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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Anonymous, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. Reymix Member

    Are we really on an anonymous forum?
    Our personal information " is really deprived '?
    Such are my questions.
    Why on a "anonymous" forum do we have to give our e-mail address, and in addition to that give our geo-localization?
    I been afraid that you are not real anonymous activists.
    (Translator, sorry bad english.)

  2. For full anonymity, you should:

    - use an anonymous web proxy to browse WWP (because linked image files are hosted off-site),

    - create an anonymous email address for signup purposes.

    You don't have to give your geographic location.
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  3. Hi Reymix, welcome. :)

    The mods will probably move your post to the Questions Thread, but I will try to answer your questions.

    WWP is not the same as anonymous. You have anonymity here as far as you take care to be anonymous. Yes, you had to give an email address to get the link to begin your account. That email address did not have to be one that is your regular address, or that has your real name as a part of it. The style of the forum allows you to post some information about yourself but users are encouraged to protect their privacy and anonymity by not posting information that can personally identify you. For example, I put on my profile that I am from Canada but no more detail than that. And Canada is a BIG place!

    If you have more questions go here
    And also look at the international forums to see if there is one in your language.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    This is not an Anon board say like a chan.
    There are just plenty of Anons here and others.
  5. telomere Member

    That's a good question, and I'll try to give a fair answer.

    Like most message forums with persistent user sessions- and unlike a "chan" style forum,
    this site requires requires a unique email address to register, for two main reasons:

    1) to have a persistent and stable token for password recovery
    2) to prevent automated bots from auto-registering and flooding

    There may be other reasons, but those are the big ones. The second reason far outweighs the first.

    I can certainly imagine other ways of managing it; with multiple captchas for example,
    but 'email address' is the standard and most widely used way of managing the situation.
    An alternative reg system would require custom code, and that brings other security risks.

    I imagine sue/da5id/poppins/le thought this through a long while ago, and there are probably
    other good reasons why we do things the old, boring way that I haven't even considered.

    I been afraid too, but fear is manageable.
    Try using this:
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  6. Anonymous Member

    It is by will alone i set my lulz in motion.
    From someones sig a while back
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  7. kilgoretrout Member

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  8. All I can suggest, at the moment, is to develop an understanding of on-line protesting. This can be done by lurking on threads like this one:

    If you visit the Village Voice Blog, "Runnin' Scared," while examining this thread, you'll get an idea of what I mean by "on-line protesting."

    This is all I can do for you for now, I'm too busy right now, being the hall monitor a few forums over.
  9. kilgoretrout Member

    The last couple of days have been really informative, I'm a little overwhelmed. There is a lot to sift through (I'm getting there). My brain is almost full, is there anything my body can do? If you say "read more" I will! (you're responsible for the clean up ;) P.S Brain will take more
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  10. kilgoretrout Member

    Ta! the Village Voice got me here, thank you for your help! I am glad you are busy, and I know I've been a lil help intensive the last few days. You've been awesome! Thanks Again
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  11. Moderators are here for the "help intensive." Carry on! ;)
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  12. kilgoretrout Member

    *tackle hug* you are the awsome
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  13. kilgoretrout Member

    a lil over the top, but not overdone. Seriously thanks!
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  14. uber noob over here with a lot of encapsulated constructivism
  15. Anonymous Member

    Do tell.
  16. i am amazed with what´s goin outside it is like when did thing happened? i even was called by the holy spirit
    to find the legion..
  17. Anonymous Member

  18. im sorry i didn´t expresss myself propperly i found wwp by chance and i started reading and it interested me a lot i dont really know what to protest about and stil want to learn a lot more ..
  19. Anonymous Member

    Have you discovered the core initiatives at WWP? If not, take a look at this:
  20. Anonymous Member

    Is there anyway I can change my name? I want to use my hacking Alias.
  21. Pique Member

    You cannot change your nic without signing up a new account and choosing a different nic.

    Also, hacking means different things to different people. Here's WWP approach:
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  22. Mutante Member

    Ok where do I sign up.
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  23. Dragononymous Member

    You don't
  24. Sign up for what?
  25. Anonymous Member

    I heard you DIAF.
    Welcome back.
  26. Anonymous Member


    Right here, cupcake.
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  27. Anonymous Member

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  28. kilgoretrout Member

    Hey, pretty sure that I have the best of the street level clinics filled in on Narconon ( they love that con is in the name) Is there anything I can do to inform a) the prison or b) people recently released. Was thinking the Elisabeth Fry Society angle. I'm in Kingston, and we have a lot of prisoners who are released to the population. Thanks in advance for any help (p.s this place is awesome)
  29. kilgoretrout Member

    was thinking Narconon and Criminon.
  30. Starting with the Elizabeth Fry Society is probably a good idea. They probably have a network of connections that they might be willing to share with you.

    Bravo on the street level Clinics project! Well done! I <3 it!
  31. kilgoretrout Member

    Ta! do you have any handy links to Criminon ? the last links (Narconon) were very helpful. E mail is easy to send via facebook links, and I have some people who would like to know more who'll never navigate web addresses. Something easy to print would be great!
  32. I don't have any such links to criminon to hand. I think that Google will be your friend with this. Try "criminon + canada" for starters. I just tried it and got about 55,400 results.

    Do you use WOT? I noticed that the majority of the links are to sites with BIG RED WOT Dots beside them. Red WOT Dots = very bad, very poorly rated sites. Approach with caution. Anonymously, by Proxy or VPN. Also, for quick and dirty anonymity, try this:
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  33. kilgoretrout Member

    I'm not sure what to do, I'm not tech clever. But I can follow simple instruction :) Sorry
    That was greek to me (if I knew how to ask for the bathroom in greek) I did go to your site, but being a general comptard meant I had know idea what an URL was or how to assign one. Ugh!
  34. telomere Member

    Ok, but
  35. Where is stated, Your URL:

    1. Into the field following the colon ':' after URL, paste a URL that you have copied.

    For example, you can copy a URL from the Google List that you are interested in visiting and paste that into that field I've described.

    2. At the end of the field that you paste your URL into, (the right side) you'll see a Button labelled "Generate URL"

    3. In the field immediately beneath the field you've just worked with, will be an anonymised URL that you can COPY and PASTE into an open browser window.

    5. Do that, tap the return key and voila, you are visiting the site anonymously.
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  36. telomere Member

    "URL" is internet-speak for "Web site address".

    For example, the URL of the "Why We Protest Forum" website is:

    WOT (aka "Web of Trust") is a handy tool that works inside your Internet Web browser,
    giving you some indication of what other-people-on-the-Network-at-large think
    about the reliability of websites you visit.

    It may not be obvious how WOT would actually protect and preserve your privacy,
    but generally, any site with a high WOT rating is unlikely to be harmful or malicious,
    and sites with a very low WOT rating are more likely to contain viruses
    or to compromise your security in other ways.

    It's no replacement for anti-virus software, but it can be helpful,
    particularly if you're looking at sites that may-or-may-not be controlled by mind-control cults.

    ex. a site with a red WOT badge is more likely to be under the control of Scientology, than a site with a green WOT badge.
    (Though there are exceptions, there too!)
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  37. URL = Uniform Resource Locator
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  38. kilgoretrout Member

    that makes it easier, ta!
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