St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Hollow, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. LilDebbie Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    they didn't decline to arrest him. they didn't have the right. having not witnessed the assault directly, they can only detain him based on HT's allegation. that detention period has a time limit which has long since passed thanks to his fellow $cilons' obstruction of justice. all they could do at this point was take his info and kick it back to the detective who will then make a recommendation to a city prosecutor who will then determine whether or not to pursue charges, at which point a judge will be consulted to issue an arrest warrant.

    yeah, crap, but that's the price you pay for due process.
  2. none given Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    STLPD internal affairs has a pretty bad rep. Some locals say the whole thing is a troll just to keep the cops off the hook.
  3. zebrafaced Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    Dammit, STL. :/
  4. acedotcom Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    Again, I want to thank everybody for their support and criticisms. any information is good information. I have done several different scans on my laptop and feel confident that it was not compromised. My concerns about the "on off times" come from other logs on my computer, but everything is consistent ( and very brief) so it much less of a concern.

    Also, maybe i need to clarify my "lawyer up" comment. The only reason i would seek legal representation and to protect my rights and the rights of others. if that means that it evolves into civil litigation, then thats the way things are. The whole point of the justice system is to penalize offenders so they dont break the law again, whether it is a citizen or a city. Anybody that thinks that money is even a remote concern to me either doesn't know me, or is an idiot.

    Any "lawyering" would be simply to keep the city inline, not for profit.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

  6. LocalSP Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    Ace I salute you. You have my utmost respect.
  7. AnonLover Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread


    American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri (ACLU-EM)
    Executive Director: Brenda Jones
    454 Whittier Avenue
    St. Louis, MO 63108
    Phone: 314-652-3111

    ^^Just because it cant hurt to have all your bases covered
  8. CLOCKSHIT Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    I salut your honor and demeanor Sir!

    However if you do seize the occasion to demonstrate how ridiculous the PD is and how stupid the leaders of the city are by allowing this kind of harassment to go on, it is most appropriate for the punishment to be in great $$$$ value. The better the punishment the bigger the $$$ should be!

    I personally would not regard your battle as a grab for money but truly a battle for justice and common sense.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    any profit would be spent on licensing fees to ATC, for use of proprietary Anonymous™ technology.
  10. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    Something's been bugging me...
    [IMG] nancycomic.jpg


    That's exactly what came to my mind too. I see no need for tinfoil thar (yet).

    I am, though, still grouchy about them taking it in the first place.
  11. BigBeard Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    Did you check to see if anything had been added to your computer during the time the PD had possession of it??

  12. Relyt Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    I think the very fact that the officer was asking if there was a warrant out for his arrest proves that the cop was just looking for a reason to arrest him. It seems to me that he was angered that someone dared to question his authority, and wanted to find a reason to get him arrested, so he just put on the cuffs then thought up "impeding traffic" as an excuse.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    someone have to show it scottland yard or somethin...
    the police got money for this!!
  14. Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    This is exactly the kind of behaviour the public CANNOT accept from law enforcement. Any tendency that indicates a powertrip happening inside the mind of a lesser cop is a ticking timebomb, and must be hammered down upon with great justice.

    Being a police officer means that The People have given you power to hold individuals against their will. As soon as a cop like this one shows tendencies of loving that power, he gotta go, because he clearly doesnt understand his responsibilities.

    This particular police department fucked up. Big time. And the anonymous I once knew would never let them get away with it.

    Just dont tell /b/ about it. That would be a terrible thing to do.
  15. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    2 Johnnys, 1 mind.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    oh lol
  17. anonski Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

  18. Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread all you need for a good night out.

    (Johnnies: british slang for condoms, amirite?)
  19. LilDebbie Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    that's standard operating procedure actually. if a cop stops you for any reason, he will run your ID for outstanding warrants.

    and sadly the SCOTUS upheld their right to do so.
  20. Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    ^^^^ THiS!

    Run any and all anti-software you got going.

    *throws on tinfoil hat*

    And if there's nothing important on your hard drive, replace or just get a whole new computer...

    *removes tinfoil hat*
  21. Mutante Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    Replace hard drive, reinstall everything. It's not tinfoil, it's a sensible precaution. Cops love key loggers.
  22. lothar Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    Do you guys not read anything in the news.

    What they do (at the airports) and have been given clearance under DoJ is they either boot with linux or remove harddrive and clone it. Then they run their investigavtive tools at their own leisure. I would be surprised if they didn't clone it.
  23. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    Yep, you put linux on a USB drive and then just clone off the entire hard drive.

    Which to me seems to mean that who ever "booted" his machine wasn't a pro and had no clue and was probably looking at browsing history.

    I'd wipe the machine clean my self and reinstall. I wouldn't recommend doing that though if you plan on filing a complaint.
  24. Mutante Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    Me neither, keep the existing one as it is don't wipe it.

    Get a fresh one and start over. Quick and easy job.
  25. Herro Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    What are you talking about? All the arrests? This is the first arrest in how long now?
    And they didn't arrest the Ron Jeremy guy because they never saw him commit a crime, which is why they're investigating before they arrest him. You know scientologists are entitled to due process of law just like anyone else. They have rights as well.
  26. Mutante Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    This, also Scientology is spending more money than anons are on off-duty cops. Although it's small change to Scientology if they've bought a few thousand hours of off-duty cop time since Party Hard then I find the low arrest rate of anons quite surprising.
  27. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    We're the most ethical criminals on the planet?
  28. RedHeron Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    The only way to ensure this is with a fresh install. The reason for this is that rootkit-style trojans don't show up on typical scans, and there are a number "in the wild" which are still not detectable by software. This might sound like tinfoil hat stuff, but I've just asked a friend who is actually a professional in this regard, and who works for a well-respected antivirus company.

    Any paranoia, on the other hand, might not be justified unless your computer is "acting differently" than it normally does. Screen-blanks, slower performance, etc., are all signs that your computer is compromised... and are also signs of a fragmented hard drive, a full hard drive, shoddy RAM, etc., so unless you have solid proof of tampering you probably have nothing to worry about.

    The typical process in STL is cloning, not entrapment. Don't know STL's laws on that, so I can't really say what's legal or not, but generally entrapment isn't well thought-of. Long as you don't have KP or something on there, they won't really do a whole lot to you on the computer thing. It could also be that the cop was required to do his job, and put in a good word for you because doing his job seemed wrong (seen it happen on other protests).
  29. acedotcom Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    Very first thing i had done, I have a three terabyte server at home that does back ups, and except for the a few regular discrepancies, everything looks good.

    A new laptop is out of the question, I love my HP and I super familiar with my hardware and can check the windows logs to see if any new hardware was installed...everything looks good. I am seriously considering doing a DOD wipe and a reinstall...maybe tryout windows7 or go back to XP (i stalled vista on it, and except for the speed issues, i am very happy with it). I can restore most of my important files from my a straight wipe is not out of the question.

    Correct...HOWEVER all they can do is clone it and submit that information to evidence (it is like taking a picture) HOWEVER it does not fall under "plain view" in the sense that they had don't have probable cause for a search of that nature. Airports fall under mysterious "homeland security" jurisdiction. City cops dont have a reason to do that because i slowed down traffic. [salespitch]also, anything that i consider sensitive is encrypted, how many private photographers go that far for their customers![/salespitch]

    I dont think that the UCPD is going out of their way to do that, unless they took it to an FBI office and had them do it, which i suppose is in the realm of possibility. And as far as me wiping my hard drive, thats completely up to me. Lets says that for whatever reason, i am charged with "obstruction of justice" or "destruction of evidence" because i deleted all my information AND my backups, if that was the casethen they should have NEVER returned my items. so they either did make a copy and dont need the original any more, or they didn't and didnt have a reason to hold my items any longer.

    One person said that maybe they were turning it on to make sure that it actually worked and that i didnt have a reason to throw a fit at the city for damaging my items, i find that reasonable. especially since i am sure they want to cover their asses. My laptop isnt setup to turn its self on when opened, you have to press the power switch, so maybe they confused the Wifi on switch with the power on switch. anybody with their weight in hax0rs wouldnt even turn the computer on, they would flip it over, unscrew the back plate, remove the hard drive and THEN clone it on a different machine. thats what i would do, and doing a clone that way leave no traces, except for physical evidence that can be easily cleaned up.

    Also one of the things that i LOVE about Gmail is the login client they provide. anytime a computer from anywhere logs into Gmail, it logs the IP address for the end user to see. so if a remote computer accesses it, it shows up right away in the log...


    of course, that doesnt mean that there aren't "blacklisted" private IPs that dont show up for "security reasons" (FBI, CIA, NSA), but honestly its not like i was taking flying lessons and not learning how to land. so i am not really worried about that.

    I am assuming that the only reason they kept my things was so they process them as potentially stolen goods. Can you blame them? it is $2000 worth of camera and $700 worth of computer, if somebody stole my camera and laptop the first thing i would do is submit my serials to the police and to Canon and HP (if they are resold after being stolen, they might get registered with a manufacturer, happens with Ipods all the time). It might have taken that long to run a nationwide stolen item report or to check info with the manufacturers.

    I am not a push over when it comes to this stuff, I have yet to even use my laptop on my home network until i decide to wipe or keep the partition the way it is. If there is some kind of self replicating rootkit thing on there, then putting it on my network exposes my server , two other laptops and my router (with eight months of recorded network traffic). Doing something like that would put way to much personal information at risk, I am not going to plug it into anything until I can record and examine every packet it sends out (or takes in) myself.
  30. Vir Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    If you're afraid of rootkits you could boot the laptop from CD with antivirus (a linux live CD for example) or connect the harddrive to a different computer but not boot from it and run a scan from that. Both those methods will detect rootkits as long as the rootkits are known to the antivirus community. (Just make sure the extertnal computer doesn't have something retarded like autorun from harddrive.)

    Personally, I would just take a look at the logs like you did, run a scan from a CD, and then not worry about it anymore.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    Maybe I missed or forgot something posted earlier ITT but are we discussing the cloning of a hard drive of a random person protesting the chruch of scientology?

    From what I saw Ace never should have been arrested, and I know from experience that there is serious butthurt comes with being arrested because of the stupid actions of a butthurt cop but I would not be worried that the local PD is cloning my computer under the patriot act.

    We are talking serious Tin Foil helmets with mylar jumpsuits.

  32. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    Nice tinfoil thar! ^^^^^^^^^^^ Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh!^^^^^^^^^^^^ (all thats missing is the little beany-helichopter spinny prop thingy) (oh, and fancy sunglasses) (an' a bag of Cheetos) (yes I know, proto-type gemini space suit....sweet)

    Ace, ya gots it figured out I think, no reason for others ta gets tinfoily about it as far as wiping drives etc., bit overbored ( :D ), sheesh, I'm thinking maybe somebody had a look-see, there doesn't seem to be an IT access, history would show that I think. Sure, I'd check for data miners/key loggers, that should show in a basic scan, but other than that, eh (with a m maybe)
    Ya gots your gear back, and it still works, this is good mon!

    Big respects from PNW Anon Support Squadron #69!!!

    Let us know how things shape up eh!

  33. acedotcom Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    I agree, but better safe then sorry. i prolly wont go and wipe my drive, although it feels like the right thing to do. And i dont have anything of interests on it anyway (is porn interesting?). I am not a tinfoil hatter (or suiter), anybody that knows me in relation to chanology knows that if anybody should have been fair gamed by now, its me (never worn a mask, always introduced myself by name, my identity is all over youtube and the rest of the net in relation to this screen name and more), but our lazy STL scilons havent even tried to cross my path. maybe now i'll get something going on now!
  34. TPRJones Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    I doubt that anything has been installed. It's unlikely that the local PD has any interest in doing that, it's opening them up to some nasty consequences. The Scilons might want to, but if they somehow did so with the cooperation of the PD can you imagine the shitstorm that would result? And they know that the typical Anon is skilled enough to find anything done to their laptop.

    No way is a PD going to get involved with that unless they're completely riddled with militant Scilons. And if something like that were going to happen, it would probably be from a pre-planned set-up bust of a high profile Anon in a high profile city, not on a random silly-cop bust at a small Scilon center.

    Tinfoil is all well and good, but the place and people involved makes this unlikely to be part of a rootkit conspiracy.

    Now, if it were Wise Beard Man busted outside Gold on a trumped up charge while carrying a laptop, then I'd say nuke it from orbit.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    Hey Ace, I posted the pic and I just want to say that from what you posted you didn't sound like you had a huge tinfoil deflector shield around you or anything but just thought it could be pointed out.
  36. Lorelei Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    "Better safe than sorry" are wise words. You don't have to be tinfoily to take REASONABLE precautions after a stranger has had access to your computer.

    Leaping to the conclusion that you're definitely being keylogged or something (an assumption Ace does not seem to be making) would, indeed, be tinfoily.

    A tip from ATL: have cash on you when you go to a protest. Don't shout or wave it about, don't put it in a purse or wallet where it can be swiped, but it's good to have it on hand just in case. Since we've HAD arrests (March '08), I've had access to some cash tucked nearby. People who have suspected vehicle tampering in the past might also want some cash on hand, in case your suspicions prove to have basis in fact, and you have to taxi home / tow your car.

    That's not tinfoily; it is Being Prepared, as situations have already arisen where people have been nicked, and suspicious activity has been noted near vehicles.

    Hope for the best, expect the worst, cover your bases, keep your nose clean when protesting, learn from other Anons / critics who have been harassed in various ways over the past year and a half, and prior to Chanology. The likelihood is that nothing will happen to YOU, but you never know.

    At any rate, I'll be looking for further developments, here, and hope all goes well for Ace.
  37. blah Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    somehow I'm not supprized it was you who was our first arrest.
  38. nobodyshome Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    /bumping for any news. False arrest was false.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    why is that ?
  40. acedotcom Member

    Re: St-Louis Arrest Discussion Thread

    been out of touch recently, working hard and whatnot. Reinstalled windows on all my computers (everything is now 64bit, much better then that 32bit garbage i was dealing with before). partly out of distrust of the cops, mostly because i wanted a little performance boost.

    anyway, there hasn't really been much to update, i got my ticket a few days after my arrest, and it couldn't be more vague or poorly written. other then that hasn't really been much to update. i mailed a complaint form to the ACLU a few days ago but i am still waiting to hear from them about it. I haven't gotten a lawyer yet because at this point, there really isn't a need for one yet. court tonight is just going to be "how do you plead?" If I plead Guilty then they write me a ticket and I'm off (no fucking way in hell). and WHEN i plead not guilty, they will set a trial date in the future. I will get a lawyer tonight, because honestly, i cant tell from my ticket what i was charged with (I was told at booking that i was charged with "impeding the flow of traffic" but my ticket says "peace disturbance", it might just be a grouping fir the same crime). I'll take the train over tonight to U. City and make a date of it.

    Anyway, here is copy of my ticket. I had to rape it in photoshop so it could even be remotely legible.
    Court tonight is at 6PM (I was like WTF). If you plan on dropping by and are anonymous, dont introduce yourself to me, my guess is that there will be at least one scilon there if not more. if i know you i know you ill give you the super secret wave or something. Update after court.


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