Squeeze My Cans shows about Scientology - 2019

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  1. Squeeze My Cans shows about Scientology - 2019.

    Glam Adelaide - Interview: Cathy Schenkelberg talks about her Fringe Show Squeeze My Cans


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    Both Squeeze My Cans and Squeeze My Cabaret perform at Tandanya through February and March.

    For further information:

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  2. VIDEO: Cathy Schenkelberg on TV3 Ireland regarding her Squeeze My Cans show about Scientology.

  3. VIDEO: Cathy Schenkelberg Live on Fox's Talk Show "The Preachers" discussing her nearly two decades and 1 million dollars spent in Scientology.

  4. Squeeze My Cans Review.

    All Over Adelaide: Squeeze My Cans Review

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    Scientology has become quite well-exposed due in part to several high profile documentaries made about in recent years. This is the first theatrical experience I've seen exploring these themes, and to see it performed by a person in real life made it seem all the more scary and believable. The amount of self-confidence and strength that Schenkelberg portrays in this show is admirable and inspirational. I would highly reccomend that you check out this show. 'Squeeze My Cans' continues its run at Tandanya Arts Cafe over march. You can access tickets here: Catch Schenkelberg also has another show at the Fringe, a cabaret show:

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  5. Squeeze My Cans one-woman show about Scientology wins Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award.



  6. 10/7 and 8/19, Palm Springs: Dezart Performs presents Squeeze My Cans by Cathy Schenkelberg: acclaimed hilarious but true tale of a woman’s journey into and out-of Scientology: 7:30pm, Desert Rose Playhouse: benefit Dezart Performs & Scott Smith Scholarship Fund.

  7. Overcoming Indoctrination: Cathy Schenkelberg's One-Woman Show Explains How Scientology Almost Ruined Her—and How She Escaped

    CV Independent: Overcoming Indoctrination: Cathy Schenkelberg's One-Woman Show Explains How Scientology Almost Ruined Her—and How She Escaped

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    Schenkelberg finally decided to make a break with Scientology for two reasons: She was running out of money, and the church started to come after her daughter.

    “People who see the show will see, in 75 minutes, how someone can be indoctrinated,” she said. “Keep in mind (that when I started in Scientology in the 1990s), I didn’t have Google; I didn’t have the internet, and once you’re in the church, you can’t look at the internet.”

    Schenkelberg said that although her show is about her experience in Scientology, its themes are universal.

    “Each time I perform, I realize that this isn’t just about Scientology. It’s about anything anyone is afraid to leave,” she said.
    I had to ask: What’s the story behind the name of the show?

    “I was having a drink in L.A. with my agent. I said, ‘Eric I need a name for my show.’ And he says, ‘Squeeze My Cans.’ He used to always mock me when I was auditing … where you use the e-meter, which is like a lie detector, and connected to the e-meter are two metal cans. So it’s a play on words,” she said with a laugh.

    Squeeze My Cans: Surviving Scientology will be performed at 7:30 p.m., Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 7 and 8, at the Desert Rose Playhouse, 69620 Highway 111, in Rancho Mirage. Admission is $30. For tickets or more information, call 760-322-0179, or visit

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  8. Thetans, Xenu, and Laughter, Oh My

    Palm Springs Life: Thetans, Xenu, and Laughter, Oh My

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    Equal parts hilarious, heartbreaking, and horrifying, international award-winning Squeeze My Cans is one woman’s rollercoaster ride down the rabbit hole of Scientology, and her treacherous climb back out.


    Schenkelberg credits her daughter with convincing her to leave the church. She had opposition to many of their teachings: they were anti-gay; she had gay friends. To make her understand their point of view, no kidding, she had to make clay figures out of playdough and then act out scenarios with the figures. We won’t even get into Xenu, the galactic overlord. But she was compelled to leave when the church began whispering in her daughter’s ear about joining the SeaOrg (which came with a billion year contract), she grabbed her best girl and fled. But it wasn’t easy.


    Proceeds from her performance will go to Dezart Performs and the Scott Smith Scholarship Fund.
    Squeeze My Cans, Oct. 7-8, Desert Rose Playhouse, 69620 Highway 111, Rancho Mirage. Tickets are $30 each.

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