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Discussion in 'New Members Area - Start Here' started by Anonymous, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Z@Q Member

  2. Anonymous Member

    Vidalia bundle includes tor button for ff.
  3. Z@Q Member

    excellent!! thank you for the help!!
  4. Zak McKracken Member

    No, but if you're bishonen they may try to kiss you.


    You might be better off with a banner like this one, for safety:

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  5. Orson Member

    I would suggest reaching out to local melbanons posting in these threads.
  6. none given Member

    gmail, yahoo, aol, hotmail and many others offer free email accounts. google "free email" pick one at random. Better yet: translate "free email" into another language using babblefish or google translator search that and use one even more remotely connected to you. create an account that has no information that can be connected to you personally (wrong location, wrong birthday, wrong mothers maden name(lying is sexy)) and THEN make a new WWP account.

    re: "facebook crap" yeah, that's pretty ghey. our admins are tired of living in the basement (they way real revolutionaries do) they are tired and want a li'l respect, can't blame them. Just ignore it and keep your own information secret from anyone here.
  7. Orson Member

  8. Crowley Member

    Thanks Orson, or is that awesome ?

    ;O) Crowley
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  10. girlcat Member

    Hi, I'm in Albany wanting to plan a protest but not getting anywhere. I saw there's a protest April 7th in NYC which I cannot attend. Does anyone know of any other NYC protest coming up?
  11. OTBT Member

  12. I'm looking for any active Anons in or around Reno, NV, USA. I know we used to have a cell, but have not seen us lately (and I still have to drive past the C0$ every day, might I add). One or two anons would be a great place to start trolling IRL.
    I like long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, and cats.
  13. Anonymous Member

    I was just wondering, how does one gain access to an Anonymous IRC to get involved with planning and discussion and just to meet some fellow Anons. I found a link on an old thread to but it just brings up a page that says "It works!"</uber noobness>
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Easy enough. Preciate it :)
  16. Anonymous Member

    WOW what a great thread!!!! double thanks to whoever made that how to! I swear they must be a sexy old anon...
  17. Sharky Member

    Thanks for the help, i opt out. btw, fake e-mails, accounts..whatever, will never hide you..your IP my friend is your identity (and your home adress)..but i suppose you prob know for facebook, smart people dont use it, and they know why..peace to all
  18. SquirrelBait Member

    Indeed, thank you :)
  19. ...
  20. Anonymous Member

    Hello Anon,
    I'm new to this thread and have been reading and studying as much as possible. I'm extremely interested and can not wait to become more involved so I can raid, raid, raid, and raid some more.
    I, however, am not savvy with all the lingo ($cilon, CoS, DDos, etc.) and I get lost sometimes when I don't understand a word. Is there a page I can go to that can teach me the jargon? Or will I simply learn over time?
    I was going to order a V mask, but apparently I could be hacked by Scilons. Could somebody clear that up for me?
  21. hushpuppy Member

    Hiya, love your enthusiasm:)
    I think there is a Scientology dribble to English Dictionary somewhere, if not here on WWP then on one of the other boards. I'll look around and get back to you. In the meantime:
    $cilon is shorthand for scientologist - can sometimes be used as a somewhat derogatory term; the $ in the place of S could indicate that the followers are dupes that hands too much money over to the cult.
    CoS is short for the Church of Scientology.
    DDoS is short for Distributed Denial Of Service attacks. A bunch of netizens coordinate their actions to overwhelm a website to the point where it cannot handle the traffic, and then no-one can access it. We do not condone DDoS attacks here on WWP.

    About buying a GF mask on line, the general consecus is overwhelmingly that CoS is far too thin spread these days to follow up on online purchases. Here are some options for you:
    Let me know if you need help finding your local cell:)

    eta: Scientology dictionary here:
  22. SquirrelBait Member

    I'm trying to find some anonfags close to me to plan protests and events with, collaborate for Operation: Paperstorm, etc. I know this place is weak activists wise, but there has to be some about. :)
    Post here or message me.
  23. I<3CCTV Member

    Just the community today and am looking for some information. Although I fully support the fall of an alien based religion. What I am really looking for are people I can talk to about the current battle with the WBC. Aside from their sites being attacked and the message posted to the 'Downloads' there anything else planned? Is anyone leading this fight? And why hasn't anyone organized a protest during the funerals of one of the church's members, or a members family member/friend?
    Of course the mature response would be to turn the other cheek if you will...but fuck that. Does anyone have a more recent WBC members list than 2008?
  24. Taro Member

    I went ahead and ordered two masks, just in case.
    That dictionary was extremely convenient too.
    Thanks a bunch!
  25. Zak McKracken Member

    disambiguation for some closely related terms that could be easy to confuse:

    Scilon is short for Scientologist, but its also a play on "Cylon"
    (genocidal androids from Battlestar Galactica)
    Rarely you'll hear Scientologists referred to by other nicknames from the show - "toaster", "skin job"
    LRH is Lafayette Ronald Hubbard
    Org is short for Organization, but it usually refers to the building where Scientology operates. Analogous to a church or temple. Its where we raid.
    Sea Org - the Sea Organization. Paramilitary service organization that binds its members to a Billion year contract. In exchange, they get treated like crap, underfed, overworked and then dumped on the side of the road, when they get sick or old.
    Raid is simply a protest. Anonymous-style, they tend to be something of a party.
    ESMB is the Ex Scientologists Message Board. Non-Scientologists are also welcome. Its a friendlier, gentler place than here. But only 68% as awesome as us. ;)
    OCMB - Operation Clambake Message Board. old, old guard. It is a less friendly, less gentle place than here, but is only 47% as awesome as ESMB.
    RPF - Rehabilitation Project Force. Its a combination death camp/punishment detail for Sea Org members who get in trouble with the CoS organization.
    RFW - Religious Freedom Watch. Its a Scientology-run website that has pictures of all the horrible people who hurt religious freedom all over the world. Except, oddly, they only list Scientology critics. Its considered "harmful" to visit, because they are suspected to log IP addresses and track people that connect to it. If you're using a proxy, or web surf anonymously, it should be safe. They have funny pictures :)
    Thetan - Alien space ghost. You're full of them, and they make you sick and mess up your life. Scientology can help you get rid of them.
    Theta - the magickal "stuff" that the world is actually made of.
    MEST - Matter, Energy, Time, Space. All the fake stuff that scientists believe in.
    COB - David Miscavige. "Chairman of the Board". Widely known for being short, and beating his staff. He likes to think he's in charge.
    Also known as: DM, Dwarf, Squirrel, Davey Boy

    OSA Management and other positions within the CoS hierarchy. Almost all of them you can just ignore because they make no sense and were never meant to. OSA is the Office of Special Affairs - the hated and feared Scientology Secret Police. They behave pretty much exactly like Inspector Clouseau.
    Herro - is OSA. The running gag on WWP, is that we all pretend that he's a normal human being, and Scientology critic like the rest of us. :)
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  26. Zak McKracken Member

    There is no battle with WBC.
    Nobody is attacking their sites.
    Nothing else is being planned.

    You have been trolled.
    Nobody leads this. Anonymous has no leaders.
    WBC membership is the Phelps clan. One large, extended family.
    The only way to "join" is to marry or be born into it.

    They haven't had any members die recently - or if they have, haven't announced any public service or memorials.
    Family members who aren't in the Church are dead to them. No point in protesting.
    They don't seem to keep "friends" the way other folk do. So that option is out.
  27. hushpuppy Member


    SquirrelBait answered in the introduction thread:

    I have a thread that covered this exact subject
    Anonymous is primarily the fight for free speech and freedom of information, WBC, whilst being hate-mongers that deserve to be shot, have not inhibited anyone else's rights. It is not the place for the Anon banner, yet. However, do feel free to protest them Non-Anonymously. I am! :)
  28. Sneaky Snake Member

    So I'm still learning how to navigate around all the forums/subforums, and I noticed that CoS and FOI things are kept pretty separate, in terms of searching for things to do where I live. Are there forums in place for ALL the events going on or members in a particular area?

    Being naturally pretty paranoid, anyway, it'd also be nice to see comments from other people in my area as to how they handle remaining anonymous while active (I read the thread about it- great tips!), such as how they handle our public transit masked or unmasked, if the CoS/others have ever used tactics to discover people, etc. Also, I'm sadly not too familiar with our local laws/rules concerning events involving anons, but I figure other actives in my area would be.

    Sorry if this has been asked before, or if there is a subforum for this stuff already and I just overlooked it.

    EDIT: I also can't get into my area's planning forum under the FOI- something about me being restricted? Is this because of my new status?
  29. SquirrelBait Member

    Hey, sonoma county newfags, look here!
  30. Zak McKracken Member

    Its tempting to keep bumping your own (empty) thread,
    but it hardly ever works :)

    Good luck anyway!
  31. SquirrelBait Member

  32. Orson Member

    Give the different issues involved and to help keep thinks neat and tidy, the discussion areas for each focus area (COS, FOI, Iran) are kept separate.

    You should have access to all areas. Try again and let me know if you can't access it. Also, try this link:

    I can understand you not wanting to disclose your location, so if you want to PM me, I may be able to help put you in contact with locals in your area.
  33. Sneaky Snake Member

    Thanks, Orson! I seem to be able to view those forums now, but a couple of times I was getting the "you do not have permission" message.

    As for my location, in the introduction thread I posted that I'm in Chicago- which seems like it's large enough to still remain anonymous- I was just wondering abt any Chicago-specific tips others may have for attending events and being safe abt it. It's not a huge deal- I'm sure the more I hang around and read, the more I'll pick up and be ready for when it comes time for my first event.
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  34. hushpuppy Member

    Admins are working on the forums still - I think some areas might be inaccessable at times until the work is done.

    Here's the post-game thread for Chicagos's February protest:

    Great that you're ready for action!
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  35. Imsya Member

    Quick question, should I use a proxy server or VPN to protect my identity online?
    I don't really want to, it kills my internet speed.
  36. Imsya Member

    Also, is there a "war room" section available for web-based attacks?
  37. Apparently you already know the the answer to that question. My question to you, how did you?
  38. HOC Member

    Hello Imsya. In regards to your first question, I would recommend using something quick and effective like tor. Perhaps download the vidalia bundle with the Tor add on for Firefox. As for your second question, WWP has no 'war room' as we do not condone illegal activities here. Instead we focus on methods to disseminate information online and protest co-ordination.
  39. Imsya Member

    Sorry, I just thought it was invisible to regular members or something of that sort.
  40. HOC Member

    No problem, I hope you're not disheartened by this. Feel free to look around the rest of our wide range of causes though. I'm sure you'll find something that's interesting. ;)

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