Steve Fishman interviews

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    Steve Fishman interviews

    I did a search and couldnt find this information so here it goes.

    Steve Fishman is a level OT7 that left the CofS and testified about the information that he had on the church. Mr. Fishman has a huge library of information about the cult and there was a Dutch court case about copyright laws that lasted almost 10 years and was finally dropped. He has since written a book.

    When I first started doing my research about CofS I watched a lot of videos. The Fishman interviews for a deposition with attorneys starts here: ... &plindex=7

    They last 30 minutes per segment and have mutliple segments. Its a pretty fascinating view of just how a level OT7 can have their brain manipulated by this organization. I have no doubt that Mr. Fishman is having some mental issues because of his "auditing" at the CofS. He recounts many of his previous lives. The most alarming of which is when he professes to be the father of Jesus Christ and how it came about.

    This is not a word for word quote but the story goes like this:

    Mary would bathe in a near by pond every day. Steve, in one of his previous lives, used to watch Mary bathe as she was quite beautiful. Then, whild hiding behind a bush, he masterbated and the sperm traveled through the water and impregnated Mary. Later, when he saw Jesus, he knew that he was Jesus father. The CofS was very happy about this news because he would become the "golden child" for them so they could defame Christianity about the lies of the virgin Mary and the conception of Jesus.

    This is just one of his past life experiences that obviously the church admonishes. It really is an increadable look into what this church can do to a person and even after all this how Mr. Fishman would do anything to get the OT 8 information so he can continue to move "up the bridge" Of course now Mr. Fishman is a SP and im sure the church would not fork over their precious materials to such a person.

    Its a very long video series but worth the watch. I had to rewind it many times because I couldnt believe some of the stuff I was hearing.
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    Re: Steve Fishman interviews

    Really interesting. Fishman declared years later that at the time of those interviews, he was a fully believing faithful Scientologist. Eventually he renounced to activism and re built his life, which is understandable (and good for him if he could recover his sanity) but is at the same time a pity for this current campaign of us!

    It would have been great to have Steve Fishman in the team :lrhcries:
  3. stoptheabuse Member

    Re: Steve Fishman interviews

    Its good that Mr. Fishman got his life back together because i have to say he was a little out there. SOme of this stuff is pretty amazing.

    For everyone that has not listened to this video you need to take the time and ck it out. Its a pretty amazing look at what a level 7 OT has in his mind and how he got there.
  4. Re: Steve Fishman interviews

    The orignal thread is here: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=337

    It is in the information category.

    The thread is named weird too. More people need to view this, it is terribly disturbing and entralling at the same time.

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