Squeeze My Cans shows about Scientology - 2019

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  1. Squeeze My Cans shows about Scientology - 2019.

    Glam Adelaide - Interview: Cathy Schenkelberg talks about her Fringe Show Squeeze My Cans


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    Both Squeeze My Cans and Squeeze My Cabaret perform at Tandanya through February and March.

    For further information:

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  2. VIDEO: Cathy Schenkelberg on TV3 Ireland regarding her Squeeze My Cans show about Scientology.

  3. VIDEO: Cathy Schenkelberg Live on Fox's Talk Show "The Preachers" discussing her nearly two decades and 1 million dollars spent in Scientology.

  4. Squeeze My Cans Review.

    All Over Adelaide: Squeeze My Cans Review

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    Scientology has become quite well-exposed due in part to several high profile documentaries made about in recent years. This is the first theatrical experience I've seen exploring these themes, and to see it performed by a person in real life made it seem all the more scary and believable. The amount of self-confidence and strength that Schenkelberg portrays in this show is admirable and inspirational. I would highly reccomend that you check out this show. 'Squeeze My Cans' continues its run at Tandanya Arts Cafe over march. You can access tickets here: Catch Schenkelberg also has another show at the Fringe, a cabaret show:

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  5. Squeeze My Cans one-woman show about Scientology wins Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award.




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