Standard of Living: DM vs. Sea Org

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Zhongjianren, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Zhongjianren Member

    Hot and Cold Running Servants
  2. Zhongjianren Member

    Hot and Cold Running Servants

  3. RightOn Member

    oh I am loving this report

    "eats every 2 hours and He gets up at midday"
    "top of the line, with garnishes, fruit carvings and edible flowers "
    "Fresh lobster was a regular item on the menu. Fresh live shrimp was also. The exclusive foi gras (duck liver) was a favourite, at huge cost. Truffles were another item that featured routinely"
    "Upper Villas at Int was turned into DM’s personal living spaces — enough space to berth 48 Sea Org members or 12 couples"
    "All of his uniforms and clothes are hand-crafted by an LA tailor (Mr Lim), and he has a wardrobe that fills a room".

    while others are suffering and eating rice and beans
    There is no personal inurement from parishoner's "donations" going on in the COS? eh Davy?"

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  4. Anonymous Member

    As I understand it, one of the criteria for inurement is the level of compensation relative to other staff within the organization.
  5. RightOn Member

    for their tax exempt status ( I think it is 501C?)
    one of the rules is that there can't be any personal inurement by one person or something like that
  6. Zhongjianren Member

    It seems DM anticipated this vulnerability, or at least attempted to. From the story:

  7. RightOn Member

    this needs to be sent around to media
  8. Triumph Member

    eeeh gads..toxic environment "whats wrong with this picture"^^^

    would not my choice for housing...or second or third....thats fucked up

    that house should have been condemned..being a former meth lab makes it uninhabitable
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Little ratfucker should be dining on baloney sammich, amirite?
  10. Anonymous Member

    Davy needs a footbullet sammich
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  11. Anonymous Member

    An oldie but a goodie!

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  12. So keeping Davy in lobster and ugly Hermes sweaters benefits someone's 'eternity' how?
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  13. Apparently Shelley Miscavige no longer enjoys or needs this exquisite cuisine and lifestyle or nourishment of any kind anymore,......... yes??????? Davey??????? No ???????? ......Maaaay-bee???????

    If the Pope's wife was misssing for years wouldn't there at least be an inquisition of some sort, perhaps in Spain? Of course he's never had a wife unlike the eccliastical leader of the World's fastest growing religion, Scientology's David Miscavige, why's he the COB if it's not a businesss?

    Where's Shelley? Shelley?? Shelley??? nm...... Bueller???
  14. Anonymous Member

    This really isn't any different from how most corporations' CEO compensation packages differ from salaries of, for example, administrative assistants.
  15. adhocrat Member

  16. ty, she's been misssing for milleniums.
  17. Anonymous Member

    You're exactly right.
    Well, maybe one tiny difference is that corporate administrative assistants are typically paid enough to afford decent food, buy a change of clothes, go home to family for a holiday once in a while, and plan for retirement. But other than that there's hardly any difference at all.
    Oh, and possibly health benefits...that might be a bit different too.
    Annnd, maybe maternity leave, professional development opportunities without looming potential freeloader debt, reimbursement for expenses incurred on behalf of the corporation...I could go on.
    But other than those things you're probably almost exactly right.
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  18. Zhongjianren Member

    The other important difference is that the analogy to a corporation's CEO is inapposite. I understand that the heads of major churches and charities often make very good money. But not for-profit CEO money. As the head of a 501(c)(3) church, DM is not supposed to make for-profit CEO money... particularly in relationship to workers who make, if they are lucky, $50 per week.... and especially in comparison to workers who are living on rice and beans.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Poster # 14 here. I was hoping for a "I see what you did thar" reply to my comment. Notice I said CORPORATION versus religion. :)
  20. Zhongjianren Member

    Ah, you made the same point as me, only before me, and much more succinctly and with much more style. :)
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  21. Anonymous Member

  22. RolandRB Member

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