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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Anonymous, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. Pique Member

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  2. Hello , I'm a new voice here and I'm against Scientology I think it's the most brainwashing religion on this planet I'm here on the right way .

    I'd like to introduce myself the anonymous example .

    I'm a stratergist , very strong minded , random .

    I use computers all day , I program .
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  3. Hello, ANONYMOUSEXAMPLE. Welcome to WWP!

    If you have any questions, ask here

    Thank you.
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  4. Diana Member

    Hello! I am Diana from Romania.I'm glad to join you guys and help how I can!
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  5. Please explain to me how I use the whole forum , can anyone track me on my real location ?

    How do I know I'm secure ?
  6. As for your first question, I suggest that you start here:

    As for security and privacy on-line, that is a problem you are faced with solving. Perhaps other WWP Members can help you with that issue.

  7. Ok I will try from my side a secure network , maybe a new proxy ...

    Ok I'll have it done .

    But I was reading and WWP takes no illegal actions , so I'm sure I'm pretty safe . But to be on the safe side ... I'll take the secure network lulz.
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  8. Yes, WWP is about Legal, Peaceful Protesting. Illegal activities and discussion of illegal activities are off the table at WWP.

    VPNs and Proxies offer strong security. So do strong passwords.
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  9. Much appreciated thank you :)

    I'll be around more often ;-)
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  10. telomere Member

    This doesn't really address your security, but as far as SAFETY goes
    • if you have not been active in public criticism of Scientology in the past
    • if you have not been an active member of Scientology in the past
    then you will not be on their radar, and there is small chance they will track you down and harass you in real life. If you begin making noise today, and are loud enough, it's barely possible they will be bothered enough to go after you but OSA weakens, every 2pm on Thursday. As a new public critic, you're very likely safe.

    If you are an Ex, or someone else who OSA already knows about, they may try the usual silliness, but their ability to harm you diminishes with every wheeze from DM's prescription inhaler.


    what Jacky said.

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  11. Thank you again , I have not been involved in anything involving anyone .

    But I heard of this group for a while , I joined today .

    And I hated Scientology for what they do tp people .

    Thank you again , I'll take all the advice you guys have posted

    Have a great day .
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  12. telomere Member

    Then you should be OK.

    Your forum handle on WhyWeProtest (choosing a name you've never used before) is an excellent start.

    and welcome
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  13. number9 Member

    Hey! I'm Number9 from Germany. Iam pretty sure i can help you guys.
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  14. makoza Member

    Hello people
    Im from the UK, which is at the heart of the NWO i believe im new to this site but definelty not new to this conspiracy it first started when i was researching common law and it clicked, i thought to myself why do the government have so much legislation which contradicts common law. Ive been researching for about 8 month now about the pagan, ancient eygyption and babylon religions which has finally brought me here to a group which is hopefully fighting against the beast which is controlling our world.
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  15. Pique Member

    Hello makoza. Welcome to WWP. :)

    You can find forums on various WWP initiatives here
    If you have questions
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  16. G'day. Welcome to WWP.

    I'm afraid your hope may be in vain, if you're looking for 'New World Order' - type consipiracy theorists. That's not us.

    You'd be more likely to find kindred spirits over here:
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  17. Izula Member

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  18. one_more_ane Member

    hi, i'm one_more_ane , no reason for coming here, should i have one? but i'm here and want to visit . and no, i'm not from U.S.A or italy or CHINA , or ... i'm as all of you, from the world.
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  19. Izula Member

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  20. Hi there, one_more_ane. Welcome to WWP.

    You are welcome to visit. Enjoy your stay! :)

    If you have questions about the site, the initiatives, or anything else, please use this thread:

    Thank you!
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  21. Izula Member

    I think I'll stop welcoming newcomers ... I'm so stressed thinking "will I be faster than JBN ? Hurry up !!!"
    Just kidding :D
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  22. I believe that our collective presence and acknowledgements flatter our New Members! ;)
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  23. Pique Member

    hey team
    quit fagging up the intro thread :D
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  24. Hi, my new alias, I am appreciative of any assistance.
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  25. Pique Member

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  26. Anonydeth Member

    Greetings. I am Anonydeth. The good people of Quebec need your help. There is an insidious and corrupt organization over here called the D.P.G. that must be stopped. They are hurting and killing the very children they are supposed to be protecting. Rather than post all the info here like a lazy ass, I will have a look around your homestead and determine exactly how an Initiative is properly instigated. I wish I could say that I am happy to be here, but I am not. The very fact that ANY of us are here speaks volumes about the desperate state of corruption and deceit that we have allowed ourselves to be bamboozled into. Keep up the excellent work, Brothers. I am Anonydeth.
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  27. Greetings, Anonydeth. Welcome to WWP!

    Good plan to examine the WWP Initiatives before you start requesting that WWP Anonymous become your personal army.

    If you have a project, you had better have solid documentation/evidence to present your initiative with.

    If you have questions about the site, the initiatives, or anything else, please use this thread:

    Thank you!
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  28. telomere Member

    and thanks for taking the time to have a look around first.
    Anons come in all colors, shapes and sizes, and have a broad range of interests
    but that breadth means that not every "new idea" will be accepted by every Anon
    as a priority to take action - because we cannot and will not agree.

    But even if you only find a few others (or none) who share your concerns,
    there is still room for you to share them, and you're extremely welcome in raising the issues
    that others may or may not find applicable to themselves.

    Only this:
    Why We Protest supports discussion of legal, peaceful, and responsible activism.
    For help with anything illegal, talk to an attorney, instead.
    For advice on Canadian law, your attorney would still know better.
    However, discussion of such law, opinions, problem sharing and problem solving, could be something we're up for.

    is that group you're referring to - D.P.J. ?
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  29. Folklorin Member

    Hello everybody
    Greets from Wikileaks
    Hoping to enjoy time with u
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  30. Anon_Ergo Member

    I'm Ergo, from France, I'm on WWP for a few weeks but I ever stayed in the French section. Now I'm making a step forward !
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  31. Welcome to the English Language Forums, Anon_Ergo!
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  32. Folklorin Member

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  33. Anonydeth Member

    COOOOL! Welcome! Cuis fier de te voir mon frere!
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  34. Folklorin Member

    Ok welcome on board
  35. Pique Member

    Well this is easy, now all the newfags are welcoming each other. ;)
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