Squid proxy admins compare notes?

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by Unregistered, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. I've been running a squid proxy on an unimportant Ubuntu box for the past week, accessible only by Iranian IPs. I'm new to running any kind of service so I wasn't sure what to expect. A couple of things have surprised me. One: it seems like most of my roughly 30 open connections are to Tor nodes (port 9001). Two: everything seems to take the form of 600 - 800 kbyte packets dribbling past at a distressingly casual rate. I estimate that I've lent the Iranians the equivalent of one or two teletype machines, that's how slowly data is perculating through. Is this normal? I'm on a cable modem with all kind of bandwidth to spare. Is there a way to make better use of it?
  2. Correction: meant to say 600 - 800 BYTES, not kbytes. Thx.
  3. How do I check my proxy?

    I believe I'm also running a proxy using squid. I say believe since I don't know how to check upon traffic. I right-klick my computer -> manage -> services and restart squid everytime I turn on the computer. But that is as far as I know how to check up on my proxy. HOw do I go about doing this?

    All my open ports are tested and added via proxyheap (proxy checker) a project for iran and as you only open for Iranian IPs.

  4. And I who just wondered am on WinXP.

  5. still waiting

    I submitted my proxy to proxyheap still waiting for confirmation/denial.... )o:
  6. OP here. I'm on a Linux box but I believe the netstat command at the command prompt also works in Windows to show you your open connections. Thats how I learned my proxy was working -- I never did get a confirmation from Austin Heap. Then I installed a freeware network monitor (etherape); I'm trying to learn all I can but I still feel a bit lost.
  7. By the way if it helps, it took 12 to 24 hours after submission before I started seeing any traffic. So be patient.

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