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Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by decker, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. decker Member

    Hey hey

    New here just an idea, people could make stickers to get more trafic here something like this:

  2. Dragononymous Member

    Seriously, no offence but..
    People don't trust QR-codes that much anymore thanks to evil people who used them to spread virus and malware material.
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  3. decker Member

    You cant spread viruses via QR-codes that requires that people do download it themself, malware only hit Android (as far as i know). But yeah you might have a point, I only know that where I live people are not over using them yet
  4. Dragononymous Member

    Linking a link to a link confusing people to click on ok on a pop/up ain´t hard..
    But once again, I´m not attacking you, I just ask you to be carefull.
  5. Pique Member

    Newbie hits the ground running. Props.
  6. DeathHamster Member

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  7. decker Member

    Yeah guess I should have searched before posting, but hey newbie will be newbie right ?

    @dragononymous I didn't take it as an attack, lots of people in Denmark where I from don't have a problem using qr's. But you are right the person that scan them should be careful, true... well well back to brainstorming
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  8. slobeck Member

    Just a thought. I don't actually think that just because some people won't use it (for whatever reason) isn't necessarily a good reason to not use them on stickers and whatnot. So what if less than 100% of people who have smartphones trust it? Plenty of people will. And since people are fucking lazy and won't remember or write down when they walk past a sticker on a pole outside a morgue, why not let lazy people who aren't paranoid about qr's have an EASY way to get here?
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  9. slobeck Member

    Seriously, tho. Good idea from noob is good. (and refreshing since it seems like it rains retards around here sometimes.)
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  10. Anonymous Member

    If they're stickers to just stick around the place then this is a good idea and I think this is what you mean.
    But for anything to hand out, make sure it has a URL as well as the majority of people won't use QR codes so most would go to waste if handed out.

    Stickers saying nothing but '' (like cards that say '') are also good as they appeal to curiosity.
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  11. slobeck Member

    mmm. They're OK, I guess. But a sticker with and nothing else is sort of a cheap marketing technique more than an effective way of driving traffic to the cause. First. It's a sticker. Getting them to the site from it involves them either remembering the url or writing down or using their smartphone to look it up right then and there. (really, the majority of phones in the world are NOT smartphones- just sayin') Like I said before, this is where the problem lies. People have the attention span of a gnat. They walk by see this and 1 in 10 people who see will be curious enough to think, "OK I'll remember that for later" ...5 seconds later... SQUIRREL!!! and poof! they've totally forgotten about the sticker.

    For cards I'd say they're prolly just as effective with and without QR's since people can put them in their pocket and keep it for later.

    tl;dr stickers with just url's dont work well because:
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  12. Anonymous Member

    You say that like it's a bad thing.
    Think the back of bus seats, the backs of toilet cubicle doors etc. Places people actually spend enough time to maybe look it up there and then. Not to mention on unsuspecting people's clothes, that's always a fun one.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Printed on transparent labels and then stuck to glass.
  14. slobeck Member

    do you remember the stickers stuck to the last bus you rode? didn't think so.
  15. Anonymous Member

    I said they'd do it there and then. People need shit to do on their commute.
    But if you insist it doesn't work, I must have been mistaken when I previously sat and watched it happen within minutes.
  16. slobeck Member

    w/e the point is why not use any available technique on a sticker that woul widen the audience as much as possible. A QR code is one way that when taken in aggragate with other things like URLs and maybe a catchy slogan is how you achieve that goal. Stickers with mysterious URLs make ME think that when i go to the url you're gonna sell me a Toyota or some shit and so I ignore them. So I still assert that in terms of drawing the MAXIMUM traffic to here via stickers is more efficiently achieved when the message is clear.

    Seeing one person do it on a bus once, doesn't really provide you with enough data to determine whether you have a good idea.
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  17. slobeck Member

    And while I'm at it, the above is a technique Scientology uses all day every day to back up it's wild claims.
  18. decker Member

    If that is so I suggest also making stickers with our qr-code and replacing the qr-code on CoS stickers.

    Unless i misunderstod you and you just meant that CoS use cheap tricks with slogans on public transportation etc. I have to admit i never use public transportation :(
  19. sooleater Member

    you mine QR code like this:
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  20. decker Member

    haha nice looking :)

    Anonymous Hamburg fb group :)
  21. DeathHamster Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    If you were on a bus or train for 10, 20, 30 minutes a day and saw a QR code sticker that said "scan for free (coffee, desert, drink, beer, appetizer etc)" from one of your favorite establishments... would you scan it? I would. I do all the time. They give QR code stickers away for free (.99 cents for shipping) at and I get a ton of scans on mine. They lead to our company facebook page and customers love them!
  23. slobeck Member

    no, I was saying that seeing one person look up a url from a sticker while on a bus as evidence that stickers with JUST a URL are something that everyone will do is like when Scientology uses the anecdotal experience of one person's "win" as evidence that the tech works for everybody.

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