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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Anonymous, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. Hi, Datalove. Welcome to WWP.

    If you are not confident with English, I suggest that you post in the French Forum, until you feel confident with your second language.

    Protip: Posts on WWP Forum threads don't need to be perfect. Mistakes are allowed. ;)
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  2. Datalove Member

    Ok, thanks Jacky Blue Note. :)
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  3. Well, i have some questions.
    We suppose to assist to 'Anonymous Reunions'?
    How i can support on the 'ATTACK'? (By attack i mean, how you hack people, is there a thread send me please.)
    I have some ideas for Mexico, is there a 'special' Mexican thread?
    Thanks. A friend.
  4. No HACKING done here! Only Legal, Peaceful Protesting.

    I don't know anything about "Anonymous Reunions." Perhaps another WWP Member or Moderator can answer this question.

    Here is a Planning thread for a protest in Mexico:éxico-centro.97902/

    And one more:éxico-centro.97902/
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  5. telomere Member

    The closest thing I can find is:

    or possibly

    (German Chanology. Possibly an op: relating to the constitution of the European Union.
    But where you could find a WWP member or a Moderator who speaks German, I really don't know.)
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  6. Thanks. (Between i found it)
  7. telomere Member

    good luck with your PA request against Nieto ;)

    We will also be happy to forward any information about "hack attack" against the Mexican government or political candiates
    to Felipe Calderon, and Cc: the Governor too.
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  8. Dragononymous Member

    Hmm, been a while since I posted here...
    I see the "Community Moderators" have taken the job of saying Elloh!

    Welcome anyways little grasshoppers, I hope you will all become strong protesters :)
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  9. aloh. I´m Paranoia Eterna and i want to help, i´m not from USA but i´m still American, i work as a Graphic Designer so, if there is something i can
    do, just say it.
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  10. Hello, paranoia eterna. Welcome to WWP!

    Graphic Design??? I fucking love Graphic Design!!!

    Perhaps I can interest you in the WWP Production Studio, found here:

    If you have questions about the site, the initiatives or anything else, please use this thread:

    Thank you! And have a nice day!
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  11. telomere Member


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  12. Anonymous Member

    Name the community, please?

    From what you write, it sounds as though you might be suffering from paranoid delusions, rather than actual contact from the cult.

    If so then you have my sincere sympathy, but there's not much we at WWP can do to help, other than advise you to seek medical assistance.
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  13. Anonymonche44 Member

    Hey ! I'm Anonymonche44 ! I'm Anonymous
    I am french and I would like to be useful to you !
    Sorry for my bad english !
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  14. Pique Member

    Welcome Anonymonche44. We have a French forum and you can introduce yourself there too. :)
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  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. Jake9812 Member

    I'm new to Anonymous but i always support them Now i guess i can be part of them
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  17. 4pertur3 Member

    not to interested in saying anything about myself i like to stay silent and get straight to new here....finished
  18. Pique Member

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  19. Jake9812 Member

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  20. Jake9812 Member

    What is the most up to date event in the United States? I heard of Operation Blackout.
  21. N30N Member

    Hey guys im new to this whole seen, recently started dabbling in network security. Im pretty decent and i learn incredibly quickly. Id love some advice on what i should be learning/doing to get a better knowledge base. Thanks everyone!
  22. I think that Google might be your friend with this one, Jake. I have no idea. Beyond keeping track of the WWP Anonymous Initiatives, it is difficult to find the time to be watchful of each and every other anonymous operation.

    Our OWS (Occupy Wall Street) Initiative has a few threads and posts that coincide with some anon ops. The most recent one I'm aware of is the antisec penetration of Stratfor.
  23. Hi, N30N. Welcome to WWP!

    WWP Anonymous is all about legal, peaceful protesting and hosts four initiatives. You can see those here:

    If you're looking for a site specific to hardware and software initiatives, I must inform you that you've perhaps come to the wrong place.
  24. Spider Brown Member

    I can't remember whether I introduced myself already. I'm Spider Brown. And you're not.
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  25. Hi, Spider Brown. I can't remember either.

    Whatever the case, welcome to WWP, and enjoy your stay. You can leave your hat on.
  26. 4pertur3 Member

    someone who cannot remember something so simple has little to no self sufficient capabilities.....
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  27. Spider Brown Member

    Don't even get me started, man.
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  28. Himitsu Kaji Member

    Hello, everyone. You may call me Kaji. I came to this site hoping to become more involved actively in protests and things. I have been having some trouble starting, though.
    I'll dabble around until someone points me in the right direction.
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  29. Hello, Himitsu Kaji. Welcome to WWP!

    If you start here, and read the posted threads, you will obtain a good orientation as a new member:

    If you have questions about the site, the initiatives or anything else, please use this thread:

    Thank you!
  30. telomere Member

    I'm thinking more of the guy who put up with Job's bitchin' & whalin'
    and only took one day of vacation, the last 13 billion years.
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  31. Gawashita Member

    Hello I am Gawashita and want to support and be involved with anonymous. I feel the govenment has grown to believe it's people are foolish sheep who when told any lie will believe and follow. We need to wake up the masses and show them how the governments and billionaire companies of the world are constantly lying to us and taking our money for their own corrupt uses.
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  32. Izula Member

    Hi FREEDOM_REY Welcome to WWP !
    You should post a new thread (unless there's already one) about the civilians who were killed, here it's only to introduce yourself :)

    Hello Gawashita and welcome here !
    There is a OWS forum here if you want :

    If both of you have any questions
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  33. ANONlou Member

    hi, i'm a new anon.
  34. ANONlou Member

    hi, im a new anon.
    im from germany.
  35. Orson Member

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  36. Pique Member

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  37. FREEDOM_REY Member

    Oki got it :) thank you very much
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  38. occupyth3w3b Member

    Brothers and sisters, th3 time is now. Th3 corporations and politicians have to much control and input in our lives. If we fight for a common goal of fr33dom and ending censorship, then maybe when our kids have kids they can use the internet for as much good as we have. "Land of the Free? Whoever told u that is your enemy!"

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