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Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by MassuUnion, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. MassuUnion Member

    Is there anyway to assess the health of Internet access in Iran at this point? There's a great deal of speculation as to how well connected to the outside the country is at this point, and if we're not hearing from Iranian sources because they don't have access to Twitter/Facebook/email at all at this point.
  2. also..

    They are filtering the internet to a crawl, at the one choke point. In essence throttling every one... might that mean that we could be DDoSing sites there (as some Iranians have asked us) with out actually depriving individuals of bandwidth...

    They have an extreme excess of unused bandwidth somewhere...
  3. MassuUnion Member

    I don't know. What would we target that would be meaningful? Or maybe it'd be more useful not to crash sites, but to actually crack them and use their own servers to broadcast what's happening? What if IRIB was hacked and pictures/video of brutality by Basiji posted in its place? It might only sit online a few hours before the authorities reset the site, but it'd be something.

    If we're going to attack government sites, the goal should be to spread information, not just to crash servers.
  4. Hijacking the state media would work VERY well in favor of the revolt. Have this done constantly and continuously, and they'll be too busy trying to restore control over their systems to do any more coerced testimonials and their "regular programming". Might even piss them off enough to have them blame the State Media personnel, enough to piss them off and get them on the right side of history...

    Neda, those two gunshot victims being treated by fellow students, the rooftop poem, etc, could play and show the uninformed what is going on.

    This needs to be an avenue pursued by those with the know-how.
  5. are you smoking some herb? wtf seriously are you even trying to state here, YOU want Anon to take up the habit of hacking goverment run sites for what exactly? your post really made no since and honestly I would not waste my time on trying something like this that will turn around and bite the WEST in the ass. so use your brains ANON will never support this.
  6. Last checked, Anon =/= The West.
  7. Anonymous is legion moralfag. They only did it for the lulz.
  8. They will say the west is responsible whatever we do. The websites accusing the West might aswell show photos / videos of whats really happening ..
  9. Hesperornis Member

  10. If anything gets hacked.. it needs to be something that will humiliate and belittle the dictators.

    It has to be so fucking funny/offensive that the CIA or MI5 wouldn't have touched it with a ten foot pole.

    I'm thinking a gif of Khamenei butt fucking a pig or some such.

    If its all political they can spin it... if it just makes them look like ineffectual losers, their own people will start defecting.
  11. Massive attacks need to be done. Hacks and posting of images embarrassing to the regime would be primary, but fuck... if we have to settle for taking the sites down with DDoS, then that's what we'll have to settle for. Give whoever wants a shot at this a day, and if they haven't gotten through, I say we start crashing their sites tonight. They fucking abused the interwebs, anon, twitter, the fuck out of all of us to get people killed, funneling protesters where they would be most vulnerable.

    The only ones with internet access right now are those fucking thugs anyway.
  12. Furthermore, I don't trust a god damn thing coming out of that country anymore. The internet is hurting these Iranians now more than its helping, by funneling false, faulty info.
  13. feanor-IRAN Member

    A call to elite hackers out there!

    TO ANY ELITE HACKERS OUT THERE (outside of Iran):

    Your help is needed! Information is being mis-used to murder and repress innocent people! More than simply bringing down websites that help the Iranian regime repress its citizens is needed, these sites must be outlets for the truth and not government lies. What about hacking IRIB's, PressTV's video systems? Many modern TV stations have servers to store footage clips that are used in news broadcasts. My brother worked for a TV station here in USA and they had this type of system even 5 years ago. There must be some way that these systems can be hacked so that they will play these video clips that are horrifying the rest of the world but that Iran's own people can't see. The mis-information campaign is the most useful tool of this repressive regime:

    The people of Iran would not tolerate the crimes of their government against their own people - if they knew about them ...

    When the Nazis came for the communists,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a communist.

    Then they locked up the social democrats,
    I remained silent;
    I was not a social democrat.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    I did not protest;
    I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    I did not speak out;
    I was not a Jew.

    When they came for me,
    there was no one left to speak out for me.
  14. Storage

    Temporary storage at Defeat Theocracy Now! can be used to pass images and messages. Obvious government disinformation will be deleted.
  15. This ^^^^^
  16. Might be more threatening to post elements of US army field manuals if that kind of control is obtained. Stuff like hand to hand advice from the Combatives FM, Correct pistol technique, and virtually anything from TM 31-210 Improvided Munitions, alot of that stuff is in HTML with nice images already laid out.

    Run through google's new translator to provide farsi paragraphs to go with the english descriptions, going off the state TV's website might be extremely threatening particularly if the reports of the state running out of money to pay the basiji are accurate.
  17. First and foremost, we have to use their communications apparatus to forcibly tear through the information blackout, by posting videos of whats actually happening, posting the actual figures et al of this revolt. Information to the people is power to the people.

    Khamenei buttraping a pig is also useful. :p
  18. MassuUnion Member

    As lulztastic as posting embarassing photos would be, that could also get spun against us. I would rather, if control over a governement site was obtained, use the site to communicate information to protesters.

    No matter what, the Iranian government will accuse Western powers of doing this. All we can do is make it clear that we are individuals, working on our own. Convince the people that we are just people who care, who have no affiliation to a government agency, that we also think that their leaders are assholes and we want to help them fight back.
  19. If we can't figure out a good way to post info on the site, if we manage to hack any at all, then maybe we should just take away all info on the site and make em get hell when trying to restore it.

    Or even better up. Ask any new-spreading person from Iran what they want us to display! they know how the people feel right now and what we need to tackle. Thats better then just guessing.
  20. a desert Member

    I think this is the best we can do on our side. Since we're faceless and scattered everywhere (and we have the means to make sure people know that) it helps the protesters squeeze the corrupters more because they have to fight on two fronts, and we're out of arm's reach.

    Also, I am def. in favour of porcine anal assault. If we're lucky we can annoy PETA at the same time, which is win/win.
  21. I think the best thing to display on the compromised system is that which the regime is trying to erase:
    biographies of great Persian culture
    calls to assist the protest(!!)
    any western culture especial the Mozart music

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