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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Anonymous, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. kilgoretrout Member

    OH now I see now
    ! thanks! took me a moment there.
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  2. You're welcome! :)

    It takes time to lrn2internet. Usually, if we read what is printed on the page and try to identify a logic (it's a cyber logic) we can sort it out and find our way into the processes. Take your time. Ask questions. Keep searching.
  3. kilgoretrout Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    well heres a question, how do i find oyu guys on irc?
  5. adam zygote Member

    hello again. i've been coming to this site for a few weeks now. i found it on a search engine while looking to help OWS. at first i didn't understand the anti-scientology theme. i read most of dianetics fifteen or so years ago. i remember getting sucked in a bit at first and some of the views are still burned into my subconscious, but overall it just didn't stick. it was too kooky, too out there. i read about 3/4 of it before i put it down. i moved on to other things, the celestine prophecy series, the old and new testament, even freemasonry. i finally had to come to the conclusion that i am an atheist. i don't believe in any of it. i have never been to a scientology function, never been asked to go to one or to join. yet, some of the stories i've read here really gave me the creeps. stories about bugging homes and phones and people repeating supposed private conversations in front of you. i've experienced some of that. i've never been one to hold back what i'm thinking and i've spoke out against scientology in public more times than i can remember. but i speak out against pretty much all religions in public whenever the subject comes up. i am very much for the freedom of information and even more so for the freedom to own your own self, to not be misled or tricked or sweet-talked into a belief. i believe that pushing any of these religions on young children damages them and prevents them from ever reaching their full potential as a human being. i was brought up in a lutheran family and i always knew there was something wrong with that religion too. so i speak out, often, sometimes perversely and loudly against any type of control. and i've paid for it. i lived in a rural area in the northern midwest for a few years and it was terrible. everyone knew everthing i did or said. i swear i was being followed, wiretapped, photographed and videotaped. people i barely knew would repeat something i said in front of me. people knew things i did and places i went even when i told no one about these activities. there was a catholic presence in the area but they were different than other catholics i'd known. kind of cult like. they stuck together, were secretive yet very nosy, had families with ten or more kids, lived in secular communities. they weren't mean to me but they didn't like me. i was poor and could not get a job in the area because everyone talked and i was an outsider. at times these people made me really nervous. i stuck it out for three years and gave up. i loved the area, big northern woods, lot's of lakes, but i couldn't handle feeling like i was being watched and having my every move recorded so i moved. i don't know if there were any scientologists in the area but the stories on this site really gave me the creeps. i guess i identify. i am not a friend of scientology, i think hubbard was a nut. i believe the stories of persecution i've read here because i know it can happen. i guess that's why i keep coming back and why i feel that i want to help. so, there it is, that's why i'm here. freedom of information and freedom from persecution and harassment. where do i start?
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  6. Anonymous Member

    The oyu guise are always in disguise. Very hard to find.
  7. Step 1: For your own happiness, move away from Bumfuck, Nowhere and go live in a big city.

    Step 2: Browse the boards, read some old threads. Lurk awhile.

    Step 3: Take part in some Anonymous activities, such as 'real life' anti-Scientology protests or online research and lobbying.

  8. adam zygote Member

  9. You're serious, right?

    I could put on my troll suit at this point, but you're new so no, no trolling of the n00b tonight.

    It's a misspelling made by the poster that asked the question about the whereabouts of certain IRC users.
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  10. adam zygote Member

    lol. i thought it was an abreviaition for something. you're right, i am a noob. please don't troll me until i'm better able to defend myself. lolx2.
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  11. Hello, anyone can me tell what are the project in privacy?

  12. Pique Member

    Can you be more specific with your question?
  13. I want to help you with facebook but i don't want speak here only in privacy
  14. We don't need any help with facebook that I am aware of.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    This may be of interest.
    They were let off lightly due to the planned 100 billion dollar float on the stock exchange next year.
  16. Sonichu Moderator

    This forum supports Private Messaging if that's what you were wondering. As for a Facebook OP, there is always talk about it, but I've yet to see anything ever solidify.

    Feel free to try yourself, There is no harm in trying.

    Remember the 5th of November? Yeah me either, because nothing happened, that's why. That was the latest buzz but nothing came of that.
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  17. lillylou Member

    Hi th ANNON,

    I"m what ? I don't have my eyes in front of the screen or what?
    I'm on Mac .... yep sorry a dream my pc is far from me... but i cannot found back IRC for mac... i have on my other MAC NOT HERE OF COURSE....any links someone have ? thanks its getting me crazy
  18. Sonichu Moderator

    I'm sorry I don't understand your question.... is it something along the lines of:

    "I'm on a mac and having problems connecting to an Internet Relay Chat (IRC)?"
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  19. telomere Member

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  20. Which media companies (such as CNN, Reuters) are actually worth the time reading/watching and are trustworthy and fact-checking, and which ones should I avoid (besides Fox)?
  21. Sonichu Moderator

    Well as a matter of preference, I actually follow CNN. They can almost do it right, and they report enough news that they tend not to report false statements.

    Pieces written about Opinion seem pretty good to me, mostly because then you are hearing someone's commentary, and they aren't trying appease anyone.

    Anonymous tends to be pretty good about posting stories here. In fact, I seem to hear about my news fastest from Anonymous. Case and Point, when the OWS started, Anonymous was having posts about the disorganized nature before any national coverage got into it.

    Ultimately, though, fact checking is something you have to do, NEVER take a story at face value. Always remember when people make claims, "Dox of STFU" i.e. show me your sources or shut the fuck up.

    And in lieu of actual Sources, look for corroborating evidence.

    i.e. Claim, "Scientology hurts people" in lieu of finding actual prosecutable evidence, finding 1600 people who are talking about how Scientology ruined their lives might cover the "dox or STFU" rule.
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  22. Pique Member

    Also, in addition to 'is MSM getting the facts of the story right?', there is another issue: 'are they even reporting the story at all?'
    Multiple news sources, increasingly focused on on-line, raises my confidence level that I'm getting a better overall picture.
    I will do a shout-out to excellent Public Broadcasting, both BBC and CBC. Though even with those organizations there are gaps and spins in some coverage imho.
  23. Sonichu Moderator

    Oh and the Baloney Detection kit:

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  24. telomere Member

    This is not the right place to ask about LOIC.
    There is no "right place" to ask about LOIC, other than your local Police.

    But if you want Linux, ubuntu is a safe bet.
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  25. lillylou Member

    All for me, sorry , its my brother's first name , but sorry for the oops never again
    ok for ubuntu thanks
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  26. AnonEsp3 Member

    Do we got a forum for discussing thoughts about some new operations, or is that some other with higher "rank" inside the Anonymous Commonity that will do that? I wanna know more about how Anonymous communicate.
  27. The Off Topic Forum is a place for discussion of "new operations." There are no official rankings amongst the WWP Anonymous Community, but some do troll better than others. ;)

    Here's the Off Topic Forum Link:
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  28. I was recommended to post my questions here. So here they are, what can I as a user do? How could I help? Also, is there any type of activity with Westboro Baptist Church? Also thanks to Jacky Blue Note for being welcoming.
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  29. I'll address your questions in the order in which they were posed.

    1. A user can obtain a robust orientation to the WWP site by examining the initiatives forums, found here:

    2. If an initiative appeals to a member, that member can help by making contributions to where they are needed by reading threads and posts on that part of the forum.

    3. There is no WWP initiative specific to the Westboro Baptist Church.

    You're welcome! :)
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  30. telomere Member

    WBC is mostly moribund, so it's tough finding ways to troll them.
    Most of the times they threaten to picket or protest some event, they chicken out - so it's hardly worth bothering to counter them.

    When rarely, there's good reason to expect Westboro WILL stop by for a visit,
    local Anons have been known to backraid, pants have been shat.
    Do a search for "westboro" on the forum (Search box is top-right-hand side of the WWP page).
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  31. @telomere True, if you do think on a full spectrum, they are a grain of sand in a desert. And thanks AGAIN Jacky.
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  32. Randomness Member

    Where the fuck is my Thunderdome?
  33. Check your inbox.
  34. I'm sure this is a legit Anon Operation, but I want the details on what its all about, so what IS Operation Mayhem? And furthermore, what is the latest on the SOPA ordeal? Not sure if this is the correct area to put this, however I'm sure Jacky will tell me =D Its an honor to be united.
  35. I've never heard of Operation Mayhem.

    Details of WWP? WWP Anonymous grew out of 4Chan/Chanology:

    Here's a simple diagram of what I'm explaining:


    Anonymous is vast & multi-faceted. It is also an idea.

    WWP is a web site for the WWP Anonymous Initiatives. WWP Anonymous is not involved with, or even aware of every conceivable activity and operation that Anonymous in its entirety might be involved with.

    As for SOPA, I suggest you try out the WWP Search Functions at the top right area of a page, or the Search Forums Option on the left side of a page.
  36. We have plenty of Soca, if that's any help?

  37. Thank you for your reply. And, curious, how DOES Anonymous coordinate then? Where's the headquarters. the top dogs? I realize that Anonymous is NOT just hackers, but people like me, the average Joe. This morning I perceived this random idea, however I'm not sure if its worth it, I wish I had someone to confide in about it. Ideas?
  38. Headquarters? Top dogs? I think that you need to do some serious lurking and learning.

    For starters, perhaps if you gave some thought to this situation: all of this is taking place in a networked, digital communications environment.

    It is no place and everywhere at the same time. The coordination takes place naturally, or as natural as it can be in this technology intensive environment.
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