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Discussion in 'Canada' started by LazarusRising, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. LazarusRising Member

    I'm in Victoria, BC, Canada. I have a neighbour who makes it his business to know everything in our building, and while I was helping a friend move in late August, I came home to a note in my door, from him, that detailed his love for me and how he wants to be around to see my daughter grow up. She just turned one. And he is over twice my age. When I didn't respond, because I was busy and creeped out, he started saying things to other neighbours that I have relationships with. It has gotten to the point where he's been telling new tenants that I'm getting evicted for not paying rent, as well as telling the building manager that he has enough evidence against myself and another single mom to call social services and have our children seized. He claims we drink and do drugs out in front of the building until all hours of the night while my daughter and the other mom's son scream for hours unattended. We do no such things. I go nowhere without my daughter and she has a working baby monitor to keep an ear on her son.

    In September, my car started acting up. Just little things at first - the air in the tires would be a little lower than when I parked. Lower beyond reasonable expectations of contraction. Then, when I went to pick up diapers one day, smoke started coming from under my hood while I was stopped at a red. I pulled off to a side street to check the problem only to find that the hood had been caulked down after my radiator cap was reseated so that fluid dumped everywhere. This was two days after someone broke my passenger side door lock and my registration papers were covered in "whore" and "bitch". The day after the radiator incident, the oil from my engine was completely removed. Stalker neighbour has claimed that he used to have a Class 1 license.

    I called the police and they said there was nothing they could do as no one witnessed the tampering. They didn't even open a file. They also said that since we're neighbours, they can't file harassment charges since it's considered "willful interaction". The only solution, they said, is to move. I have nowhere to move to. I can't afford another apartment. I have a cauldron of problems, and no solutions that I can act on. Especially since termination is not an option.
  2. Anonymous Member

    I am sorry for your difficulties. Sadly the only real measure you can take is to persist in reporting each incident as it happens. In time this pattern of harassment will become impossible to ignore for the relevant authorities.

    It may be worth investing in a GoPro camera (they sell them on the net) for your car to record evidence of tampering by your neighbour. The police may find it impossible to ignore evidence like that. Do not confront him, he seems a trifle unhinged, and probably gets off on knowing he's having an effect on you. Good luck.
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  3. Cassie Member

    All of that ^^^^^^^^^^^^ and keep a written personal record of everything that happens.
    Dates, places and times too in as much detail as possible.

    While recording the events stick only to the facts, no speculative opinions as they are less likely to be taken seriously.

    Any neighbours with whom you have a decent relationship consider asking them to keep an eye out for you too.

    One last thing the safety of your child and yourself are all that matter, take it seriously.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Willful interaction?? WTF. You don't have to move, and these PC's have no right to expect you to. As has been said, record/take note of everything. Even if the police are not willing to press charges at this point, continue reporting each incident. Insist that they take a report, demand a copy. It's important that a paper trail is established. If the officer that you are reporting to won't be bothered, ask for a supervisor. Already, your defaced registration is one piece of evidence. Others will likely follow.

    Don't let the bastard get under your skin. That's what he wants. If he keeps this up, it will come crashing down around him.
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  5. Random guy Member

    Stalking is extremely hard to investigate and press charges for. You need to take him on a technicality. Ally yourself with as many neighbours as you can. Ge at cheap video camera and keep it with you at all time. Get a recording device in case he starts phoning you. Keep all letters and notes, date them and file them. Keep a journal. Someday he will slip up do something you can change him for.
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  6. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Definitely record everything. Your memory of each event will be clear at first, but everything fades over time. Recording it allows your mind to relax a little, knowing that it's not up to your brain to keep every detail fresh. The record will remind you, forever. Start immediately. Your OP ITT is a great start, in fact.
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  7. Bubbles Member

    All of the above,


    This type of perv doesn't change his stripes, so he's probably done this before, and has probably gotten in trouble for it.

    Do a background check on his smelly ass, google the shit out of his name (or variations of it), use intellius to determine where he has lived before, and if possible, where he worked. Call former employers, former neighbors, etc.... Check for mugshots, arrest warrants, etc.... find out who else is having trouble with this pos. Really profile this perv.

    Also always carry an inexpensive camera (or cell phone with video) with you, any more creepy encounters, video it, then put it on UTube. Put it under Neighbors from Hell, or Worst Neighbor EVAR, or Creepy Stalker Neighbor.

    Good luck

    PS I'm assuming you carry Mace on your key chain, if not, get some.
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  8. Anonymous Member

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