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Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonymous, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    i think a proper global sticker and stencil "awareness" blitz should be done, lets upload some files and start hitting the streets.....
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  2. veravendetter Member

    I had an obsession with graffiti stickers a few years ago (nothing political, just style/tag images) and it can get you in more trouble than you think. Obviously I don't need to point out this regarding stencils. (do I?)
  3. Anonymous Member

    is that not a direct violation of the demonstration rules?
  4. ZORRO Member

    there are places you can legally use magic marker
    onto posters already in place
    onto "wild" add in telephone booth and walls
    I usually see recovered postyer with
    internet information about wwp or in paris
    or informations onto "wild" posters
    it does not bother me at all
    no property destuction as long there is no graffiti on advertisemùent business poster or directly on walls ( this is no good and does no good to ANONYMOUS ) sometime I wonder if they do not write themselves dirty things and offensive graffitis and then they do complain......
  5. droolo Member

    I'm a humble designer noticing a shift and recognizing an opportunity for change. I am a novice in the digital world, but looking to appropriate the world of digital "hacking" and manifest it to the grid we all physically walk. I am in the process of a project that requires the perspective and insight of a experienced digital activists. Sounds odd perhaps, but more can be explained.
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  6. robert polson Member

    OK, so is there a worldwide recognized stencil for the anon cause?

    the sprayed propaganda its easy, quick, cheap, unnestopable. so stealth.
    a worldwide coordinated stencil night will have sure impact , and wont need a large number of agents in each city

    maybe we could open an open fotolog or flickr just to upload fat graphiks so people can use it, rate it, having feedback,and taking them for THE CAUSE
  7. Anonymous Member

    illegal graffiti = do not do
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  8. veravendetter Member

    Don't see the point of this at all. Apart from the obvious illegality issues, it serves no purpose for any Anonymous issue. Graf is all about promoting the individual alter-ego; creating a brand for yourself in secret (or within a tight IRL circle). I can't see one instance in which this serves Anonymous, other than give the writers the thrill of the act. Look carefully at your motivation, and if you decide this is what you want, I suggest making your own graf-persona. This is more in the spirit of graffiti, and doesn't piss off the majority of anons who don't want it. I loved it, but it's really just an individualistic ego-boost. I agree it does have its place within certain political contexts, but Anonymous doesn't deal with any of these. Plus you'd all probably just stencil the suit without a head; says fuck all.
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  9. robert polson Member

    I wasnt talking about a self ego exaltation, but a hive exaltation instead.
    Illegality its just a point of view, so Eventually all The anon OPS Will be illegal, in order that they all bother The system.
    The pressure of the legion should be at the politician's necks.
    That kind of action do Not reveal The real number of anons in a certain place, but it makes You Sure that anons are present And watching
    Of course we could aim to some legal targets, as posters o maybe ads. Those that, indeed take over every square inch of our cities, just to induce us to spend our coins
  10. veravendetter Member

    No. It isn't.
    About what?
    ^Some other worthless faggotry^
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  11. vaLLarrr Member

    "awareness blitz" ?

    This isn't Nike.
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  12. robert polson Member

    First of all, we are here for The same porpouse, so would be fine showing some respect to other folks trying to apport something to The Cause. Illegality , indeed, Is Not a term of discussion. What do The governments decide,wichever form , will be outlaw.Ask libya or tunisia about laws and justice. so if you strictly stick to The law your capability of action wont be so big Apart of that, if this líne Is only about legal stencil And stickers, Go on wth your grandma an explain all this preparing some cookies. Thought we were here to discuss how designers can take their activist stuff right to The The same way to show Everyone that WE are around And can join us or just expect us
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  13. veravendetter Member

    I'm British and don't think I've ever used this word before, but you are a total dufus

    Edit: see, it's so unfamiliar, I don't even know how to spell it - Doofus
  14. vaLLarrr Member

    I don't think "Robert Polson" is a native English speaker. At least I hope not.

    If he is then I want whatever drugs he's on.
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  15. veravendetter Member

    I've purposefully avoided the subject of his diction, but even this can't account for the level of 'backward'
  16. robert polson Member

    okay , , you sherlock, im not a native britihsman, jajjaja so what!. i dont expect you to appreciate the effort of non english speakers to keep the comunication global, but at least do not spoil the chance of sharing ideas offered by this site.
    learn to respect others or keep suckin your own cock thinking about how well you speaking your mother tonge.
    is that English good enough for you, shakespeare?
    so , talking about the main point, wont you all think that street visual impact could not help to the cause?
  17. Anonymous Member

    stickers and stencils piss off more people than they attract, and the only people they impress are teenage boys. the cards ( are more subtle and less invasive.
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  18. robert polson Member

    i see,
    that was more or less my idea, lead the people to sites through visual stimules.
    of course, a simple card wont upset anyone, just kindly invite.
    but not even this campaign refuses the sticker thing (
  19. veravendetter Member

    I didn't once criticise your language skills, and no, I don't think the 'visual impact' will help the 'cause' (the one which you still haven't identified)

    As far as respecting others, check my posts in the thread
    1: polite advice: ignored

    2 : polite statement of opinion through years of experience as an 'actual' graf-writer. Relevant points ignored

    3 : Degeneration has occured, frustration setting in as you restate the same idea

    After another post by you telling me to bake cookies with my grandma for not being hardcore enough, it all went DOOFUS. You had ample time to turn back.
    Obviously I don't know you, but I would be willing to bet real paper money that the amount of stickers/stencils/throwups/full pieces i've done in the past would see you wearing granny's apron and rolling out cookie dough. I give respect to people I think deserve it, and although theoretically I respect you as a human being, I don't as a member of the graffiti community or as an anon ops planner.
  20. It's not illegal just to leave things around is it? Most of us have too much material things like magazines, book, CDs, DVDs, etc that we look at or listen to only once. Why not leave that stuff around where others will find it. You can attach or insert flyers or stickers to them. It is true that it will only reach one person but it seems a less offensive measure. Not only that but you get too clean up your house and get rid of all the crap you don't use.
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  21. robert polson Member

    i see.
    i must say (i didnt want to) that I´ve been writing graff for over 17 years. so i dont need your respect as a member of the graffiti community.
    lets say that your bet isn´t a sure bet at all.
    i really think this is not a coolness contest... so youre not keen on taking over cities with visual stuff leading people to a place so they can gather and discuss about how to take the power back from the corporations and goverments and giving it to the people,ok.(see , the plot)
    other reputed anon ops planners are. thats the reason we are all here, lets see if we can reach an entente cordiale and act as one and not on our own
    excuse me again for my english, mr cathedatric.
  22. veravendetter Member

    I don't speak for anyone but myself, but my voice is echoing around in here, which would suggest there's not much interest. As i said, my initial post was just a friendly warning of the consequences which can entail, and prohibiting you from doing anything was never my aim. Put stickers wherever you want, it's the most benign of the suggestions; again, I've done thousands. I would hazard a guess that my views on graffiti law are amongst the most liberal on this forum, so if you can't convince me that stencilling anon related stuff, whether graphic or text all around town is a good idea, then I fear your operation will have few 'agents'.
  23. robert polson Member

    could be, its a really goood idea
    for sure it all depends on the target.
    more transgression for the youth, more cosy for the older people. and we want them all to realize the world is around
  24. veravendetter Member

    Orly? What sorta stuff do you do?
    I've stayed with crews in other european countries. What country are you from?
    Yeah, in a loose B-movie pitch kinda way.
  25. robert polson Member

    dont know how to show you apart from a fotolog.
    people that inspired me was daim, mode2 ,noe2, tasso ... stuff like loomit, wow123,sye,maclaim.not that level of techniche, i must say.
    but art just for the aesthetic isnt fair anymore.not having all these things going on around.
    thats the reason im here, it seems yours its trying to make a fool of people just with the aim of contribution
  26. Anonymous Member

    If you could do a few stencil ideas on a legal wall.
    Then take some photos of them and get them posted on street/graffitti blogs, that would be good.
    It is a subject that i have never seen on the street art sites i frequent.
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  27. veravendetter Member

    I find it hard to believe that if you were that deep into those guys that you would fail to see the relevance of my point about alter-egos, almost a private super-hero thing. I'll say AGAIN, I have no problem with you tagging the police station windows if you want, but still find it hard to understand why such an 'accomplished' writer as yourself would bother with this. I'm fully aware that I could be wrong, but I call Graffiti book fan, or you googled those names.

    Assuming I'm wrong, what sites do you intend to direct people towards? I assume you mean a stencil of a web address? Or freehand?
  28. veravendetter Member

    What of? Web addresses or Graphics?
  29. veravendetter Member

    If it wasn't for me you wouldn't have anyone to talk to
  30. Anonymous Member

    Pic of Tom cruise - underneath in stencil font - zombie - nation
  31. veravendetter Member

    Sounds stylish. But I'm still not sold on the whole effort/result ratio. Like I was saying to my new best friend Robert, I'd rather spend the risk doing something completely 'me'. I know your idea was different, using legal walls (which are seriously scarce in my country) and posting online. So I say go for it. What I wouldn't like to see is people doing pieces on the inside of their garage walls for lack of 'legal' sites, and trying to pass it off online as genuine graffiti. That would be lame.
  32. Anonymous Member

    yep, the effort/result ratio is important. If i could get it on the blogs, i would call it worthwhile.
    What do you think robert? could you get your ideas onto some blogs?
  33. veravendetter Member

    As you've got someone to discuss with now Robert I'll butt out and let you's get on with it.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Eh Roberto - donde tu? Espanol? Argentina?
  35. robert polson Member

    -L- ...
    sure man.

    back to the point , there are some pges as flickr and fotolog that we could create an account on porpouse, just to upload thing that people estencil related to the Cause. maybe little ones At first ,just not to bother the public opinion. Maybe in the line of "you found the card " or you found the sticker"
    A place that everyone can visually protest against abuses of the system (both economical and governamental)

    i really think it should contain both graphic and adress(es), in order to use simple marketing basics: get the attention, send a message ,.get everyone interested in hte clue of who we are, what we do.. you all know
    just some level of transgression in this level of global propaganda

    apologies again about my English
  36. robert polson Member

    it seems that someone , under the disguise of the carnival, put some protestickers around the city last night

    protestickers = pure dope
    adhesive revindication make me feel better
  37. Anonymous Member

    Pixs ?
  38. I'm starting "You found the card" here this week
    It's an easy way to do the March 15th event. You can stay indoors and still contact people by looking at books.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Thank you. OP, vandalism is probably against the law where you live. It is in the US. Illegal activity is out of the question.
  40. subgenius Member

    stencils is a good idea
    I've been dying to get some stencil templates for please post some if you have them.
    I even tried to make a stencil of the anonymous guy but I fail at that sort of thing.

    There would be legal ways of doing stencils: wash off paint among them. I believe that there's even spray on chalk for sidewalk work.

    Stencils would also be great for easily making signs. I've done lettering with it but it's quite a chore.cutting out all those letters.

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