Steve Bannon Rules America

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by KittyKatSpanker, Feb 22, 2017.


  2. Since Trump didn't understand that big paper he signed he should get a do-over.

  3. trump-executive-order-memes-fb7__700-png.jpg
  4. Can someone please punch that pout from Trump's face ?


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  7. The Internet Member

    Remember, Rebekah and Robert Mercer put Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway at the top of Trump's campaign. So the Mercers likely have a say.
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  8. the anti Member

    As I like to say, Bannon and Putin are eiffel towering Trump. All while his worshippers are sucking his dick like a calf with it's mother.
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  10. Jeff Jacobsen Member

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  11. DeathHamster Member

    Thanks to our Islamophobe poster, I had a look at Gatestone Institute. It's a "think tank" with only a handful of people, most of whom make 6 figures.

    What is interesting is their source of funds: "The Abstraction Fund". (Which sounds like a shell for something else.)

    They feed funds to Gatestone Institute, Jihad Watch, David Horowitz Freedom Center, and whole shitload of other groups, many seemly Israel-oriented in some way, some safe-pointing like the Police Athletic League...

    Page 33 of 34:

    Category:Gatestone Institute

    It's tempting to yank on this thread and see how they tie into everything else.
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  12. By the way all Trump lovers onhere are now my bitches and should suck my big beatiful kittykatspanker dong.
  13. No thanks on the dong suck offer but keep it on offer you never know someone might get desperate enough.

    On an entirely different matter tell me what you think is Bannon's game here, long term I mean?

    Do you think he's making a power play for the presidency himself or has some other agenda in mind?

    Seems to me he's up to some sort of shenanigans that are going to play out in a way we least expect. Something isn't right with him.
  14. The Internet Member

    Anybody ever heard of the novel, "The Camp of the Saints" or "Le Camp des Saints" by Jean Raspail? It was first published in 1973. The story concerns heroic French patriots who no wants 800,000 immigrants from India. So they murder them. Apparently Steve Bannon references this book a lot in his talks.

    Is this what the far right in France is about? I hope the french-speaking anons will let us know.
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  16. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Steve is under investigation for claiming residency in Florida, and registering to vote there, while he lived in California.
  17. The Internet Member

    "[E]ntire Jacuzzie bathtub seems to have been covered in acid," Bannon's landlord wrote in a February 2015 email. "I'm out of town, is there any way u can talk with Diane and sort things out ??" Bannon replied.


  19. Yip. Something's off about Bannon and sure as shit it's going to unravel in a way that puts him and Trump in deep shit.

  20. Not really, small patotaos
  21. DeathHamster Member

    I guess the telcos/cable companies didn't like the minor shitstorm that John Oliver set off about net neutrality. So they hired Brietbart to lie to their users about the issue
    They're trying to re-position net neutrality as why alt-right keep getting kicked off Twitter and Facebook.
    Their domain was registered April 4th and wants a private army to spam the FCC that they don't want any of that ungodly SorosObama "net neutrality" stuff. They have a lot posters astroturfing the comments too.

    If ISPs can ask for a premium, the evil "mainstream media" could pay it, but where would their alt-right citizen media be? Breitbart is really shafting their supporters on this one.
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  22. This thread ought to be changed to Trump rules America.
  23. DeathHamster Member

    That'd be disrespecting President Bannon.
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  24. He's only president until Putin sacks him.
  25. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Bye, bye, Bannon.
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  26. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  27. [IMG]
  28. #WAR
  29. If he's not going out peacefully is there a chance he will bring down Trump?
    Bannon is the one who is supposed to know where all the bodies are buried after all, now might be his opportunity to spill all .
  30. Lol, how soon before it's trump alone in the White House?
    Imagine him rattling around and shouting at the walls , shaking his little fat fists at the portraits and tweeting like the madman he is.

    Soon, my children, very very soon there won't be a Trump left in the White House.

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  32. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  33. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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