SQL dump of Scientology corporate stuff

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    SQL dump of Scientology corporate stuff

    Somebody asked me for an SQL dump of the information I collected regarding Scientology financial data. I had actually planned to provide a link to such SQL dump since quite a while now, but I just didn't come around to do it. Since someone is asking expressly for this now, well it was a good time to go ahead and do it. So here it is:

    Returns a .gz of an SQL dump.

    Note that this thing grew on a per-need basis over the last few years, and sometimes you might spot inconsistencies, which I want to fix, but just didn't take the time to do yet (I went from Excel lol, to Access/VB, to MySQL/PHP). An example, the table 'realestate_transactions' should really be named 'realestate_transaction_types' and 'realestates' should really be named 'realestate_transactions'. In the 'relations' table, the 'Director' entry really means "key persons" involved in an entity. In the 'people' table, the 'middle_name' field is not longer used. Etc.

    Anyway, this is just a generic disclaimer that this thing grew on a per-need basis, and often I didn't take the time to revisit for coherence/clarity.

    The above link returns an instant snapshot of the DB, so since I keep working on collating data, redesigning etc. it will obviously change over time, and I can't guarantee that a newer version will be compatible with an older one.

    The data in this SQL dump is complemented by the data in another SQL dump which has been available for a while now, the Scientology library (which dump generator I just updated, just found out it wasn't working fine):

    Feel free to do whatever the hell you want with the above. As I say on my web site, "No need to ask permission (You are the authority...)"
  2. greebly Member

    Re: SQL dump of Scientology corporate stuff

    :p ftw!
    keep in touch Mr Hill.

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