Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by pooks, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Consensus Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    I believe this is true of most religions, but Scientology knowingly exploits it. Existential angst is universal for humans, as a consequence of the is/ought gap. Most people don't know what the is/ought gap is, but deep down they know that there's something fundamentally wrong with their ideas on objective ethics, meaning, purpose, and so on. This causes a deep-seated cognitive dissonance. When Scientology gives a person a personality test or stress test and works to 'find your ruin', they're trying to find that dissonance and make you uncomfortable. The funny thing is, Scientology does nothing to alleviate, acknowledge, or address the cause of existential angst - they just pretend that there IS an objective meaning or purpose, and that that objective purpose is to fulfill the goals of Scientology. So people put the angst out of their mind and trust the leadership who is providing them a purpose, rather than seeking a purpose themselves.

    Of course, someone who is self-actualized and understands existentialism will not have a 'ruin', and Scientology would be unable to find one. Scientology does not make it their aim to produce such people - and, in fact they feel quite threatened by such people.
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    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    The following are excellent articles for exploring suicide:

    The Falling Man - Tom Junod - 9/11 Suicide Photograph - Esquire

    Letter from California: Jumpers: The New Yorker

    The former inspired a documentary released in 2006 entitled 'The Bridge' (not to be confused with the 2006 movie about Scientology by the same title).

    I respectfully disagree with your evaluation of suicide, but it's really a topic for a different thread...
    [existentialism is deeply rooted in the idea of suicide; as Camus says, the most important decision you ever make, you make every moment of your life - and that's the decision NOT to commit suicide.]
  3. BlooAnon Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    The ELRON Code?

  4. Mutante Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    I meant modern answers in order to differentiate Scientology from traditional religions (there are many other differentiators of course).

    The only Scientologist I ever knew personally was scornful of 'old' religions and wasn't interested in the faith aspect of Scientology. What attracted him, he said, was that it seemed to him the most complete form of modern self help theory.

    What he wanted was an end to some kind of gnawing desire for control (over his life) that he presumed was available via some kind of perfect method. Traditional religions, he found, were too focussed on worship of a deity in order to achieve a life-after-death instead of practical assistance for processing the here-and-now.

    In several conversations it was clear to me that on a fundamental level he was predisposed to the concept of personal control (over his health, his wealth, his family, his career) by following discrete steps that someone else had written for him.

    Of course the irony is that in following Scientology he surrendered all control of his most critical decision making to someone else.

    Yeah. We don't talk any more and this ^^^ is why.
  5. Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Now that's an interesting (but unintentional) counterpoint to the bawwwwwwfags:

    After a year-and-a-half, our combined efforts are making the target's followers AN HERO en masse...
  6. Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Do we know what OT level this guy was at yet?
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    OK, own up, who's got all the iPods we stole from them?
  8. RightOn Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    That's not what he's saying at all.
  10. Consensus Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    When a person holds two (or more) contradicting beliefs or desires is said to be in a state of 'cognitive dissonance.' Cognitive Dissonance causes stress. If you believe it's a sin to masturbate, and also hold an intense desire to masturbate, you'll experience a great deal more stress than someone that either 1) doesn't desire to masturbate or 2) doesn't believe masturbation is a sin.

    Coping mechanisms are means by which people reduce the stress of cognitive dissonance. If you look over the list of coping mechanisms, they describe scientologists to a T. Thought-stopping exercises, projection, rationalization, etc.

    What we are doing is forcing them to be aware of their dissonance. This is an essential step in waking a person up. And trolls (pranksters or joker-figures, in Jungian parlance) basically discover other people's conflicting beliefs, and point them out to the person. It's rough, but necessary if you wish to eliminate your contradictions, unify your beliefs, and become a self-actualized person.

    Of course, if they're invested strongly enough in both of the contradicting ideas, they will refuse to abandon either and remain in a high-stress state. This is where the person is vulnerable to thoughts of suicide - and this is precisely what happens when a Scilon kills themselves.

    So yeah. What we're doing has three possible outcomes (for any given scilon):
    1) it can be wholly ineffective, with them completely ignoring us. This is the intended consequence of curtain-tech.
    2) they can become aware of their conflicting beliefs and desires through our efforts, and change their beliefs and desires to be coherent, and thus self-actualize (and leave the cult)
    3) they can become significantly stress for an indefinite amount of time, leading to suicide.

    For those that are squeemish, it's best not to think about this - but we are, effectively, saving AND killing people. In the end, though, whichever a Scilon does, it's their choice, not ours. We just 'hold a mirror up to them.'

    edit: and helping ex-scientologists establish communities where they feel safe and comfortable discussing their experiences makes the 'self-actualization' option more viable, thus reducing instances of suicide.
  11. YAHRLY Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    you know if we could get ALL the scifags to do this we could all go back to fapping to hentia and raiding habbo

    just sayin'
  12. xseaorguk Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    they just dont build them bridges like they used to:

    [ame=]YouTube - Wile E. Coyote vs Road Runner[/ame]
  13. Mutante Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Asking questions to provoke thoughts in a Scientologist that relate to cognitive dissonance is certainly worth doing IMO. Primarily we're asking, 'Is it truly working for you?'. But I think we're talking to addicts.

    No doubt the fear of giving up those volumes of written instructions, however bizarre and often contradictory, must seem insurmountable to many Scientologists. They are encouraged as we know to rely on Scientology procedures utterly.

    Confronting a voluntary Scientologist (born-in Sea Org kids, I'm not talking about you) with the atrocious behaviour of the 'Church' is probably a lot like telling a cigarette smoker about the impact of tobacco companies on national health spending and expecting to see a pack of 20 and a lighter thrown immediately into the trash can.

    In the end, without some kind of structured alternative to offer those still 'in' we will continue to see suicides amongst those afflicted by extreme existential anxiety and also addicted to Scientology, which only seems to make it worse by design.

    Those who 'blow' all by themselves are perhaps similar to those strong enough to ditch cigarettes cold turkey. At least that particular addiction can be treated with gum, patches etc. But Scientologists have what to fall back on? ESMB?

    Maybe if Steve Brackett had seen a way to treat his Scientology addiction instead of presumably surrounding himself with 'enablers' then I wouldn't be making Transformers jokes to lighten the mood.
  14. LilDebbie Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    it's not "basically like psychotherapy". it is psychotherapy. it's called regression therapy and hubbard ripped it off just like everything else he did. because he was an unoriginal hack.

    CCHR can stick that in their pipe and smoke it. might do 'em some good.
  15. LilDebbie Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    someone's a cutter.
  16. Consensus Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Mutante, you raise an interesting point, comparing them to addicts...

    Scientology makes Psychology out to be evil, because people die. Rehab clinics and psychologists work to help people discover the dissonance and reconcile their ideas. This helps a lot of people, and some people are driven to despair. Of course, most people that start the process are already in a state of despair. So some people don't make it. And every time a person dies while undergoing treatment, Scientology claims it's because Psychologists are murdering people - to avoid the point that there's good being done.

    Basically, the CCHR and its related front groups are trying to defend the rights of individuals to maintain cognitive dissonance. That's why the trolls of 4chan are the natural enemy of Scientology. We sincerely believe that mocking people for their contradictory beliefs (or fake personas) is a good thing.
  17. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    I think that you've covered some of the basics but I have some additional thoughts to add, if I may.
    What I see, as in so many cultish behaviors, is a system is created so that you are either totally, unequivocally, for the belief system, or you are against it and the enemy. There is no middle ground.
    In Scilontology in particular is the added dimension of creating the belief that this Earth we live on is in fact a bad place, a prison, inhabited by aberrations at every turn that must be denied and fought. If you add to the mix past lives, reincarnation blah blah blah ala Lron, I think what it has done is create a cheapened perspective (if you will) of what life means in general, hell, why suffer when you can just (literally) drop yer body (preferably off a high place onto something solid), and come back to a nicer, moar understanding family blah blah blah.
    It sets people up in such a way that when the going gets tough, well fuck it, just die already. It seems subtle at first glance, but the moar I study this bunch of deviant charlatans, the more I believe this to be the modus operandi, think carefully, what better robbery could there be? Your victim not only feels guilty and useless, but rather than turn on the ringmasters, 'chooses' to end it all and save face for the system which is so grandly helping the planet, but you failed at.
    Good fucking Lord, or Gord, or something!
    This fits in well with their (Cos) pillaging effort, ie.> 'What, yer broke, sick, can't work anymore for us, well then, your usefulness is over, so its best you just walk away from this world for nao, we won't hold it against you........ In fact, since you signed this here Billion year contract, you can be rest assured that you will be back to continue the work at a higher, happier level."

    As I have said too many times before, its beyond a 'Truman'-type show, its a malicious fishbowl painted over by the perpetrators, starved for sunlight and oxygen, and common sense, where the fishes are shocked beyond reasoning.

    There is no doubt in my mind that this is exactly how Flubbernutz set it up, and that this has been long recognized by the upper echelons of Co$, especially the Asthmatic Dwarf David Micavige. He's always known it was and out-and-out scam, hell, he learned from the master. He chose to perpetuate the scam and continue leading people down the garden path to Scilon hell, because, for no other reason, the money is great, the power is all-consuming, and for a short, under-educated, twisted, sociopathic Lron bum-boy what other options were open, surly working at McPukes for 5$ an hour was not something that would keep him in the lifestyle he was accustomed to.
    Brackett was just another shill to them, a willing one of long standing, who probably never saw how fucked-over he was until it was too late to turn back, and since one of the premises is that 'you bring it on yourself' and can expect next to no help at that point......
    This is how they (CoS) is designed, this is how it is geared, and my hat is off to those who have seen through it all and have escaped to re-gain their lives. Extra speshul kudos to those who get pissed off enough to stand up and find their voices against this truly vile, corrupt, and degrading fallacy of a reality.

    Ouff! so much fer another afternoon rant, I goes nao. (itch cocktail hour after all :D !!)

    Cheers All, and keep up the good fight!
    Stay smart and safe, and fer Dog's sake watch them tittied sistahs backs eh!

  18. Mutante Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Addiction as a behaviour is related to cognitive dissonance as a psychology sure, I'm just saying that if Scientology critics want to understand those still 'in' at a practical level then maybe thinking of them as addicts with no obvious alternative apart from cold turkey is a place to start.
  19. pooks Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    2 of Shit is just more shit.
  20. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Look at how long Kirsty Alley's arm is. Then reconsider whether it could be Steve's hand. I think Nancy is just so darn tiny that if you use her as the point of reference it's misleading.
  21. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Yep, and adding sugar and cream.............................


  22. Buttons Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    When the economy started to tank, I immediately wondered how it might effect scientologists.

    The comfort and support of a persons religion (if they have one) is something that most people turn to for help and hope during a time of crisis. And it doesn't cost a thing.

    I've been wondering what effect not being able to afford to continue moving up the bridge during a financial crisis might have. It might just cause some to begin asking themselves new questions about how their church is helping them.

    I can hope.
  23. Consensus Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    And with most religious communities, it's about helping each other. If you're wealthy, donate a lot of money to the church, then fall on hard times, the community will support you - both to show their gratitude, and to express the love that is established in a larger, tight-nit social community.

    But in Scientology, they're explicitly trained not to help each other. The only 'philanthropy' you're allowed to do is to KSW. This has it's roots in a very naive understanding of behaviorism - you reinforce behaviors you want to see more of, and punish behaviors you want to see less of. 'Needing help' is something Scientology wants to see less of, so they refuse to 'reward' people for being in that state - that is, they refuse to help and support each other.

    I'm an atheist, but I did grow up catholic. If someone in my church had donated a million dollars, and then went broke, we'd have cooked them food and found a place for them to stay. They never would have had to contemplate suicide - they'd be cared for. This is not true in Scientology.

    One other point, getting back to cognitive dissonance and therapy: there are some psychedelic drugs that are considered 'theraputic' by some, as if it gives some deep insight into life. What they do is make you aware of your coping mechanisms and force you to see your dissonance - and this drives some people mad, and helps others self-actualize. Ibogaine and Salvia come to mind as examples - and both have ridiculous cults forming around them. The Ibogaine cult is really indistinguishable from Scientology, except that 1) it uses a drug instead of auditing, and 2) it isn't backed by a central organized crime syndicate.
  24. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    This thread provokes lots of ideas about signage and talking points with Scientologists.

    Life is beautiful.
    Why are Sci's so unhappy?
    You are not the problem.
    Don't give up hope.
  25. Mutante Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Broke Scientologists?

    They probably go crazy: join the Sea Org, throw themselves off bridges or go Freezone.

    Or like other addicts they do desperate things to get the money. Paid work for OSA without becoming staff, get an underpaid job with a Scientology front company, or worse.
  26. TheStig Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    My local Atheist group has done this type of thing. It doesn't take religion, it takes humanity. It does, however, take religion to erase your humanity.
  27. Consensus Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Of course, they're also trained to 'dress upstat' and pretend they're happy and that everything's okay. If you suggest otherwise, they take it as a personal attack.

    I sometimes imagine it like hacking a mind, and the scilon system has a lot of exploits, but tons of ad hoc patches to make them inaccessible.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Question for the ex's and tied into the idea behind religion and trying times. I think I already know the answer but what would a scientologist think seeing this on a sign

    Do you have to pay for hope?
    Do you have to pay for faith?
    Do you have to pay to know?

    Not particularly a religious person myself but I figure most of the people that got involved were already "looking/searching" for something.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Glad you brought this up.

    Brackett should have been able to turn to his church for help, but he couldn't. He should have been able to turn to his family for help, but he couldn't. He should have been able to talk to a mental health professional, but he couldn't. He should have been able to plead for help from a total stranger on the street, but he couldn't.

    Application of Scientology tech = isolation.

    Man is a social animal. When there's no one we can turn to, we often turn on ourselves.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    No, it doesn't. However, that's not what I'm talking about. Sigh.
    I'm talking about your claim that two sorts of shit were the same, when they weren't. Different thing. Try for reading comprehension.

    You said:

    "I disagree....DM is doing exactly what scientology doctrine tells him to do."

    At which point I pointed out that no, DM is not doing exactly what scientology doctrine tells him to do. He's making it even MORE fucked up than it was to begin with (and it was very fucked up to begin with). Tossing away KSW, doing "investigations before the fact" all all that shit that makes OG mad. He is NOT doing "exactly" what scientology doctrine tells him to do, exactly by virtue of rewriting and changing it. Scientology doctrine tells shitdwarf not to alter LRfucktard tech, that it is immutable and not changable. He changes it. If you disagree with this, please tell me how this is "doing exactly what scientology doctrine tells him to do".

    With or without squirreling, I agree with that.
  31. Anonymous Member

  32. crockhat Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Hear hear. Scientology tech is fertile ground for suicides and fucked up lives.
    So much for "works and helps people".
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    If Cartwright doesn't blow now she really is lost for ever.
    that is all i could think of when finding out he was her fiancee / ex husband what ever.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    bonus points for Queen. I'm disappointed that you skipped Chevy.

  35. Snake Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    ^ Great post describing what Scientology is!
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    This is a good point. Steve could not of gotten much help without going to the registre and paying for it. If he was broke he would be told to go borrow some money in order to get any service.

    The policy for this is as follows:

    Ref.BPL 22 Dec 1971-issue 1

    FREE SERVICE=FREE FALL, an auditor
    or course supervisor delivering a service
    to an individual without having to hand a
    fully paid invoice for that service and who
    does not then send the person back to the
    registrar to be signed up for that service is:
    (a) covertly robbing his fellow staff members
    of their pay, and (b) in a condition of
    doubt to his org, and is so assigned. Similarly,
    an auditor continuing to audit a person
    over and above the amount of hours signed
    and paid for, and who does not send that PC
    back to the registrar for sign-up and payment
    of additional hours in order to successfully
    complete the auditing program, is guilty
    of (a) and (b) as above.

    Doesn't sound very religous to me.
  37. Herro Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    yeah those silly religious people with all of their views being little more than platitudes... oh wait.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    In other news, Anonymous realises the oversight, and attempts to make amends


    And finally.... Steve is still dead.
  39. voiceless849 Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    Your atheist group has taken a million dollars from a volunteer? That's quite a group you have there!
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: Steve Brackett - OT - commits suicide

    I bow to your Ron Burgundy.

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