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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Anonymous, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Multisanti Member

    Forums are forums. As long as they take what they give then all is good with me.
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  2. White Tara Global Moderator

    lol awesome, you will fit in well here then :D
  3. Multisanti Member

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  4. So I was told by a little birdie, Anonymous is at fault for the actions from North Korea. Was told that Amon is behind the issues at hand of blaming North Korea for hacking Sony and using GOP has their cover up. Is this true?
  5. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Can't wait to see the answers you get.
  6. Anonymous Member

    I didn't really understand the question, but I guess it's something like "Anonymous is responsible for something". Is that true? Dunno. Perhaps. Anyone can be Anonymous, anyone can do anything as Anonymous and not all Anonymous are responsible for all Anonymous activities.
  7. Ex-PatriotX Member

    I'm new here and not a big user of forums, so I'm not even sure if i'm posting in the right place. But I have been unable to get to the FAQ. I keep being redirected. I don't know if it's my browser or my ISP, or if U guys have to constantly move sites around. The reason I'm at this forum is because the same thing was happening when I tried to access what were listed as "Anonymous websites" using a web search. I know other sites I had saved for Anon (hackbloc) have been taken down or moved.

    So I don't know if anyone else is having this problem or what. But I don't know which questions I have are redundant until I can read your FAQ.
    One question I do have is "Do u have a URL for Anon?"
  8. Anonymous Member

    1. Yes, you are posting in the right place.
    2. <- this is FAQ thread, I suggest you read it to understand what Anonymous is and what it is not, and what WWP is and is not.
    3. Which URL did you use? I don't know of any WWP link that would keep redirecting you in a loop (if I didn't misunderstand you, that is the case).
    (wait, I think I might be getting the idea)
    OHHHH, I get it now. Do you mean that you encounter CloudFlare CAPTCHA page? If that's the case (if not, then sorry for messing it, but I somehow got a hard time trying to understand what you're writing about), this probably happens because you use proxy connection. CloudFlare is an anti-DDoS protection system, which asks you to complete the CAPTCHA to ensure you are not a bot. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for many (all?) people. Guess you'll have to change your proxy.
    4. No, we don't have to constantly move sites. This forum is all about legal activism and there is no reason for moving.
    As for hacking, we don't do that here. We only use legal means of protest. And if you're looking for a site for Anonymous activism, then you are here!
  9. Ex-PatriotX Member

    Also re:
    [QUOTESo I was told by a little birdie, Anonymous is at fault for the actions from North Korea. Was told that Amon is behind the issues at hand of blaming North Korea for hacking Sony and using GOP has their cover up. Is this true? ][/QUOTE]

    Your little birdie is an idiot. It's doubtful that Anon or N Korea had anything to do with Sony Hack. Most Cyber security people believe it to be an inside job. (I think it might be a publicity stunt). The FBI and the President are both idiots that want an easy scapegoat and/or a reason to fuck with N Korea
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  10. Ex-PatriotX Member

    Am I being censored, or am I just ignorant in using forum tools?
    I replied to the previous "little birdie" comment above using the quote button in the tool menu above and it never posted.
    Was I wrong in my technique or was I wrong for telling them their little bird was an idiot?
  11. White Tara Global Moderator

    No I tend to agree the little birdie is an idiot. :)
    if you click the reply button under the intended recipients post it should auto quote it for you
  12. Anonymous Member

    Are you using a desktop computer, a mobile phone or a tablet?

    Here's a link to Forum Specific Stuff:

    (I'm on a desktop. I tested the link above. It works for me.)

    As for quoting, first, select what you want to quote, then use the Quote Tool in the Toolbar.
  13. White Tara Global Moderator

  14. Ex-PatriotX Member

    OK thanks. I was able to go thru that link. I was redirected at the link at the index or title of this thread. Where it says read this first then come here (para phrasing).
    I'm not using a proxy just Firefox with request policy and no script add ons but I gave the permissions and still ended up at

    These are websites I tried to go to.,
  15. Ex-PatriotX Member

    Sorry about the censored thing I guess I'm just an idiot AND impatient.
    I'm not a hacker I'm just trying to stay informed of Anon activities and what's perceived as threats or actions needed.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Both links are situated on servers in the Republic Of Korea. There are no home pages at either one. Both are blank pages.
  17. pete Member

    Does anyone know how to teach certain skills to use on a certain device
  18. Anonymous Member

    Most rational literate people use Internet search engines to find information they are seeking.

    WWP isn't any kind of "teaching" enterprise. You may have have come to the wrong forum.
  19. Hey,
    I'm with you on that. It's amazing how much the media will withhold/ignore. Also there was a major release in New Mexico at the WIPP site, that no one is talking about. I still don't even know if they have it under control, but is was a big fire, major problems and of course disinfo missing info and bullshit. I will try to find site for U with NM info. Meanwhile here is a site with relevant info about Japan.
  20. You may find this recent news story interesting:
  21. Hey,
    Sorry to bother U guys again, this is purely technical.
    I'm actually Ex-PatriotX
    I tried to reply to Ifox on the Fukushima issue and the forum software would not let me until I changed my name to Kjax (see above message). I didn't know whose name they wanted, but I put in mine several times then Ifox's then I just made one up and it posted it. The same is happening now. It won't let me post with my uname. I get error message (roughly) "please enter a unique user name. User name already in use
  22. Anonymous Member

    Try the "Contact Us" link in the lower-right corner of the Forums page, to the left of "Home" and "Top."

    Explain your dilemma to the site admin there.
  23. Try to Log in with your Ex-PatriotX username.

    Click on "Log in" in the top left hand corner of the main page.
  24. Ex-PatriotX Member

    That is interesting. I hadn't even heard about the cyber attacks. Hard to say whether deaths were linked. Almost no info on actual deaths. Were they asphyxiated or not. Have to be a major Nitrogen leak to kill someone because it's non-toxic (and 70% of normal air). It would have to displace all the Oxygen.

    (I figured out why i couldn't answer as myself.)
  25. Ex-PatriotX Member

    Thanks. That is what I did.
  26. You're welcome.
  27. Anonymous Member

    is onal what I think it is? (oral+anal=onal)
  28. lol no
  29. Anonymous Member

  30. AnonWare Member

    How can I know if is there any active Anon in my location? (Mexico City)
  31. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Kinda hard question there, you may have to start your own cell man, with friends and family etc., try some of the social networking sites, grass-roots initiatives etc., depending on the cause you might find many like-minded people up for some Anon presence down there in the land of tacos and cacti, no idea, but do be careful, I know that life can be pretty cheap in Mexico, what with all the rampant government corruption, cartels, poverty, and insanity...
    You sort of asked a loaded, and potentially un-answerable question here, especially considering that the cult of CoS has been actively recruiting slaves/suckers from your nic' 'o the woods, just to mention one aspect.

    Be wary of Greeks bearing gifts, an old adage but applies everywhere imho.
  32. Yo_Autor Member

    • How I can see the votes that have my proposition (operation)?
    • In the operations, I can attack with Webhives or "the ping of the dead"?
  33. Yo_Autor Member

    How I can know what is the actual operation in Spain?
  34. Anonymous Member has a list of active cells, dunno however if there's a Mexican one.
  35. Anonymous Member

    1. NO.

    2. Use Die In A Fire.
  36. AN613 Member

    I am trying to find out if there is a group in my area. How do i do so?

  37. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Use the search bar for your state/ parish or big cities near you
  38. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi yo_Autor
    First - we are the part of Anonymous that is peaceful and legal. We don't act or plan ilegal actions like taking down websites. Maybe you are in the wrong forum. Next to find people in Spain use the search bar for your department or big city and also look at the Espana forum. You can post there and ask.
    Look at Albino Back's post.
  39. behemoth Member

    I have a few questions actually. I am trying to be safe online so I have TOR and am getting a VPN (a recommendation of a VPN would also be very helpful) will that be enough to protect my information?
    I know that this is a leaderless community and I love that but to accomplish what you have to accomplish you might need to have a strategy and somebody to implement it. I have no idea who that would be as I don't know shit and am new here lol
    And finally, has anyone ever been arrested for there association with anonymous without having hacked something?

    thank you.

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