Stealth ninja pwns CCHR promoter and child hater Meryl Dorey

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by Anonymous, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Random guy Member

    That's because an increasing segment of the population were those that survived the diseases and hence were immune to them. This is the way diseases usually evolve, no magic here. If you hit it with a vaccination campaign on its way down, you can even eradicate it before of blossoms again when a new crop of fresh victims grows up.

    The Spanish flue died out on it's own because it was too virulent, thus infected too many people so that there were soon too few susceptible people left. From an epidemiological POW it was not much different from the annual flue epidemic making its round in the Northern hemisphere every autumn. The reason it lasted as long as it did was because of the horrible condition in the trenches on the Western front.

    You really ought to read up on basic epidemiology.
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  2. BHX Member

    Were you vaccinated as a child?
  3. Yes I was vaccinated as a child, BHX, but not with 27 vaccines. It was about 4. That is my whole point. And the combined effects of the current vaccine schedule has never been tested, yet we are being constantly told that we must have more and more and that testing isn't neccessary. Hold the pharmaceutical companies to account. Test their accumulative effects if you are so sure they are safe! Prove that I'm just being paranoid!

    I would really like to leave this post because being outnumbered by 10 to 1 has taken up far too much of my time today, but if any of you would like to continue this debate with me, you can tweet me at @eauthehypocrisy. Thanks.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    No vaccination is 100% safe. While there's no demonstrable link between vaccines and autism, there are other side effects that are known. Yes, sometimes children die from vaccines. The point of the vaccine is not that they are entirely safe and entirely painless, but that the chance of being mangled or killed by the vaccine is lower, much lower I might ad, than the chance of being mangled or killed by the disease.

    We live in a society where people used to be fairly well vaccinated. We are used to as situation where vaccine programs had lowered prevalence of certain diseases to the point where the risks of contracting certain diseases (severity of disease X chance of contraction) was starting to approach the risk of the vaccine (severity of reaction X probability of reaction). In a perverse and extremely egoistical way, it made sense to not take the risk and rely on everybody else being a bit more community spirited and provide "herd protection". Guess what, the selfish non-vacc'ers have tipped the balance in the diseases favour, now it really is a stupid idea not to get vaccinated.

    Thank you moonbats a bloody lot!
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  5. Anonymous Member

    First you ask for viewpoints, then we ask for dox, and when you dont show them and nobody agrees with you, then you crybaby for beeing outnumbered 10-1 and want to leave. GTFO Moonbat
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  6. BHX Member

    I was actually taking you seriously for a while... fuck I'm an idiot

    I don't believe you have children, or those nice tits in your avatar.
    Fuck you and the 2 fags you rode in on.
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  7. Sure thing, troll. Bye now.
    This message by EauTheHypocrisy has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  8. BHX Member

    Suck my magnificent cock you ignorant slut.
    Your kids will die if you keep looking after them. (Which you're not)
    And if you're gonna fuck off, please actually fuck off.
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  9. CIA_sec Member

    1. There is no evidence to support your claims that your children suffered any adverse reaction from a vaccine. Only your word.

    2. Vaccines are rigorously tested, facts don't change just because you disagree with them.

    3. You claim to support whistle blowing, yet your position changes when it is blown on your favourite organisation. Further more Wikileaks publishes genuine documents, not made up facts.

    Liz, you continue to be a loon.
  10. BHX Member

    A now-retracted British study that linked autism to childhood vaccines was an "elaborate fraud" that has done long-lasting damage to public health, a leading medical publication reported Wednesday.
    An investigation published by the British medical journal BMJ concludes the study's author, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, misrepresented or altered the medical histories of all 12 of the patients whose cases formed the basis of the 1998 study -- and that there was "no doubt" Wakefield was responsible.
    "It's one thing to have a bad study, a study full of error, and for the authors then to admit that they made errors," Fiona Godlee, BMJ's editor-in-chief, told CNN. "But in this case, we have a very different picture of what seems to be a deliberate attempt to create an impression that there was a link by falsifying the data."
    ITT deja vu all over again
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  11. Internetzin Member

    Bullshit. Whooping cough is not treatable with vitamin C you great snapping Duckturd . It is fatal in infants hence the need to protect newborns who are yet to be fully immunized for it. Your other bullshit statement is that the vaccine is 'without doubt' ineffective. The current vaccine is not as effective as it's predecessor it's efficacy was reduced in an effort to reduce side effects. However the members of the immunized herd may still expect less incidence of infection, and less severe incidence of infection, and lower incidence of fatalities than non immunized populations. So you and your mob keep on not immunizing by all means, and when you get I'll with it go ahead and treat yourselves with vitamin C. Over time those of us who immunized can enjoy the fact that you all died out as a result of your own moon battery.
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  12. what did I miss I just got here?


    oh carry on
  13. MSC

    Fuck Off Liz.
  14. CarterUSP Member

    Hi there.
    Friendly tip - when your opening post on a thread on WWP throws out wild accusations like the ones highlighted above, it is unlikely to get a positive response. If you really want to get your point across and debate it sensibly in the future then I suggest a change of tactic. That'll save you having to wade through quite so many trolls.
    Enjoy the debate.
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  15. MSC

    What's the matter Liz - tin foil hat too tight again?
  16. Anonymous Member

    Hi, I'm just a Big Pharma troll, checkin' in to see what's happenin' here.

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  17. Liz Hempel, get your saggy, slut glands off this board you delusional fruit cake.

    You say your child is "vaccine injured", yet I can guarantee that you can't describe the mechanism by which this happened.

    It's all about the evidence baby (oh fuck, did I really just say that?), evidence, not anecdotes.

    Go herp derp on a 9/11 "troofer" forum where other mouthbreathers may give a damn (you might just be too damned crazy for them as well, come to think of it.)
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  18. MSC

    That's Liz Hempel, one of Meryl's more faithful acolytes. Sadly, I know that face all too well.
  19. Has she gone yet? Can I hand out your cheques now?
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  20. FFS Liz, this has been explained to you before, but since I constantly live in hope of you learning SOMETHING before you die, I'll repeat it again. ANYTHING that can give a high fever in someone with a mitochondrial disease like Hannah Poling's can lead to the sort of "autism like illness" Hannah Polling developed. That case was the ONLY one with ANY merit brought before the vaccine court to try and PROVE vaccines can cause autism, and the actual finding was that NOT that vaccines can cause autism but that in the setting of an existing mitochondrial illness they might trigger a regression. Perhaps you need to consult a dictionary - there is a difference between a "trigger" and a "cause". Hannah Polling had a fever after the vaccination, which did lead to worsening of her condition, BUT she it would have happened ANYWAY if she had contracted any illness that gave her a fever.

    I'll take you "Vaccine injured child" anecdote and counter it with my "vaccine saved child" anecdote. If my son hadn't been partially vaccinated (fully for age) when Whooping Cough hit our community, he could have been seriously ill. Instead, he go a mild illness, little more than a cold, that lasted a week or two. Unvaccinated kids in his daycare were much sicker, some hospitalised, and one nearly died.
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  21. anonsoldier Member

    Shes falling off her game, she usually rates every single post that disagrees with her as Dumb. Or maybe she just hates me more than the rest of you. :) I feel special!
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  22. That hate may turn out to be a mad obsessional love.
    But I digress.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for that. There just had to be some direct link.

    Moonbats of a feather, screech bullshit together
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  24. MSC

    I know the tits too, but that's a different story.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Does it involve a pearl necklace?;)
  26. Anonymous Member

    She actually looks like that? Heck, I'd do her.
  27. MSC

    Id be the first to admit its a very pretty face, but I couldn't f*** someone that stupid or with such an ugly personality.
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  28. Anonymous Member

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  29. Liz, time to get back on the medications.
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  30. grebe Member


    Posting in epic moonbat thread.
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  31. Meryl sells scientology DVDs - this is why she should be shut down, she is ignorant and promotes harmful ideas with no basis whatsoever in fact.

    Also it's a pretty good indication of how mental she is. If she believes scientology's lies then she's as gullible as hell.

    Not so sure the vile sexual comment is helping Anonymous here though.

    Anyone might think that some of the more rabid anti-vaccine freaks were posting such things here anonymously in order to get the debate over Meryl's bonkers claims shut down, and so that Meryl Dorey's weird friends can update their Twitter feeds with "Look! They hate women!" bullshit.
  32. Anonymous Member

  33. Anonymous Member

    Liz Hempel, you are a moron. In more ways than one.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    For certain that AVN site derives income from the sale of Scientology media as evidenced at
    There must be some ethics involved.

    And now a plea from Liz Hempel to!/ASPanonymous for help here:
    • Liz Hempel
      Can anyone help me here please? I am being attacked by a group of people who claim to be anonymous, but are not conducting themselves like anons. Does anyone know anything about this forum or why they are attacking the health choices of others? Does anyone know why @whyweprotest would be promoting this sort of thing? I have a vaccine injured little boy and am tired of the attacks on those who have health concerns when it comes to vaccines. I'm not sure if this is the venue to bring this up, but if any of you agree that health choices are our own to make, I invite you to comment here. BTW the person they are attacking is not an advocate for Scientology. Nor am I."

      and a response that identifies this site as a Troll Hive:

      Anonymous Share Page@AnonASP
      @EauTheHypocrisy i advertised for support. it seems you may have stumbled upon troll hive. id avoid n move onto pastures new.
  35. Anonymous Member

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  36. Anonymous Member

    Eau the stupid,

    Whooping cough vaccine is not ineffective.
    Your resistant strain of pertussis facts are wrong. The vaccine still works for most cases, just not as well
    Hannah polling does not actually have autism. She has a condition that is similar to autism, but not autism. The court specifically made this point

    Finally and most importantly merpyl dopey sells at least three Scientology DVDs, and some books. It is not just one.

    You are a lying hag. You lies about vaccines, you lie about that stupid Meryl and how many Scientology DVDs she sells, you delude yourself about your poor kid, whose biggest problem isn't autism, but having a consoiracy theorist nutbaggery for a parent.

    To those that reckon eau is good looking, WHAT? Her head is just weird, eyes are vacant and set wrong, and seems to have something wrong with her mouth.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    I can explain that. See it has nothing to do with vaccinations. THOSE particular statistics have to do with how US women give birth. The US system of giving birth is not science based and is harming moms and babies. The "standard practice" of giving pitocin, and other drugs as if they were candy leads to a higher morbidity and mortality rate. This practice alone causes many of the bad outcomes for moms and babies. Also, the rate of "early induction" anything before 40 weeks gestation is also to blame for the high rates of children with altered neurology. There have been several studies into the correlation of birth before 40 weeks and ADD-ADHD in children and the finding are shocking. Children born before 40 weeks (as most are here in the USA) have an 80% higher risk of ADD-ADHD then children who are full term.

    SO with ACOG (american congress of obstetricians and gynecologists) saying that pitocin is wonderful, and that birth after 37 weeks is "full term"... you are going to get higher rates of birth injury, death, and other issues. In other developed countries these practices don't exist. Women are not induced before 40 weeks, pitocin is used only when medically indicated and not for convenience sake.

    That explains your statistics about "infant" mortality rate... those statistics refer to newborn fatalities but "newborn" isn't a science word. All newborns are called "infants" in science literature.
  38. grebe Member

    The people here maintain a laser like focus upon scams directly linked to the Church of Scientology or that benefit people who donate money to Scientology or its front groups.

    Selling a few CCHR things, that is kind of a gray zone. I think we'd need to see direct links between people active in Meryl Dorey's group and known Scientologists before this group here would take an interest. That's just my guess and I could be wrong. It's hard to predict how a disorganized bunch of people on the Internet might feel.

    You must be new here.
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  39. This link takes us to a Malware Site.

    Mod edit: It appears that the above link is safe, and that the anti vaccine crazies are the ones flagging it as malware in an attempt to reduce traffic.

    Malware site.jpg

    I've reported the post so that an AvS Moderator can break the link.
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