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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Anonymous, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. Lwo Member

  2. HOC Member

    Yeah, I believe that was an #antisec operation by some people going under the banner of anonymous. We on this forum however do not condone illegal activities.
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  3. Lwo Member

    Ok, thx for the answer.
  4. HOC Member

    No problem. :)
  5. Hi, KuroRyu Genhosama. Welcome to WWP!

    If you are interested, WWP has a French Language Forum:

    If you have any questions about the site, the initiatives, or anything else, please use this thread:;)

    Thank you.
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  6. Hi, julius.menil. Welcome to WWP!
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  7. Hello, Neuko. Welcome to WWP!
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  8. MakeAMovement Member

    I guess what I was trying to ask was how can I put it in a way that they won't be confused or outraged that I go against my government? How do I say it in a manner that would make them trust me?
  9. Anonymous_89 Member

    Hello I'm Anonymous, and I'm from Las Vegas. Better late than never yes ? Yes :). I'm new to this. But I'm an asset. Nice to know you all !
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  10. PayCo Member

    the name is PayCo, i am here to help in way i can. i stand along side all of you.
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  11. Hi, PayCo. Welcome to WWP!
  12. telomere Member


    If you are looking for something to do, a great place to start would be getting familiar with what and how we do:

    If you have questions:

    Once it starts making sense, feel free to jump in to any section that seems worthwhile.

    Wherever you stand, Anons are probably already near.
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  13. Greetings, my nickname as you see is CosmoHechicero, i think the purpose of the movement is to be anonymous so i hope you don't mind about my name. I will try to support any movement from the site, We're ninety-nine percent and this for a better change!. A Friend.
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  14. Hello, Cosmohechicero. Welcome to WWP, and thank you for joining!
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  15. NoOneYet Member

    Greetings, Anonymous, I am Anonymous too, I am NoOneYet =) I'm newfag so I don't know some rules and some knowledge, I need your help, anons.. =)
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  16. Greetings, NoOneYet! Welcome to WWP!

    I suggest you start with the New Member Area:

    If you have questions about the site, the initiatives or anything else, please use this thread:

    This thread is very important! Please read it:

    Thank you!
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  17. Fantomen Member


    I am Fantomen, the phantom, please to meet you.

    I´m a Swedish person, parent, lover and activist. I work as a filmmaker and project leader. I like cheese, art and technology.

    I subscribe to the agendas of economic equality, open borders, freedom of information, climate justice, economic justice, the unconditional implementation of human rights globally, decentralization of power, the deconstruction of sexual, cultural and institutional norms and structures, and intellectual honesty.

    I haunt the backstage of Swedens political opera. Practically speaking, I take part in organisations that help hidden refugees, sabotage weapons and generally engage in direct action for progressive change. I recently engaged in the swedish occupy movement, and found my way here through various viral web whispers verifying validity of virtually valiant vigilantes.

    So now I'm here. I hope to be of help and find opportunities for cooperation, and friends maybe.

    You look very beautiful today btw.

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  18. Pique Member

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  19. Jordinho Member

    Hello, I want to be part of the 99%...there is anymore day where i don't think to the extreme poverty of the world, the money we lost for useless ends, the 1% who gets back some, the soldiers we send in foreign countries to control what we do not belong to, the students who makes 10 years of studying to don't have nothing after, the teachers we lay off, the immigrants conditions, the flora and fauna we destroy, the cars i think about "goods" (it's me who judges that) averages to stop that.
    Spread, take action, be Anonymous.
    I'm not a hacker so i'll help as i'll can, i will give my life for the earth who see me born.

    *sorry for my bad english (i'm french, you understand)
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  20. Start a conversation ! bring up a topic of any kind and bring the new comers together. Although being new to WWP I am not so new to Anonymous I would like to speak to other anons and dissuss what we as anonymous can start doing.
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  21. Pique Member

    Bienvenue Jordinho. We have a French forum if you wish and you can also introduce yourself there.

    Also this is a good thread to start with:
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Welcome and please feel free to lurk more.
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  23. underattack Member

    Don't know how to do ANYTHING on a site like this. We have been attacked and harassed to death by this cult/gang and their criminal associates. Need help and info desperately. This old man (and his wife) have about given up hope. Anyone else know of private citizens being attacked by members/gangs of this scum?
  24. Pique Member

    If you are being attacked and harassed the best advice would be to go to the Law Enforcement authorities in your location.

    Take a few moments and write down all the details of the harassment you can possibly think of. Give a copy to LE. From now on write the exact details of any additional instances. If you can, take digital photos of evidence.

    Good luck!
  25. Pique Member

    Because all people are imperfect and have a mix of good attributes and not so good. Including you and me.

    They do have awesome protests don't they! And sue has the patience of Job.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    So little time, so many mistakes, already. I'm old and this is all totally new to me. Don't know how to navigate thru here or how to comport myself while I am here. That said, I have a long story about and have been fighting against(and losing everything) this cult and a gang run by a cult member for five years. Have posted on another thread, but, naturally, I can't recall which one. Briefly, members of this cult will do anything to anybody they want to using all the same techniques and tools and fools and scum to harass any one they want to in any way they want to. Our home and our lives have been trashed. Anyone else? What to do? Me? OLD!, far left populist, battered, beat up, ripped off, hard core blue-collar, "highly" educated(for free), well-read but not well-rounded. Be forewarned, I am extremely desperate and extremely angry. And more bloody minded than an evangelicals god. Peace to those who deserve or EARN it.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Good intentions, wrong advice. Have done that and gone to court at their instigation. Local LE, small town, rural, corrupt pigs, laugh their ass off and tell us to move. These people have hooked up with(crimanon?) the local white trash on the street, in the bushes scum, that flourishes in rural USA. The people around here and LE have made THIS place an haven for criminals. If u can, please read other post. I think, I KNOW, as do you(I hope), that common people have been targeted by this cult and its adherents. Ruined lives, ruined homes, ruined business, suicide... IF LE was effective and fair and unbiased there would be, virtually, no need for WWP, or ANON. Verdad? They have, literally, dozens of people in this tiny community with phones and cameras. My wife and I are alone. That is what cowards do isn't it? Isolate and attack, spread lies, lie to LE, litigate to death. Hell, this comes straight out of a cult meeting and cult doctrine. No, I'm looking for more of the same and I think this organization should be willing to address the illegal activities of Scientologists, especially if it is aided and abetted by the church and its doctrine. I bet this f'ing cult knows me AND MY WIFES name......
    Thanks for what you do and for what and who you represent,
    I'm old, but I'm driven
  28. Pique Member

    A couple of things:

    Criminon is a scientology program (allegedly) designed for rehabilitating criminals with Hubbard's teachings.
    Is that the context in which you refer to crimanon? Are you suggesting a scientology connection with your situation?

    Also I have sent you a Private Message, click 'Inbox' upper right.
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  29. droW kcaB Member

    Hey Theblackprince! I'm a random anon and I would like to discuss what you have on your mind.
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  30. Assala Member

    Hey guise!! My name is Assala, and I'm pretty excited to be here. However, I'm quite new (just joined about 45 minutes ago) so, yes, I will be requiring (did I spell that right?) Some assistance. But I'm a fast learner, so I'll be good in no time! :D
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  31. Pique Member

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  32. Hi, Assala. Welcome to WWP!

    WWP has a rather well laid out subforum for new members. You can find it all here:

    This thread is important, so please, read it:

    If you have questions about the site, the initiatives or anything else, please use this thread:

    Thank you! And have a nice day! :)
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  33. Assala Member

    Hey guys,
    I'm in highschool, so I shall not be able to participate in any protests for a little while longer. However, before that time comes, I do have some questions.

    1. Since we ARE anonymous, I will be needing a mask, at some point or another. Where can I purchase one? Will any 'ol mask do?

    2. Where can I see the locations and times for the protests?

    Thanks guys,
    New Anon.
  34. Masks can typically be found at stores that specialize in costumes, masks and party decorations. A kerchief or bandana type scarf makes a good mask for the lower face. With a hat & sunglasses, it's a powerful masking technique.

    Watch the Planning Threads for locations/times of protests:
  35. telomere Member

    Also use the WWP search box (Upper-right corner of WWP page)
    and try the name of your city or region (or a large city nearby).

    And if you do not see one for your location, create a new thread!
    Make one, and just maybe others will join you.
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  36. Assala Member

    Hey guys, I have one more question.

    So, I've known about Anonymous for the past couple years, and most of the information I have gained has told me one thing: That Anonymous is mainly comprised of professional hackers that can easily take down complex websites.
    Is this true? Because I have NO idea how to hack anything, but if I am required to do so, I can give it a shot.
    So, should I learn to hack?
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  37. Nope. Not mainly comprised of "hackers" in the pejorative sense of the term today.

    If you've read that "New To WWP" post by Miranda, you should know by now that WWP is about LEGAL and peaceful protesting.

    DDoS attacks of any kind are illegal in most parts of the world and WWP doesn't condone any illegal activities. And there are no "under the table" illegal activities of any kind taking place at WWP.

    If by "learn to hack" you mean learn how computers and networked digital communications environments (like the Internet) work, I think such a question comes down to what a particular person's interests are.

    If you are interested in learning about computers and the Internet, then yes, by all means, pursue obtaining an education about those things.

    Remember, anonymous is an IDEA. It has been around for a long time. Anonymous Donors, Anonymous Benefactors, Anonymous Authors and Anonymous Tipsters. Goes all the way back to ancient Greek times.

    Digital Anonymous mostly coincides with the creation of 4Chan on the Internet, in 2003. WWP emerged out of Chanology, which emerged out of 4Chan.

    WWP and 4Chan are Web Sites. Anonymous is an idea, and for many, an identity (or non-identity).
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  38. Sonichu Moderator

    Not really anyway, I mean this is what your typical Anon from /b looks like:

    View attachment

    And this isn't even the worst of it.

    No, most Anons don't know how to hack. Even in the case of "Taking down Complex websites" their usual modus operandi is via a brute force attack, via LOIC where strength in numbers is all that's needed.
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  39. Datalove Member

    I was strolling on the forum and I found this thread and I have never presented my self here. So now I do it.
    I'm living in France currently (I was posting on the French forum).
    I love Datalove (you can lurk this site : I take my avatar on google image :p).
    By the way, I'd like to post on the forum but I'm not too much confident in my English (and it seems to be a little tense now :() so if you have any tips, I'd like to know it (I don't want to make any mistake) please send me private message, which seems to be called conversation (correct me if it's not right :)).
    Well I think that's all, thanks. :)
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