Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by Anon42, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Has anyone considered setting up SSH servers for SSH tunneling, and setting the user account to /sbin/nologin to prevent shell access? (And running at port 443 or 80?)

    Just brainstorming here, but perhaps this will help prevent detection of HTTP traffic to and from proxy servers, for those that have access to an SSH client.
  2. good idea

    what about a private rss feed with a windows service and unix cron job to swap dead tunnels for new? Wait isn't that tor?
  3. Tor obviously helps greatly (and I'm glad it exists), but there have also been problems with Tor and bandwidth, I've used it myself and it does drop connection out every now and then and takes at times up to 15 minutes or more to get a new identity. I'm not sure how this changes under high load. Providing as many means of access to the outside world as possible is important.
  4. setting up a VM with a browser, maybe IM & IRC, and then use VNC ports on 80/443. If it is low graphics, then they can VNC in and even if they drop, they can just get back in. remote desktop is on all computers, but tightVNC would be better.

    If the mouse was disabled and graphics set right, this could be low overheard to accessing full web. (could be abused by stealing passwds)
  5. Good idea, about a VM. If anyone wants to set a VM up, they can use VirtualBox on Windows (and Linux? I can't remember if there's a *nix version or not) and set up a light *nix OS like Xubu. A VM would be a good idea regardless of what you're using it to host, whether its VNC for full desktop access, or even SSH. If it is attacked by someone that stole the login information, the damage is contained within in the VM, and not the host OS.
  6. VirtualBox runs on Linux, OpenSolaris/Solaris, Windows (most versions) and OS X. Good candidate for virtualization.
  7. Ah yes, that is correct. I've only used it on Windows thus far. I'm working on a Debian net install to see how it functions in VirtualBox.

    I had some issues with ClarkConnect ( (Linux based, CentOS) locking up in VirtualBox while trying to test the RC, but I believe the issue is related to that distro only. Debian should be unaffected.

    Windows XP also functions perfectly normal in VirtualBox, just don't disable the ACPI settings after installing it.

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