Spotting BS Arguments

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    Spotting BS Arguments

    Spotting the fallacies in arguments is one of the best means for getting at the truth, and exposing others to the truth. This website has been instrumental in helping me analyze statements made, identify the fallacies, and thus dismantle arguments.

    Many fun fallacies brought to you by the Co$ and its front groups:

    Psychiatric medications cause suicides. This is confusing cause and effect. This is also an example of questionable cause.

    Psychiatric medications cause violent behavior. Pretty much the same as above. Many of these arguments and statments also play to emotions, another fun and fallacious tactic.

    Red Herrings are also often thrown out by our lovely friends at the Co$. Anytime you're asked why you aren't attacking some other religion, they're slapping you in the face with a red herring. Don't fall for it. Stay on topic, keep your focus where it should be.

    They also have their pet Straw Man, which you must be wary of. We attack their supression of information, their tax exempt status while they pocket millions from people who must pay or be denied their faith, we attack the criminal tactics that higher ups have taken against critics. But when the media's at their door, they bring out the old Straw Man. "They picket us and say mean things about us! They're religious biggots!"

    I'm sure we could spend days dragging out their statements and listing how many fallacies are present in each one. Read the information on the web site. Learn to spot the fallacies you encounter (not just in this struggle, but in all your interactions with people and various forms of media.)
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    Re: Spotting BS Arguments

    This is relevant to my interests.

    Thanks for sharing.

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