someone capable of hacking is too stupid to figure out bit torrent or was unaware of sites like megaupload. In this day and age there is no reason to assume the risk of hosting anything like that anymore. Furthermore, why the hell would you make yourself a target by announcing that you had it before you had a chance to do something with it?

    It was either:
    A) A horrible attempt at attention whoring/trolling
    B) A bizarre attempt to legally entrap a prominent Scientology critic

    Either way it isn't worth your time.
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