Star Magazine claims Marissa Ribisi targeting Selena Gomez for Scientology

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by The Wrong Guy, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    Selena Gomez targeted for recruitment by Scientology, will she fall for it? | Cele|bitchy


    One thing that has eluded Selena thus far is a promising movie career. She was a sarcastic little spitfire throughout the Wizards of Waverly Place run, but movie directors aren’t exactly pounding down her door. Spring Breakers did better than anyone expected, but Selena’s performance didn’t receive much attention. This summer’s Getaway (with Ethan Hawke) completely fizzled. You always want what you can’t have, and this week’s issue of Star says Scientology is watching Selena. They hope to recruit her with the promise of amazing acting connections. Uh-oh:

    The Church of Scientology is desperate to lure a new high-profile star — Selena Gomez — into its clutches. Star has learned that Selena’s fashion designer pal, Marissa Ribisi, wife of singer Beck and sister of actor Giovanni Ribisi, is urging her to join the controversial religion.

    “Marissa knows that Selena wants to be a big actress, so she reminds her how many stars are Scientologists,” says a source, admitting that Selena’s inner circle is worried: “Selena is just so sweet and trusting: she isn’t that good at standing up for herself. If she does get sucked in, it’s hard to imagine her ever getting out.”

    [From Star, print edition, November 11, 2013]

    In the nefarious eyes of the CO$, Selena probably looks flawless. She’s very charismatic and cute but not overtly sexy. Her off-and-on loyalty to Justin Bieber suggests a pliable, yielding personality. I hope she’s smart enough to tell Marissa Ribisi to back right off.

    Full article and open comments:

    (In several places in the above article, I changed "Marisa Ribisi" to "Marissa Ribisi", the correct spelling.)

    Here's a shorter article, also with open comments:

    Selena Gomez Courted by Scientology? | Showbiz Spy
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  2. RightOn Member

    fuck you Beck and your goony wife
    Beck is no stranger to luring people into Scientology and on the sly.
    Let's not forget his concert where he tricked his fans into buying tickets for the Educating Children scam or whatever the hell it was called.

    "reminds her how many stars are Scientologists"
    yeah and they are all doing so well *cough*
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Beck. He done lured some independent filmakers into his version of wonderland and scientology started stalking them and one of them walked into the ocean and the other OD'd soon after.

    FU Beck. I can't listen to ur stuff no moar. I bet alot of people who loved Odelay feel just as cheated. You haven't made a good album since. In b4 Beck's cover of space jazz.

    Run, Selena, run.
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  4. The Wrong Guy Member

    Does Tom Cruise’s Scientology Want Selena Gomez After Justin Bieber Break Up, George Shelley Silent? [RUMORS]

    By Jonathan Lambert, Classicalite

    New rumors are flying that claim Scientology, the religion made famous by Tom Cruise’s epic couch jumping, may want to recruit Selena Gomez. This news comes after her high-profile split from bad boy Justin Bieber. George Shelley, who is rumored to be her boyfriend, has so far remained silent.

    One of the more laughable stories of the week comes from Star. The sensational tabloid is claiming that the church is eyeing one of pop’s greatest icons, Selena Gomez.

    According to an alleged “insider,” Marissa Ribisi is trying to recruit the young starlet. Ribisi, who is married to Beck (another famous Scientologist), is a fashion designer and friend of Gomez, and has talked with the singer about the benefits of Scientology:

    “Marissa knows that Selena wants to be a big actress, so she reminds her how many stars are Scientologists. Selena is just so sweet and trusting; she isn’t that good at standing up for herself. If she does get sucked in, it’s hard to imagine her ever getting out.”

    As usual, the “source” chose to remain anonymous.

    By now, however, Selena should be accustomed to the rumor mill. Nearly every week, gossip sites and tabloids speculate about her love life, especially Justin Bieber.

    Of course, the rumors may not be accurate, considering Hollywood Life claims the couple has stopped speaking, entirely. The website quoted a source who said:

    “Justin who? She doesn’t talk to Justin at all ever anymore.”

    Continued with open comments at
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  5. The Wrong Guy Member

    Nothing new here.

    Selena Gomez Getting Closer To Scientology: Friends Urging Her To Join The Church | Celeb Dirty Laundry


    I guess the real question is whether or not Selena is really ready to be her own woman. If so, then she’ll never let a group like Scientology control her life. If she’s feeling lost or a little too weak to make her own choices then there’s a chance that she could be sucked in.

    Comments are open at
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  6. Kilia Member

    I twittered Selena to talk to LeahRemini about the CoS. Hope she sees it!
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Off topic sniping is not exactly helping us oppose Scientology's social plans.
  8. Kilia Member

    shakes head and sighs.
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  9. JohnnyRUClear Member

    I guess it's obligatory to care, if only because other empty-noodled chilluns might fad their way into the cult in her wake. Still, part of me almost hopes she goes for it. Nothing of value would be lost within the entertainment world and the media which would be generated might easily end up doing more for our side than the cult's.

    Meh. Run, baby, run. You've got enough problems growing up on the front pages of tabloids....
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  10. The Wrong Guy Member


    Despite Star magazine’s dire predictions, chances of Selena Gomez joining Scientology are slim to none. Of course, the cult would LOVE to have Selena, and Selena’s friend, designer Marissa Ribisi, is a lifetime Scientologist along with everyone in her family, so the subject might have come up. (Marissa is married to Scieno Beck and sister of Scieno Giovanni Ribisi.) But the days of accomplished celebrities joining Scientology are LONG over – most of the Hollywood members were born into Scientology families or joined decades ago. Of late, the cult has had so much bad publicity that no celebrity in their right mind would CONSIDER joining and their managers and agents would flip. So don’t underestimate Selena’s intelligence.

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