Stealth Narconon / Purif / Anti-psych in Northwest Arkansas

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by DeathHamster, Jan 12, 2011.

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    From Razzline: (Scilon site)
    Dr. Allan Sosin seems to find the time to mange all three locations, since he's the only MD mentioned on their web site.
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    A quote from the doc:
    “My most important gains in Scientology have included the ability to realize the truth of things, that is, to achieve a higher reality. In the past the truth was often determined by what other people said and by my own reactions to prior experiences. That has changed, and I am now more able to observe what is true, without having things twisted by prejudice and evaluation. That has made me a happier person, with a willingness to face and enjoy the future.”
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    Re-bump due to landing back here from a different angle.

    Category:Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential

    Scientology is a small nasty inbred world.
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