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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Anonymous, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. emilia Member

    tu sais parler français
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  2. Hello all looking forward to helping the cause......................
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  3. emilia Member

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  4. ************ Member

    Hi sorry for my english. I'm new, but read to take my gun of freedom and my blade of peace to be a brother of the fight for a better world. I want to hope that we are the way to perform it.
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  5. Hi, ************. Welcome to WWP!

    I see that you have located the WWP French Forum!
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  6. NanMouse Member

    Hello, I'm Nan Mouse. I'm new. How do you do?
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  7. Hello!
    I am new on this forum and I look for people with who to share some ideas.
    Excuse me because I do not very well speak English.
    Thank you for your reception! ;)
  8. Welcome to WWP!

    If you're more comfortable in another language, we have a selection here:
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Hello dear Anonymous, I've been following the USA:s way to act far too long now. Here in Sweden there has been changes in the law like the changes USA made to be able to catch Pirates. I'm tired of just standing by the side watching while they ruin kid's life's with depts they'll never be able to pay. Just because they are too oldfashioned to understand the true nature of the internet. Free information, fast envolving and a huge socialnetwork.
    I'm part-owner in a computer-company here in sweden, I've sat down and diskussed this topic with the other owners and we have come to the decision to support your acts to try to stop this insanity whom USA are trying to perform. Naturally does our support have limits since we can't damage our own company, but we do have potential to help you bring some chaos and to broadcast your message here in Sweden.
    Please contact me thro:
  10. Hello. Welcome to WWP!

    Please read this posting:

    You will find the Freedom Of Information Forum here:
  11. yachiru_chan Member

    hello i'am a new anonfroggy !
    I hope i will can fight with all of you .
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  12. yachiru_chan Member

    thanks it's done ;)
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  13. Xmaf Member

    Hi I'm new here. Hello all :). I speak Czech and English broken.
    How can I help you
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Hey i have.just joined dont know how can i start or what can i do fir anonymous please somebody help me
  15. Hi, Anon. Welcome to WWP!

    Depends on what you might be interested in doing. Here are the WWP Initiatives:

    Take your pick.

    If you have any questions about the Initiatives, the site, or anything else, please use this thread:

    Thank you!
  16. Grim Myth Member

    Hello, I have just joined both this forum and the official Wikileaks forum and am willing to help in any way possible. Let me know if there's anything that you think I could be better in. I am an American who is interested in making huge changes in the way that we do education.
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  17. Hello, Grim Myth. Welcome to WWP!

    WWP Anonymous has a very important Initiative that is focused on the efforts of scientology to infiltrate the education systems everywhere.

    Perhaps this will align with your interests:
  18. Grim Myth Member

    I will look into it, thanks.
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  19. Ethan Cross Member

    I was thinking of joining before but I never did push through with it. Only when megaupload fell (which caused a lot of file hosting sites to remove some of their contents) did I finally decide to join on in. You have my full support.
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  20. Morelin Member

    Hi guys. I´m Morelin. I´m from Czech Republic. We know you here as well. And you have a support of many people here in our small country in fuckin EU.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Lots of new international members. Nice
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  22. Blackwells Member

    Hi ! I'm french and i'm new here :)
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  23. adamwwy Member

    Helo. I'm from Poland. Time has come for fight.
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  24. Sonichu Moderator

    Welcome to all the Newfags! I understand most of you are international, which is always welcome.

    Be aware that Anonymous uses a lot of strange English terms, so if you aren't sure about something, Please ask us.

    Otherwise, We do have different language forums, if you would feel more comfortable discussing ideas in your native tongue.

    One last note I'm legally required to mention (not really I'm Just teasing) is to remind you that this website plans only Peaceful, legal ways of protesting. Discussing illegal tactics on this forum is a sure way of getting your post deleted and being noticed by the Moderators. Please do not plan illegal activities here. This does in fact also include DDOS, there is none of that.

    Other than that, Welcome to the forums, so glad to have you here, and never hesitate to ask further questions.

    -the Cmod Staff
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  25. Crus Member

    Hello, I am young man from Poland. I hope, we all from all countries of world, we win war of freedom :).
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  26. Dragononymous Member

    You must be kidding.. You got your own handle now?
  27. Sonichu Moderator

    No It's like saying, "On behalf of the Community Moderator staff"

    i.e. all the Cmods
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  28. Abendsen Member

    Because of the recent events, i finally decided to join this community. I'm french and hope that i'll help the fight for freedom.

    By the way, sorry for my English, i understand it quite well but i still got some trouble to write it well.
  29. Hi, Abendsen. Welcome to WWP!

    WWP has a French Language Forum, here:
  30. Rowillie Member

    Hello I'm new, I'm Rowillie!

    I believe the internet is a tool to spread knowledge for EVERYONE! We should avoid it being turned into a commercialized piece of censorship like TV. Everything should be discussed about, dont be ashamed! Discuss the NWO, discuss Illuminati, discuss what they dont discuss on TV.

    Internet is a tool but we must use it as a weapon against the enemies of freedom.

    Love to all of you... One for all all for one..

    Rowillie signing out...
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  31. Hello, Rowillie. Welcome to WWP!

    WWP Anonymous has little interest in the NWO, Illuminati and such, but WWP Anonymous does have four important Initiatives, found here:

    If you have questions about the site, the Initiatives, or anything else, please use this thread:

    Thank you!
  32. Sonichu Moderator

    Welcome Rowillie Your enthusiasm is admirable.
  33. GAPG93 Member

    Ciao a tutti sono gapg93 sono onorato di far parte di tutto ciò ,il mio inglese e terribile scusate se scrivo in italiano ...

    Hello to everyone gapg93 are honored to be part of all ,my english is terrible sorry if I write in Italian ...
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