Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by pooks, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. BlooAnon Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

  2. moose Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    i don't think so... but what about john travolta?
  3. lothar Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Not that she needs publicity but just for thoroughness, the daughter's TAS:

    She is the great grandchild of some rich dude's foundation which has grants for grand/great-grandkid's schooling:
    (2007) California State University Northridge
    (2005) LA Delphi Academy

    It also appears she was once registered to vote at a $4.25M house in Connecticut which probably belonged to the grandfather (Steve's first wife Karen was daughter to badass investment banker who was once Board of Trustees for Cornell). The grandfather died in 2004, and it appears from the Obit that Karen was already deceased at the time (??).

    Karen is listed as OT8 with courses going back way before 1988.
  4. RightOn Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Is there something wierd about this picture?
    What is the "man hand" on the side of Cartwright's waist?
    It doesn't belong to Miscvaige, and Steve in the back of her is at the wrong angle and not standing close enough to her for it to be his hand.
    Is this a COS shoop perhaps?
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Take this shit to OCMB, who really gives a fuck what they shoop'd in this one photo. It's not relevant to ITT
  6. RightOn Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    gee sorry!
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    No, DM is squirreling LRTard tech. lrn2read. Original flubtard tech is still fucking mad though.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    That picture is interesting to me. They had to clear probably 3 people out of that picture to try and make Steve seem right and they blew it on positioning. His arm would have to be really long (ape style) to reach his hand around Nancys waist.
  9. RightOn Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    That's exactly what I thought. Wonder what the reason was.
    Glad someone else thought it was wierd too. and glad not to be getting yelled at! geez!
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Wow, Scooby and the gang solved the mystery. Can we get back to OP now.

    If you've got nothing better to contribute then zomg, they photoshop'd a picture!!!!eleventy1, please an hero or go join up with OCMB where you'll fit right in.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Ok doky Captain. No more idol chatter. LOL
  12. Anon214365 Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    After seeing all this, it just hurts.

    A man who was suffering. A man who thought his only way out of his personal hell was suicide, did it. He stood there he and choose to die. Too ruthlessly trim away every possible path out of Scientology is too much. We all know how strong the grip on peoples minds is. I just have to cry.

    Having a man's life laid out in front of you and analyzing it. It looks so easy to trap a mind. He was trapped, but you can never trap the human spirit and when corned he choose the freedom of no longer being forced to do anything.

    Sorry Steve that you ended up in that position. We will keep trying to shine a light into the darkness.
  13. revdoggy Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    It takes a lot to walk away from something you put so much energy and time and least of all "money" into only to find out it's a lie.

    Sometimes it easier to end it a different way.

    I hope your listening John, Kristy, Lisa Maria, Jena and others.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    "For what doth it profit a man, to gain the whole world, and forfeit his life?"

  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Stephen's wife, Karen Noyes Brackett, died October 19, 1995 at 38 years old in Los Angeles County, CA (born in Connecticut), and her father passed away in March 2004 (who doesn't shown on Kristi's list). Both of her children have taken scientology courses.

    Could not find how she died online?
  16. blownforgood Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    In the last few weeks I have talked to three different people that ALL had thoughts of suicide when trying to decide if they could leave Scilonville. It must be a common thing when you start to question your programming. Automatic self destruct mechanism kicks in.

    Some say that they even started having random accidents or "accidentally" cut themselves.

    Anyway, I am sure that there are a lot more people out there right now that are having these same types of thoughts as the Scilons, for some reason, are leaving Scilonville a lot more frequently in the last year. I guess the ones that don't make it, end up in these news stories.

    Until next time...

    ALSO: when a Scilon dies and is currently doing services in Scilonville or recently did services, this is ALWAYS considered a screw-up on the Scilons part in terms of messing up their case or some OUT-TECH that happened. Isaac Hayes, David Carradine, Eduardo Palomo all have folders that as soon as something like this happens get rounded up and checked over to see what got screwed up. Whomever screwed up, goes to RPF for being responsible for their death. Anyone that was in CC Int can confirm that this goes on all the time and people get punished whenever something like this happens. This guy was not only on Celeb lines, he was got bucks Scilon, and he was on his way to Flag. Someone somewhere screwed up.
  17. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    I disagree....DM is doing exactly what scientology doctrine tells him to do.

    NO squirreling, when scientology is used as intended it's fucked and ends up with people jumping off bridges.

    I wont get into a freezone rant but since the idiots are in denial about this I had to correct it.

    Nothing good ever comes from Hubbards insane ramblings it is just a money making scam that turned into a cult.
  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    We're perhaps talking at cross purposes here.
    What I am saying is that there *is* squirreling. DM is altering LRH shit.

    Robert Dam on the Church of Scientology (CoS)

    I agree. Co$ tech fucked before and after DM's squirreling.
    Just saying - he HAS changed stuff. And invented stuff. It's all still fucked though.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    So the bullshit has been replaced with pig shit? Still shit.
  21. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    After 12 years of careful consideration I can now emphatically state that the ONLY OT LEVEL in Scientology is the state of PTS OT.

    (DM is the main SP behind this, along with LRH)

    This should blow a lot of charge (mental stress) for any OTs reading this.

  22. Mutante Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    brb, bridge
  23. whoever Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Just jumping in quickly to reassure you: other people have talked about its weirdness (for instance, here, here, and here), so yeah, you're not alone.
  24. lothar Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Steve went missing Sunday (5/24) according to Monterey County Herald. He was found Thursday morning by a hiker (5/28).

    Now this thread has been doing so well and not a since person (except on ARS) has suggested him being pushed over the railing. So, congrats, I honestly didn't think WWP had it in them.

    I do have a question.. What happened to his car? Did he walk/ hitchhike to bridge? Is there some type of park housing nearby where someone can leave a car and go for a walk. I have little doubt he did commit suicide, no reason to think differently, I'm just curious about his car. It could also be the police found it somewhere and towed it away.

    [EDIT: I see there is a pull-off / scenic overlook. Was his car left there.. And the cops just don't bother looking under the bridge?]

    Google Streetview of Bixby Bridge
  25. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    When eating shit does it actually matter if the shit has been reprocessed to make it more or perhaps less palatable?
  26. Snake Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    He's trying out the new OT superpower of coming back to life and dating fugly women.
    Just wait and see.
  27. LilDebbie Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    to any OTs reading: why kill yourself when you can get revenge? sweet, sweet revenge, the only thing more delicious than cake.

    grab whatever d0x you can get ur thetan hands on and make a beeline to the us attorney's office. find a new purpose in your life by screwing David Miscavige as hard as you possibly can.
  28. Mutante Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    I see where you're going with this.

  29. lothar Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    NONONO.. I just mean the cops should have found an abandoned vehicle, and maybe they did, but I would think they could find the body in less then four days. Of course maybe they assume you jumped into the inlet and got washed out to sea.
  30. Mutante Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    So you mean it could have been a Decepticon robot car assassination.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    there is also a bus stop marked at the bridge

    check out the street view
    39176 Cabrillo Hwy, Coastal, CA - Google Maps
  32. RightOn Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Thank you. I had no idea.
  33. Consensus Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    The loss of one's religion IS a very stressful thing. Some people just snap out of it, but more often people enter this phase of quandry, or nagging self-doubt.

    Now, most religions do have some sort of programming for dealing with people who go through this. I was raised catholic, and St. Anthony is the 'patron saint of lost things.' If I couldn't find my car keys, I was taught to pray to him. I heard, on at least one occasion, someone put forward the idea that St. Anthony's biggest job is when someone has lost their faith.

    Mother Theresa actually wrote in her diary entries that she lost her faith on several occasions, and how she struggled with it.

    But in Scientology, they're taught that doubt isn't a force to struggle with; it's a sin itself. If you doubt, you are a criminal, actively working against Scientology - which, they are taught, is universally good. So doubt itself is fundamentally evil. So to indulge in it is to be a criminal.

    The way it's set up is like this: Hubbard's first axiom is 'Man is good.' He writes this as though it's some brilliant discovery, but in fact the debate on the nature of man has existed for centuries, and I would estimate that more than half of all ethicists have come to the same conclusion. And Hubbard pitches it as a brilliant, optimistic, hopeful ratification of the human species.

    Good so far, right?

    Next, he identifies Scientology as, essentially, the aim of man when they are doing good, when they are expressing their natural state of goodness.

    Thus, anyone who works against Scientology is working AGAINST the good.

    Now, he takes it a step further: he argues that, because man is inherently good, any man who works against Scientology 1) Knows they are doing evil and 2) want to do good. So they will sabotage themselves. The idea is that an SP is likely to commit suicide, because they know in their hearts they are doing evil. Furthermore, an SP *WANTS* you to murder them, as you'd be doing them a favor, and they want to commit suicide anyway and don't have the balls to do it themselves.

    Now, when you're 'in', you consider all this as hypothetical. You don't see many SPs, and those you do are declared, and there's all kinds of dirt invented about them, and you can believe they're a small number of psychopaths. And nobody feels bad about what happens to psychopaths, right?

    But once this hypothetical situation is applied to someone you know and love, you start to feel doubt about the system.

    That's why PTS is such a big thing. Get people to sever ties with anyone that's an SP, so we can maintain the belief that SPs are rare, that they are evil, that they are self-destructive, and so on. If you remain friends with an SP, you will become infected with doubt.

    Once infected with doubt yourself, you apply the logic above to yourself. 'Why am I working against the good?' 'Have I abandoned my natural inclinations? Man is inherently good, why am I working against Scientology? I must not be human anymore.' 'I would do myself and the world a favor to kill myself.'

    So many scientologists kill themselves. Many are gaslit, and driven to suicide. And, I believe, some are murdered.

    Basically, Hubbard - almost by accident - recognized just how difficult losing one's religion can be, and carefully engineered it to be as difficult as possible for a Scientologist.
  34. Consensus Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Oh, and this is why Anonymous is having such a profound effect - we're undermining the idea that SPs are rare, suicidal, socipathic, depressed, unhappy, etc.

    By persisting, and remaining visible, we are making them all PTS. And that's why curtain tech was invented.
  35. MongoLloyd Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    I think that's worth underlining that that's according to Scientology thinking.

    Scientologists, conspiracy theorists and five-year-olds think like that. The rest of us grown-ups have no problems accepting that in the real world, bad things do happen without it necessarily being anybody's fault..

    No wonder they commit suicide. I can't imagine living like that- being forced to 'take responsibility' for every random event that goes the wrong way. And they'd have us believe this is an improvement! It's not. It's a regression, to an infantile and harmful way of looking at the world.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Something to Ponder.
  37. Consensus Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    It's the confirmation bias on crack. Some people, through random chance, will have nothing (or very few things) go bad 'at random.' And may even have a lot of things 'go right' at random. And those people are told their gains are not chance, but because they're dedicated Scientologists. Meanwhile, some people don't have the good luck, and they die, or quit, or whatever. This allows the lucky ones to infer that those people must have done something wrong, must not have been good Scientologists. This also ties into the Just World Fallacy.

    You'll do yourself a favor to familiarize yourself with the list of cognitive biases.

    edit - I've heard a lot of exes and freezoners insist that Scientology does afford a person /some/ wins, and usually I resist the idea. But I will make a few concessions. Their auditing is basically like psychotherapy, or catholic confession - and expressing those deep, dark feelings of shame to another person can really help a person self-actualize. Of course, there's more than a few major problems with how they do it, and it can also be used to control people, to drive them insane, etc.
    But the biggest gains in Scientology come from teaching confidence. Ask for what you want. Be bold. Go for it.
    If you teach 100 people to be bold, aggressive, and ambitious, around half of them will achieve something much greater than they otherwise would have, and half will fail spectacularly for taking the extra risks. If you never taught them that, and they remained passive, careful, and so on, they'd almost all survive just fine, but few would achieve anything spectacular. Scientology teaches all its members to be ambitious, then points to the ones that succeed to say 'See? Scientology works!' This is the Confirmation Bias. It then looks at the people who fail and says 'They must not have been good Scientologists.' That's the just-world fallacy.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    I quoted this one because the other one was to long. But I think both of them make the same mistake that everyone in the same situation has the same thoughts and does the same things. And THAT imo is the biggest problem with Scientology.
  39. Mutante Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Profound insight. Exactly right IMO.

    Scientology seems to appeal to those vulnerable enough to look for modern written answers to what amounts to existential anxiety.

    But all you get for your money appears to be fear based on imaginary threats.
  40. none given Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Suicide is the most profound and sincere insult to human life possible. It is an enormous “Fuck you” to the whole human race and most especially to those who cared about you. The act leaves a terrible darkness inside everyone who was close to it. The hate and fear needed to do this excuses nothing. I meet the suicide’s contempt with the same contempt.

    Give your sympathy, prayers and wishes to those who keep fighting.

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