Stay together, stay safe, avoid violence

Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by Unregistered, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. Hello friends, I'm from Israel. I've been participating in non-violent struggles in this country and yours have touched me personally. I believe that your revolution is essential for our own peaceful revolution, and I hope we all get to see peace in our lifetime.

    Staying safe - stay in large groups, as big as possible, for as long as possible. Police won't be able to exercise extreme violence against large groups as proven earlier in the demonstrations. Groups of 30 people are almost unbreakable if stuck together in a large group. If possible, go to sleep at the same location. This will allow you to respond to any home invasion more efficiently.

    Chains - You can consider chaining yourselves together to avoid separation by force - dragging 30 people across a street is almost impossible - even if the authorities do manage to get the first 5 under control, the remaining 25 will provide enough pulling force to prevent people from being taken away. They will have to cut the chains from every person before they could arrest everybody and that would take enough time for other groups to intervene.
    Make sure you don't tie yourselves too hard or you might injure yourselves. I suggest using two metal chains crossed around your body, use two large locks. Make sure at least 3 people in the group have keys to allow for a fast getaway if needed.

    Communications - I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but FLAGS are a very effective form of communication in urban uprisings. Use your colors of choice and go to high places. Red flags indicate Basij are in control of the area, green flags mean a gathering point - be creative, choose your flags wisely and CHANGE the codes as frequently as possible to confuse the authorities.

    NO VIOLENCE! This would lead to extreme response from the authorities and may play into their hands in the long run. Your power is sheer numbers, solidarity and keeping your hands clean. Show the world your bravery, we are behind you!
  2. It's too late. It's past the point of peaceful protests...
  3. It's never too late.
  4. people are dead. people need to be armed.

    There's no time for holding hands and singing songs.

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